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Super Smash 3DS Demo and Club Nintendo Fights Back

Super-Smash-Bros-3DS Next week, on September 19th, a Super Smash 3DS demo will go live. Like all demos on the eShop, players will be limited to 30 plays. 30 plays isn't a lot, which means gamers may want to use them sparingly as there will be still three weeks until the game officially launches. Nintendo has lots to prove with this title as it is the first on handheld in the franchises history. This demo will make or break this game at retail in early October.


Nintendo 3DS Family Getting 3 New Models

3DSXL_NES_BundleBox Releasing special edition 3DS consoles is nothing new for Nintendo, And therefore, their latest announcement shouldn't really be a shock. Nintendo plans to role out three new special edition 3DS XL units.


Nintendo Continues Marketing With eShop Super Smashing Sale

Nintendo-Wii-U-eShop_690x374 Nintendo has one more mega hit left in 2014 and they no it. Sure, Hyrule Warriors is huge in Japan,but no one can really believe that it will do similarly as well in the English speaking world. So, why not use Super Smash Bros as a marketing tool. Nintendo has been dropping bombshell after bombshell, and it continued this week with their Super Smashing Sales event happening on the Nintendo eShop for the next few weeks.


Nintendo are Opening up to Fans

WiiU_Bayonetta2 Nintendo understands that they are in the uphill climb. The first step to recovery: admittance. Thankfully, Nintendo execs are not just sitting on their gold thrones using their millions of dollars to 'get by' until the next Nintendo console launches. They truly believe the Wii U can be turned around, and all their effort as of late has been to market anything and everything coming out for their systems.


New Nintendo 3DS Coming to Japan October 11

new3dsxl Nintendo never ceases to amaze me. After huge DLC new for Mario Kart earlier this week, Nintendo continued their strong end to August with a Japanese Nintendo direct where they announced a new 3DS with a ton of new features.


Solid Snake might just be coming back to Smash Bros

solidsnake There's a few familiar Smash Brothers characters that have so far been mysteriously missing from the roster of the 3DS and Wii U outings of the game, but Metal Gear's Solid Snake isn't one of them. While definitely a popular character, the consensus amongst fans has been that he probably won't make a comeback, because why would he? Snake hasn't been in his own game on a Nintendo platform in years, and there's no sign that that's going to change. Don't get rid of all your doubts just yet, ...


A New Era for Club Nintendo

Club-Nintendo Club Nintendo, which launched in North America in 2008, has been the go to place for Nintendo gamers to get their hands one exclusive Nintendo themed items otherwise not available to the general public. It is also a way of rewarding loyal Nintendo fans. These rewards have always ranged form the practical - a WiiMote holder capable of holding 4 WiiMotes vertically - to the useless. However the rewards have almost always been exclusive, which makes them oddly attractive regardless of what they are.


Pokemon Art Academy Hands-on Preview

Pokemon-Art-Academy It's nice to get some hands on time with a game that can be fully appreciated in just a short period. Late last month, I was able to play a number of Nintendo's E3 titles in Toronto, Ontario. Most games would require thirty or forty minutes of playing to fully appreciate, but Pokemon Art Academy was great, even with just a small window of opportunity to try it out.


Nintendo Posts Quarterly Loss Despite the Success of Mario Kart

nintendo_cover_129x129 Nintendo posted a quarterly loss if 97.2 million dollars despite the success of Mario Kart 8. As I have iterated before, this is further proof that a single title cannot save a console, especially in today's environment. Despite being happy with the success of Mario Kart 8, Nintendo noted that more copies o the game were sold to consumers who already owned a Wii U, and that they sold less new Wii U's than expected. However, Nintendo still hopes to reach their yearly goal of 3.6 million Wii U's.


Nintendo Believes in Local Multiplayer. Do you?

Super-Smash-Bros-3DS Earlier this year I snagged a copy of Plants Versus Zombies: Garden Warfare for the 360. I bought it with one purpose in mind: Local multiplayer with my wife. My wife enjoys video games, but is not passionate about them. She is, however, a big fan of Plants versus Zombies; this seemed like the perfect title. Except it wasn't. To my dismay, Garden Warfare did not ship with local multiplayer, or even a way to play with a friend online in competitive play. It was a disappointment for sure, but ...