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Nintendo a bit lackluster at E3

Nintendoe3_690x429 Like last year, Nintendo opted to air a 45 minute digital event rather than hold a traditional press conference. To their credit, their use of Muppet-like dolls actually made me chuckle a little bit, and had my son rolling on the flour with laughter. It was a bit odd, but I guess it worked.


Hyrule Warriors Coming to 3DS

Hyrule_Warriors_NA_game_cover_120x129 A leaked video out of Japan (unfortunatly video is not set as private) is pointing to Hyrule Warriors being ported to 3DS and released yet this year.


Nintendo Posts a Special “Short” Nintendo Direct

nintendo_direct_logo_129x129 Nintendo posted a special, yet short, Nintendo Direct today. In it, they outlined a number of current and new games coming to Wii U and 3DS this year. There was even a special amiibo announcement. Here are the details on today's announcements. We will cover each of these titles when they become available. For now, enjoy these few details we have received from a Nintendo Press release today!


Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon coming to NA in 2015, EU in 2016

pokemon-super-mystery-dungeon_690x349 The Pokemon Company International and Nintendo announced this new project today. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is not the most popular Pokemon franchise, but it still has sold very well. Here is what Nintendo of America had to say in their press release


Bill Trinen IS STILL with Nintendo. We have been #Trintroll ‘d

Nintendo-Logo-2-512_129x129 According to his Twitter account, Bill Trinen is no longer an employee of Nintendo of America. In his profile, Tirnen has writte, “Used to work at Nintendo.” Although there has been no official word from Trinen or Nintendo in the form of a press release, all we have to go on for now is Trinen’s own social media comments. His latest Tweet? “I guess nothing can last forever.”   I guess nothing can last for ever. — Bill Trinen (@trintran) May…


Nintendo responds on amiibo demand

amiibo-link Nintendo recently sent out a release which speaks to amiibo demand and the companies desire to make amiibo available to everyone.


Story of Seasons Diary 3.1: Autumn

Story-of-Seasons My farm in Story of Seasons continues to be prosperous, and I figured I would post a short update on what has been going on in Autumn Year 1. I've planted new crops, grown my flock of chickens, and invested in fish hacheries. So far, it has been a great season.


Can One Amazing Game Ruin Another Amazing Game

cities-xl-43 I firmly believe that one outstanding game can ruin another outstanding game, especially when talking about games that require a significant time investment. Few indie titles get missed because they are generally shorter. Thankfully, if two 'big' indie games launch in the same week they are short enough for me to enjoy both.


A-Train City Simulators brings back memories

BqImjfVCEAA-2Tb While graphically I would take the PC graphics of Transportation Tycoon Deluxe, A-Train City Simulator provides an equally satisfying experience, and it is available on 3DS which means it is portable. I've only played for a few hours, and am still trying to make my way through the tutorial, but I've enjoyed what I have played so far.


Story of Seasons Diary: Year 1 Summer 1

Story-of-Seasons Story of Seasons gets better and better. A lot of great things happened in Summer Year 1 which just added to my excitement for this game. I had new crops to plant, new routines to follow, and new traders available. Summer Year 1 was very successful for myself, and my farm did really well.