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Nintendo to Announce Mobile Plans Soon?

A Japanese newspaper reckons Nintendo have been thinking up various ways of bringing their IP to mobile devices (or rather, bringing people who use mobile devices to their consoles). Not only has this been going on for the last few months, but they're about to announce exactly what these plans are.


Angry Birds Rio Update Launched, More Incoming

More than two years on, Angry Birds Rio has probably been lost in the mess of Star Wars spin-offs that the top casual franchise has released in the time since, but that's not stopping the developers from releasing an update to celebrate the release of Rio 2.


Sonic Dash Races to Android

Sonic Dash has been an iOS must-have since it was released, and it's taken far too long for it to come to Android. It's now available though, and is free-to-play from the Google Play store in the US right now.


PS Mobile Expanding in Europe

If you live in the UK, the US, or some other "major" gaming country, it can be a little hard to believe that there are some places that are yet to get some of the things we take for granted. Take PlayStation Mobile, for instance, which Sony have today announced will be making its way to several new countries in mid-December.


iFruit App gets Hundreds of Negative Reviews on Android

The iFruit app for Grand Theft Auto V has finally arrived on Android, but it's hardly been the celebratory announcement it should have been. Over 400 people have given it three stars or less, with over 300 of those reviews giving it only a single star.


iFruit Reaches Android

Rockstar have announced that the iFruit app originally released alongside Grand Theft Auto V on iOS has now come to Android.


New Star Soccer Update Released

New Star Soccer - the mobile sports game that beat out the likes of FIFA and Football Manager at the BAFTAs this year - has recieved a new major update that changes and enhances its award winning gameplay, as well as adding new features to keep you addicted all over again.


Humble Bundle with Android 7 Launches

For all those amongst you feeling charitable, there's a new Humble Bundle available. The Humble Bundle with Android 7 doesn't quite match the quality of some of the more recent bundles, but it sure as hell beats the comedy collection they did. If you fancy some decent games at a relatively small price, look no further.


Final Fantasy VII Remake… Could Come to iOS

A Final Fantasy VII remake is something fans have wanted since at least the beginning of last generation, when Square Enix showed off a tech demo in which they recreated the opening movie from VII in PS3-quality graphics. It turned out to be nothing but a tease. That doesn't mean that a remake won't ever happen though, although it may not be quite what fans had expected.


Final Fantasy VI Remake coming to Mobile

Square Enix have today announced a remake of Final Fantasy VI - originally released as Final Fantasy III in the US - for mobile devices, due for release in Winter. It won't be a straight up port. The game will receive both visual changes and gameplay updates to fit with on-the-go gaming.