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New BoxBoy Game and amiibo Announced for Japan

goodbyeboxboy Nintendo’s BoxBoy, a downloadable game for the 3DS eshop, has seen two games already. BoxBoy is created by Hal Laboratory, the creators of Kirby. The unique puzzle platformer is an example of another new franchise from Nintendo. And last night, Nintendo announced a third game for the character! Not only that, but a BoxBoy amiibo was announced too. Currently, these are both just for Japan, but we may see them in the West eventually. Check out the details about the…


The Game Awards Will Air Tonight Online

gameawardslogo The Game Awards happens every year. Originally, the program aired on Spike TV, but now it just airs online. Last years Game Awards wasn’t too good, but this years program might be a little more special. Check out what we know about the Game Awards below! The Game Awards will air tonight (12/1) at 5:30 PT. You’ll be able to find it here, also youtube should have it too. I didn’t care for last years awards. There wasn’t too many…


Slight Changes, but Big Consequences in Mario Maker 3DS

Super-Mario-Maker Mario Maker on the Wii U was a huge hit, thanks to wonderful level creation tools, the Mario Challenges, and the ability to play the levels of other players from around the world. The question must be asked, however: without the ability to play the levels of others via the internet, will Mario Maker on the 3DS be as successful as it's Wii U counterpart?


Nintendo and Universal Detail Nintendo Theme Park Plans

Publicity, Shigeru Miyamoto, Universal Creative, Project 273, Super Nintendo World, Universal Studios Japan, USJ, Globe, UOR Awhile back, we heard that Nintendo and Universal would be coming together to create a Nintendo theme park area in Universal Studios. Today we got a few more details about their plan to bring Nintendo to the real world. Nintendo and Universal announced today some of their plans for the upcoming Nintendo theme park areas in Universal Studios. While the plans sound a little bit vague at the moment, it still sounds like Nintendo and Universal have something really special…


Pokémon Sun and Moon – Pokémon Pelago

p10_01_en The most frustrating thing about free to play games on mobile is that you often are left waiting. Waiting for something to build, waiting for something to replenish, or simply waiting for a task to finish. The incentive, of course, is for you to purchase items that speed up the price, using real money. Pokémon Sun and Moon has implemented some free-to-play elements into their title, but without the real money component. How well does this work? Read on to find out!


Pokémon Sun and Moon – Festival Plaza

PokemonMoonandSun One of the things I've heard from those looking to purchase Pokémon Sun or Moon is that the game appears too confusing. When you factor in the Pokefinder, petting and feeding your Pokémon, dropping your Pokémon off at various islands to do certain tasks, and of course the Festival Plaza, the game appears to confusing for the average consumer. Many people are mentioning concerns over how much there is to do in the Festival Plaza. I'm going to bust that myth today, and show that Pokémon Sun ...


Mario Party Star Rush, a Revitalized 3DS Multiplayer Experience

250px-na_mpsr_boxart Games allow us to push the limits of physical reality and explore worlds and concepts that may enhance our thinking, fuel our imagination and most importantly, make us feel good. Having fun is an essential need for all human beings, which is why people have been coming up with ways of staying entertained since the beginning of time.


Nintendo Cyber Deals Are Now Available on the Wii U and 3DS eshops

nintendocyberdeals Black Friday is almost here, but if you are looking for some early deals, you should look no further than the Wii U and 3DS eshops. Nintendo has put their deals up early on the eshops and we have the details about whats on sale below. Nintendo’s Cyber deals start today! Here’s everything that’s on sale via Nintendo Everything : ” Wii U The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD – $34.99 (was $49.99) Just Dance 2017 Gold Edition –…


PDP Pixel Pals a Must Own this Holiday

pdp-logo There are a ton of collectibles on the marketplace, whether it is Dorbz or Funko Pops, but there is always room for more. People love to collect stuff, there is no doubt about it, and famed toy, peripheral, and hardware makers Performance Design Products (PDP) is getting in on the action with their new line of figures, the Pixel Pals.


Pokémon Sun and Moon – Modest Nature

pokemon-sun-moon-322x268 Of all the nature types in Pokémon Sun and Moon, the one everyone really, REALLY wants is modest. Modest nature Pokémon get slights boost in special attacks - which you will use more and more often as the game progresses - at the loss of some physical attack power. If you want this nature - or any nature for that matter - there is a way to do this.