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Amazon Selling Nintendo Digital Titles

amazon-nintendo_690x323 Amazon has begun selling Nintendo Digital content on their North American websites. They will be selling 3DS, Wii U, and DLC content. Unlike other online retailers which sell digital content, Amazon is actually not dealing with codes.


New Nintendo 3DS Coming to North America

nintendo-new-3ds-animal-crossing A while back, the New 3DS XL came to North America and people were generally OK with that...but, where was the smaller, regular New Nintendo 3DS? The 3DS that you could get in the Super Famicom Controller button layout? The 3DS where you could swap the face plates for whatever you could possibly want? Well, that version never came out here, until now.


Big Nintendo Titles get Release Dates

Nintendo-Header_690x259 Things have been quiet in Nintendo Land this summer, but things will kick of early in September - at least in North America - with the launch of Super Mario Maker and Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. A number of key Nintendo titles, however, lacked solid release dates, at least until today.


Quiet Summer equals Big Fall? Nintendo Fans Hope So

Nintendo-WiiU-Preview_0015_DxO_690x460 Outside of Splatoon updates, Nintendo has done very little these past few months. Most people would come to the conclusion that their E3 press conference left a lot to be desired, and very little in way of new titles this summer has made few people forget that. Nintendo has had a disappointing Summer 2015, but this could mean bigger and better things this fall.


Nintendo of Europe Details Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer

630x Nintendo of Europe released details about Happy Home Designer, the latest title in the Animal Crossing Franchise. In Happy Home Designer, players get to play - in more detail - a very specific part of past Animal Crossing games: decorating homes! Nintendo announced a while ago that they would be using amiibo cards with this title; today, Nintendo of Europe detailed bundles that will be available for purchase. The details are below.


Nintendo Summer Event: Blastball

blastball I think everyone understands that Nintendo's E3 event was a little disappointing. I also believe that everyone thinks Nintendo is holding on to the really good announcements for the NX. After attending the Nintendo Summer Event in Toronto, Ontario this week, I've realized that some games need to be played to be appreciated. Blastball was one of those titles.


Will Nintendo Turn Another Corner?

Nintendo-Header_690x259 The death of Satoru Iwata shocked the video game world. He was an innovator, and rarely ever settled for the norm. After Iwata became president of Nintendo in 2002, he brought about a new era of Nintendo devices. He experimented successfully with motion controlled games via the Wii, and brought a 2 screen handheld to market with outstanding results.


Nintendo of Canada Summer Event

nintendo-canada_200x200 Nintendo of Canada is once again hosting their post E3 Canadian showcase event today in Toronto. We will have hands on with many of the upcoming titles on Wii U and 3DS.


Satoru Iwata Passes Much too Young

satoru-iwata-con-mario-luigi_670x361 Very few individuals have their named stamped on the video game industry; Iwata is one of the few. He was known by almost everyone, whether they owned a Nintendo system or not. While many questioned the direction he was taking Nintendo since the announcement of the WII U, it is still hard to argue that he was not a major innovative player in the video games industry.


Although Nintendo is quiet at Retail, Summer fun is here!

nintendo-logo1_690x386 Although Nintendo has been pretty quiet at retail, they want to remind consumers that there is still plenty going on in the Nintendo Universe. Below is an update from Nintendo - provided by their PR company - on a few of the things happening this summer!