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More Thoughts From Me #46: New Leaf Welcomes amiibo

welcomeamiibo I have previously written about the Animal Crossing New Leaf update here. I love this update. I’ve had a lot of fun scanning in my various Animal Crossing amiibo figures and cards. Of course, ever since Nintendo announced the new Welcome amiibo cards, I’ve been really excited for them too. And on Saturday last week, I finally received three packs of the new cards! I carefully opened the three packs and took out all of the cards. These cards each…


Mythic Loot Gaming – November 2016

lootcrate Loot Gaming has been great some months, and slightly disappointing at others. However, overall the subscription box gets a passing grade from us at because they always manage to include at least one or two items that we really love. Would Novembers box continue that trend? Lets figure that out now!


Magical Loot Crate – November 2016

lootcrate I just recently went with my wife to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and got really excited shortly after when I learned that this months Loot Crate theme was magical. The obvious connection this month: the release of this new movie, which probably meant I was getting a Fantastic Beasts item. While the Magical box for November 2016 wasn't my favorite Loot Crate, the Fantastic Beasts item was amazing, and made the crate for me!


Slight Changes, but Big Consequences in Mario Maker 3DS

Super-Mario-Maker Mario Maker on the Wii U was a huge hit, thanks to wonderful level creation tools, the Mario Challenges, and the ability to play the levels of other players from around the world. The question must be asked, however: without the ability to play the levels of others via the internet, will Mario Maker on the 3DS be as successful as it's Wii U counterpart?


Pokémon Sun and Moon – Pokémon Pelago

p10_01_en The most frustrating thing about free to play games on mobile is that you often are left waiting. Waiting for something to build, waiting for something to replenish, or simply waiting for a task to finish. The incentive, of course, is for you to purchase items that speed up the price, using real money. Pokémon Sun and Moon has implemented some free-to-play elements into their title, but without the real money component. How well does this work? Read on to find out!


Getting To Grips With Gaming History

segamegadrive2_596x460 With new consoles released all the time, we’re always looking to the future. As soon as we get used to one console, there’s another in the works. Today, we’re going to get our heads out of the future, and take a look back at some of the consoles of the past. You can’t appreciate the consoles of today without knowledge of what has come before.


Pokémon Sun and Moon – Festival Plaza

PokemonMoonandSun One of the things I've heard from those looking to purchase Pokémon Sun or Moon is that the game appears too confusing. When you factor in the Pokefinder, petting and feeding your Pokémon, dropping your Pokémon off at various islands to do certain tasks, and of course the Festival Plaza, the game appears to confusing for the average consumer. Many people are mentioning concerns over how much there is to do in the Festival Plaza. I'm going to bust that myth today, and show that Pokémon Sun ...


Steel Series ARCTIS 3 Headset Review

img_0371 There is nothing flash about the ARCTIS 3 headset from Steel Series, but that is perfectly OK with me. I've been using this product for a few weeks now - on both my Xbox One and PS4 - and I can safely say that for 79.99, you are getting a product that is definitely worth the price. Read on for more of our thoughts on the ARCTIS 3.


PDP Gift Guide 2016 – Headsets

img_0368 Over the past number of years, we have reviewed a ton of headsets from Performance Design Products, and for the most part, they never disappoint. Although their products generally come in on the cheaper end of the spectrum, they always seem to provide way more than competitive brands in the same price range. So how does PDP's 2016 line up of headsets compare? Read on for more!


Thankful for Abdallah, and Here is Why

photo If you've been following me on twitter, and GamesReviews on twitter, you know we have been doing a few partnerships with Abdallah. Although I'm not American, and today is just a regular old Thursday, I want to throw out a special thanks to Abdallah for a number of reasons.