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PlayStation Beats Xbox on Quantity AND Quality, Although it’s Gamers That Win

ps4-hrdware-large19_900x470 When Neogaf user DeadPixel made a list of all the games released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 since release, there was a lot of discussion about quality vs quantity. Is it better to have a lot of smaller releases, including re-releases of indie games from the previous generation, or bigger AAA titles like Titanfall? Your answer probably aligns somewhat with your console of choice. GamesReview's very own Steven Van Eekeran wasn't convinced that it was an issue of quality against quantity ...


EU May PlayStation Plus Titles Announced

Puppeteer-Story-Trailer_6_900x506 It's that time of the month again. Sony have announced the new PlayStation Plus games for May 2014, and this time around there's more of a mixed bag. While April's games introduced a few largely unwanted sports games, this coming month might seem a little underwhelming at first, especially if you're the sort of person who only plays "adult" games. Still, five free games, and all of them worth checking out.


First Image of Call of Duty 2014 Released

cod-2014-sledgehammer IGN and Sledgehammer have released an image of the next Call of Duty, supposedly from in-game footage. Call of Duty 2014 has yet to be fully revealed, although it was confirmed earlier this year that it would be made with a focus on new-gen consoles. Perhaps the release of this image, with its rather excellent texturing, is a continuation of that.


PS1 Classics Suddenly Playable on US Vitas

crashbandicoot-nsanity_690x466 Here in EU territories, we've had access to almost the entire PS1 classic range of titles on the Vita since the day Sony's PlayStation Emulator became available almost two years ago. We've been playing Crash, Spyro, Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider like nobody's business. Unlucky residents of the US haven't been able to do that... until today.


Theatrhythm Curtain Call Coming Westward

Theatrhythm-Curtain-Call It was practically a foregone conclusion, but the hardest to spell game since Metal Gear Solid Revengeance is coming to the US and EU last this year. Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Curtain Call boasts over 200 of the most popular tracks from Final Fantasy history, making it a completely unique but still endlessly playable music game.


Back to the Future’s Hoverboard Becomes a Virtual Reality

backtothefuture_hoverboard There was a rumour, one that has managed to persist even in the days of social media, that the hoverboard from Back to the Future 2 was a real product. After the film was released, people were sure it'd be on the market, and there's still occasional mentions of it whenever the film is shown on TV or the "This is the day Marty McFly goes to in the Future!" posts make yet another round. Well, one Oculus Rift developer is trying to make two decades of dreams come true. He's not working on a ...


Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Sells 10 Million

assassinscreed4blackflag_screens2_0008_900x506 Assassin's Creed will always be a top seller. It's simple-to-play basis and its constant location and cast refreshes mean that only those that stray beyond the 10 hour story manage to get entirely bored. As a result, the latest in the franchise, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, has hit a milestone: it's sold over 10 million units. It took a little while longer than its predecessor, but those that felt the series would find itself face down in the hay after Assassin's Creed III were ...


Disney Infinity 2.0 Coming in August

Disney-Infinity-2.0 Disney Infinity did well and took a reasonable market share from Activision's Skylanders. Recognisable characters and included toys meant it was the must-have game amongst a certain demographic. Not to rest on their laurels, Mickey Mouse and friends accidentally announced Disney Infinity 2.0 today - with Marvel heroes joining the fray to boot.


PlayStation 4 Update 1.7 Coming Soon, adds SHAREfactory

ps4-hrdware-large19_900x470 Sony announced their next major PlayStation 4 update a few weeks ago, and although that already feels like a lifetime, a little more patience will be required. It's not quite ready to go, but the House of Kratos has revealed a bit more about what you can expect in the next big set of firmware, including a little more information on the new video editing suite.


Parental Advice Columnist Compares Games to Meth

kidCoD_690x381 Video games are good for you, or at least that's what the current consensus is. Not like a juicy orange or a jog through the park, but they can definitely be used to help deal with depression in teenagers, jog the old mind or increase reaction times. Still, there are plenty of people of a certain self-perceived social standing who feel none of this can possibly be true, because they don't believe it. They believe that gaming creates a violent, anti-social community like the one their ...