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New Nintendo 3DS Coming to North America

nintendo-new-3ds-animal-crossing A while back, the New 3DS XL came to North America and people were generally OK with that...but, where was the smaller, regular New Nintendo 3DS? The 3DS that you could get in the Super Famicom Controller button layout? The 3DS where you could swap the face plates for whatever you could possibly want? Well, that version never came out here, until now.


Positive Early Impressions of Disney Infinity 3.0

photo Disney Infinity 3.0 launch this weekend in North America, and if my local Best Buy was an indication, the positive reception from many media outlets are sending people to stores to plunk down hundreds of dollars. By 6 PM local time, the Disney Infinity shelves were nearly empty as fans flocked to the store to grab as much as they could. Good work Disney! Your game has received so much positive attention that people are forgetting the (minor) downfalls of 2.0 and jumping right into an other ...


New Xbox One Elite Bundle Available to Preorder

mickey_silhouette_by_humongous_e-d5jz82y This year, Microsoft unveiled their Xbox One Elite controller, a controller that any one who plays console video games would love to have. Unfortunetly, the price here in Canada is pushing 200$ after you factor in taxes. For that kind of money, you could almost get a Wii U! Today, Microsoft announced the Xbox One Elite bundle was available to preorder.


LEGO Dimensions Screenshots Surface

lego-dimensions-buttonjpg-782313_200x200 New screenshots have surfaced for LEGO Dimensions, showing of many of the environments that players will get to play through. At launch, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment has stated that there will be 14 levels to play through with the starter package.


Xbox Live Games With Gold in September will include Tomb Raider for Xbox One

games-with-gold-sept Microsoft has announced the latest and greatest of free Games with Gold for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, along with this week being your final chance to download August's Games with Gold selection.


PDP Prismatic Wired Xbox One Controller Due out in October

plasmatic_200x200 Earlier this year, Performance Design Products announced a new wired controller for Xbox One. These controllers - officially licensed by Microsoft - probably fall somewhere in between Microsoft's normal Xbox One controller and Microsoft's upcoming Elite Xbox One controller. Regardless, this product has us excited at Games Reviews.


Big Nintendo Titles get Release Dates

Nintendo-Header_690x259 Things have been quiet in Nintendo Land this summer, but things will kick of early in September - at least in North America - with the launch of Super Mario Maker and Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. A number of key Nintendo titles, however, lacked solid release dates, at least until today.


X15 Toronto: Rise of the Tomb Raider Another Cut-and-Paste Puzzle Adventure?

tumblr_nknngl9SZu1qkq7tbo1_1280_200x309 I was treated to a 15 minute demo of one of the playable tombs in the upcoming Rise of the Tomb Raider for Xbox One. Members of the development were on-hand at X15 in Toronto to show off the game and answer any questions we may have had.


Free DLC Should be the Norm says Witcher 3 Developer

The-Witcher-3-Wild-Hunt-Cover-Universelle_129x129 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt really shocked the video game world when it announced 16 free DLC packs, ranging from cosmetic upgrades to extra missions, weapons, and items. But it was all free. Free if you purchased the game digitally. Free if you purchased the standard edition, and free if you purchased the deluxe edition. It was free even if you didn't preorder the game, and it was free if you bought the game used.


Pokken Tournament Coming to Wii U Spring 2016

pokken_tournament___wii_u_fan_cover_by_kira_sr-d7wr0de_200x231 Bandai Namco and the Pokemon Company teamed up a while back to launch Pokken Tournament into arcades. While most people figured it would come to console at some point, I think the majority had it pegged as a launch title for the Nintendo NX next year. Apparently this will not be the case. Today, Pokken Tournament was announced for Wii U with a Spring 2016 launch date.