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New Nintendo Bundles for Black Friday (Canada)

nintendo-canada_200x200 Nintendo in Canada has some great deals this Black Friday and you will notice similar prices and products available in the United States. You getting your hands on one or many of these bundles will be determined by how much work you are willing to put in and how many hours you are willing to wait out in the snow and cold! Even if it is not a bundle you want, Nintendo is promising cyber deals on the eShop as well, so expect to save up to 40% on some of your favorite Nintendo franchises!


Big Releases Incoming from Nintendo

mario_tennis_ultra_smash_logo_560x346 Some of Nintendo's biggest biggest franchises are landing on the Wii U within the next couple weeks, and we have been playing them all. While reviews will go live prior to the launch of each title, we have broken them down for you below so you can make an informed buying decision.


Nintendo Direct November 2015

nintendo_direct_logo_129x129 It has been a long while since we got a Nintendo Direct, and the roughly 45 minute presentation did not disappoint. The games I am most excited for where given even more details, and the game my son is excited for - Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival - was actually looked at in more depth. Why that was done the day before release is beyond me, but it happened.


PDP Products You Don’t Want to Miss

download (1) Performance Design Products is not just about the Afterglow brand. Although they have many different headsets and controllers to choose from across past generation and current generation consoles, the company also has some other great licences. In this short article, we will be looking at some of the best PDP products I've purchased over the past few years.


Yo-Kai Watch to Release Friday in North America

TM_3DS_YoKaiWatch_sharing_image_400_200x200 Yo-Kai Watch has already taken over Japan with multiple games, merchandise, and a TV Show. In fact, the creators have publicly stated that they feel they are more popular than Pokemon in the country. On Friday, we will see if that success translates in North America as well.


Nintendo Announces Future Plans

Club-Nintendo Late this evening - and early Thursday morning in Japan - Nintendo brass delivered their remarks to investors detailing what is coming from Nintendo within the next 6 months. They touched on future titles, the new system that would replace Club Nintendo, and mobile games. Here is the breakdown, information courtesy of Nintendo Everything.


Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Launches Tomorrow

2889943-interview_zelda3ds_06172015_site While The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is not the Zelda game we all really want, there is still lots to get excited about. If you had the chance to play the demo that was released last week, you probably already know whether or not you will be picking this up. Our experiences playing the (limited) demo were incredibly positive, although we have a few reservations. Regardless, Tri Force Heroes will be available tomorrow, October 23rd at retail and online in the Nintendo eShop.


New YO-KAI WATCH Nintendo 2DS Bundle Hits Stores on November 6

logo-yo-kai-watch@2x The 2DS is getting a YO-KAI Watch bundle in North America which will launch on November 6th at a estimated retail price of 129.99.


Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash Launches Today

chibi-robo There is a strong possibility that you have never played a Chibi-Robo game. The franchise is older than you probably think, and has many installments. The last game we looked at for Games Reviews was a Chibi-Robo game that tasked you with taking pictures of real world items to satisfy requirements within the game. Our impressions of that title were not great. However, the newest Chibi-Robo, Zip Lash, holds a lot of promise.


Mario Tennis Coming November

mario_tennis_ultra_smash_logo_560x346 It has been a while since we got a really good Mario Tennis title on a Nintendo platform. The last release on 3DS was lackluster at best; Nintendo has the opportunity to redeem themselves this November with the release of Mario Tennis. I had the chance to play the game at a Nintendo E3 Media event in Toronto, Ontario and I can safely say that we might be getting the next best Mario sports title!