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Gwent from Witcher 3 Now Available Online

mCwAjol_200x200 If you have played the Witcher 3 you no doubt have spent numerous hours battling various NPC's in games of Gwent. You've probably also said, "Man, I wish I could play against my friends on PSN or Xbox Live." While that feature could be coming in the future - at least we hope so - you can now play Gwent OUTSIDE of the Wticher 3.


Microsoft’s Ultimate Game Sale Coming July 7

massive-discounts-in-the-xbox-ultimate-game-sale-1115307 Great news to all Xbox users as next week we get Microsoft's Ultimate Game Sale. It kicks off on July 7 and runs until July 13, 2015. There aren't complete details just yet and more to come as we get the news but this offer will bring us the best deals of the summer. Discounts of up to 50% on over 70 games across both Xbox 360 and Xbox One. A nice little bonus is added as well if you are an Xbox live Gold Member with an additional up to 10% off savings.


Sierra will release the first chapter of King’s Quest On July 28

KQ_Box_PC_120x129 A new Kings Quest title is here, and although it seems to veer away from the point and click game play from the original, the game still looks fantastic. For 9.99 an episode, or 39.99 for the season pass - which includes all episodes plus a bonus epilogue - is available for preorder on Xbox One and 360, PS4 and PS3, and PC. The first episode will be availabe for everything except the Microsoft consoles on July 28th (a day later, July 29 on Xbox One and 360).


NHL 16 Cover Athlete Revealed and many more details announced

2298199-ea_sports_logo_72370_screen At the 2015 NHL Awards in Las Vegas last week we saw the announcement to have two NHL stars displayed on the latest NHL game coming out this September. With the dominance that the Chicago Blackhawks have had over the last six years it was only fitting to put their Captain Jonathan Toews and elite star Patrick Kane on the cover holding the Stanley Cup.


Batman Arkham Knight Early Impressions

batman arkham knight cover art_120x129 The Batman games have evolved over time, and each has built on the last. In the final installment, Batman Arkham Knight, the developers over at Rocksteady Studios really brought their A game to this final installment, and it clicks on all levels.


Xbox Games with Gold Revealed for July

Games-With-Gold-List Great news has come our way as starting in July there will be two games offered on Xbox One instead of the standard one new game monthly. As seen in the above image Microsoft confirms that Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag will be offered throughout the entire month of July on Xbox One. While the new title So Many Me will be offered for a month as well but starting on July 16 until August 15.


New PDP Products coming to Retail

72ch7GQHJML_690x361 If you haven't checked out our previous coverage of PDP Video Game accessories, I suggest you do it. We have looked a multiple headsets (Afterglow Universal Headset, Xbox One Afterglow Karga Headset, PS4 Afterglow Fener Headset, and the PS4 Blue Tooth Headset) as well as the Wii U Fight Pads which originally launched alongside Super Smash Bros.


New Xbox One Console Celebrates 10 Years of Forza Racing

XboxOne_Console_noKinect_ANL_BackBoxshot_RGB_518x388 It was only a matter of time before Xbox began unleashing specific bundles for its big 2015 releases, and it appears as if we've seen one of the first. Today, Microsoft announced the Xbox One Forza Motorsport 6 Limited Edition Console to celebrate not only the launch of the game, but also to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the franchise.


LEGO Jurassic World Early Impressions

Lego-jurassic-world-video-game-cover_120x129 LEGO games are generally always good, but unfortunetly, very few have been great. Jurassic World is good, but noticeably different from other LEGO titles. This is actually a really good thing, especially for people with limited time or parents with younger children.


Elder Scrolls Online Xbox One Early Impressions

elder scrolls 1 I generally hate MMO's. Let me rephrase that: I loathe MMO's. I just never saw the fun in typing to chat, spending half my game play time swapping weapons and potions, or having to find a guild to truly enjoy the game. I want to play an MMO on my own time, which sometimes is only a few hours a week. Most MMO's don't give that kind of freedom. ESO definitely does.