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Nintendo of Europe Details Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer

630x Nintendo of Europe released details about Happy Home Designer, the latest title in the Animal Crossing Franchise. In Happy Home Designer, players get to play - in more detail - a very specific part of past Animal Crossing games: decorating homes! Nintendo announced a while ago that they would be using amiibo cards with this title; today, Nintendo of Europe detailed bundles that will be available for purchase. The details are below.


Will Assassin’s Creed Fatigue Happen?

assassins-creed-3-image3_596x388 Assassin's Creed is undoubtedly one of the larger franchises in current video games, and can boast being one of the best AND one of the worst franchises to date. Most people were on board for Assassin's Creed when it first launched, and many praised it for the unique gameplay. Collecting flags - at least at that point - was a minor annoyance at best. Assassin's Creed was heralded by many as the next big thing.


Nintendo Summer Event: Too Much Multiplayer

Nintendoe3_690x429 What has worked for Nintendo in the past was the continues support for couch cooperative play. Whether it is Super Smash Bros, Mario Party, Mario Kart, or even the newer franchises they have established, Nintendo has always placed an emphasis on playing with friends.


Nintendo Summer Event: Mario Maker

Super-Mario-Maker When Nintendo does their post E3 event in Toronto, I always look forward to playing the big games that will be coming to market. Usually, the biggest games peak my interest early, but Mario Maker was something I needed to play to really appreciate.


Nintendo Summer Event: Blastball

blastball I think everyone understands that Nintendo's E3 event was a little disappointing. I also believe that everyone thinks Nintendo is holding on to the really good announcements for the NX. After attending the Nintendo Summer Event in Toronto, Ontario this week, I've realized that some games need to be played to be appreciated. Blastball was one of those titles.


Will Nintendo Turn Another Corner?

Nintendo-Header_690x259 The death of Satoru Iwata shocked the video game world. He was an innovator, and rarely ever settled for the norm. After Iwata became president of Nintendo in 2002, he brought about a new era of Nintendo devices. He experimented successfully with motion controlled games via the Wii, and brought a 2 screen handheld to market with outstanding results.


Nintendo of Canada Summer Event

nintendo-canada_200x200 Nintendo of Canada is once again hosting their post E3 Canadian showcase event today in Toronto. We will have hands on with many of the upcoming titles on Wii U and 3DS.


What Sort of Gamer Are You?

keep-calm-i-am-a-Gamer_200x200 Approximately 58% of Americans play video games regularly, but the people who play them have varying personality traits. Some people are cool and collected while others become aggressive when gaming. You might find certain gamers concentrate on specific types of games, where some will look to consumes as many games as humanly possible. So, when you get down to it, there are loads of potential classifications of gamers that have been pigeonholed over the years.


Hue Gaming is Around the Corner

Chariot_120x129 The Developers of the popular, albeit frustrating game Chariot have taken things to a whole new, and frankly unnecessary, level. If you have lots of money to spend and too much time on your hands, you can now set up your gaming room for a heightened Chariot playing experience.


Afterglow AG 7 Xbox One Headset Review

AG7__388x388 Performance Design Products is an industry leader in the video game accessories department, and if their E3 was any indication, they are not slowing down. There products line the shelves of retailers around the country, and cover everything from Wii U to Xbox One and 360 to PS3 and PS4.