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Growl Kickstarter Gaining Steam

In our new effort to bring the best Board Game news and reviews to our readers, we will be highlighting a few Kickstarter campaigns that we are looking forward to, and ones that we have backed! Today, our staff backed a copy of Growl - delivery date December 2018 - and are looking forward to reviewing it on the website. What is Growl? Take a look below!


Disney Magic Kingdoms – A Stitch-y Situation

Aloha! Lilo and Stitch have descended into Disney Magic Kingdoms, and you can begin your adventure with this loveable group today, April 19, 2018! Once your update has been downloaded, your adventure will begin. Join Lilo, Stitch, Nani and the entire crew on an adventure you won't soon forget!


Dark Souls Nintendo Switch Release Date Pushed to Late Summer

There has been a lot of chatter around the pending release of Dark Souls on Nintendo Switch, and fans were eagerly awaiting May so they could get their hands on a title that has been critically acclaimed across all other platforms. Unfortunately, that release date has been smashed, and the company is looking to release it later this summer instead, alongside the Solaire amiibo.


Gameloft Details Lilo and Stitch Update for Disney Magic Kingdoms and New Features Coming

Today, Gameloft did a live video on Facebook detailing the new event coming to Disney Magic Kingdoms. Get ready for Lilo and Stitch, because it will arrive in 2 days time! Are you ready to dive into Lilo and Stitch? Wondering what will be coming? We have a few details below.


Trailer for Warren Spector’s Underworld Ascendant Relesed

For those who would like to check out something bit different we recommend to see this trailer of Underworld Ascendant. All fans of old school RPG and table top games might find this interesting. Think of mix of Ultima Underworld and Deus Ex. Take a pick on the developers diary as well which give a bit more details on the whole project. We hoping that all will go good and we see the game at some stage in 2018. Here…


Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Thames Murders Review

In and effort to expand our readership and serve our current readers better, we have begun moving into the realm of Board Game Reviews. As board games become more popular, many from the video game community are splitting their time between virtual experiences and tabletop experiences. In this latest review, we are taking a look at Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, designed by Raymond Edwards and published by Asmodee.


Hellblade Highlights This Weeks ID@Xbox Releases

This week's ID@Xbox releases are highlighted by a game that was much loved on the PS4, Hellblade: Sanua's Sacrifice. Ninja Theory created something that has been heralded by almost all, with very positive reviews. The experience is now available for those on Xbox One, and based on my short time with it so far, it is definitely worth it!


Apparently God of War is Really Good!

The majority of the reviews for God of War are in now, and guess what folks: people really like this game, and it may go down as the best game ever released on a Sony platform...ever! Our own 10/10 review highlighted the fantastic character progression and story driven narrative, coupled with the great combat that just gets better as the game progresses. It wasn't just us, however, as reviewers around the globe couldn't stop gushing over this experience!


Lilo and Stitch Coming to Disney Magic Kingdoms

With the completion of the Winnie The Pooh Honey Tree Trouble event, fans of Gameloft and Disney's park building game, Disney Magic Kingdoms, have been clambering for what is next. After tasking fans with completing a puzzle using pieces found across their social media networks, Gameloft announced that the next set of characters about to descend on the popular title would be from the Lilo and Stitch franchise!


Adventure Pals Nintendo Switch

Cooperative gaming has gone by the wayside on almost every console except the Nintendo Switch, and thanks to great indie developers like Massive Monster, these couch experience is being kept alive. Recently, we had the chance to play through Adventure Pals, a fun and humorous title that plays incredibly well whether you are alone or with a friend. Either way, it's a great experience, and a platformer that NEEDS to be played!