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Telltalle Games Heading to

gameofthrones-cover To celebrate, is offering 40% off all availble Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games series episodes. This offer will last through to the premiere of Episode 4: Sons of Winter. Other collections that will be released in the next little while include Tales from Borderlands and The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series.


Disney Infinity 3.0 Figures and Power Discs Update

0 When Disney Infinity 3.0 launches officially in the fall we will be exposed to the world of Star Wars in addition to the world of Marvel and Disney. As reported earlier this month Disney Infinity 3.0 will be entirely based on Star Wars with each movie trilogy getting it's own play set and each Star Wars figure being able to play in each of the play sets. Disney Infinity 3.0 will also release Tron Figures, Mickey, Minnie, Olaf, Mulan, and all of the Inside Out characters under the Disney ...


Get Rich Quick Scheme for Farming Simulator 2015

geld-cheat-mod-672x372_690x382 While a review of Farming Simulator 15 for Games Reviews is still a ways off, I thought I would share my first in-game tip that will have you taking baths in dollars bills in no time! If you are looking to establish your own sand box mode - a mode sadly lacking from this game - then follow these easy tips!


Puzzles and Dragons Z + Puzzles and Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition Comes May 22nd

puzzle-and-dragons-super-mario-bros-editions_690x413 The time has come for the hit Japanese match three game, Puzzles and Dragons, to land on the Nintendo eShop and in stores. There is lots to get excited about for match 3 fans, including a special Super Mario Bros. edition that is being added at no extra charge.


Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon coming to NA in 2015, EU in 2016

pokemon-super-mystery-dungeon_690x349 The Pokemon Company International and Nintendo announced this new project today. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is not the most popular Pokemon franchise, but it still has sold very well. Here is what Nintendo of America had to say in their press release


EA Sports announces NHL 16 and NHL Legacy Edition

2298199-ea_sports_logo_72370_screen EA Sports has announced the full version of the title NHL 16 for Xbox One and PS4 while also announcing NHL Legacy Edition for Xbox 360 and PS3. While the 360 and PS3 versions will include the usual popular modes and same gameplay as they have always included in the NHL games, the Xbox One and PS4 versions will reinstate features that were missing from NHL 15.


This Year Could Kill Call of Duty

call-of-duty-ghosts-thumb Dwindling sales and negative reaction for Ghosts meant that Black Ops 3 had to really impress to win back an audience quickly become disinterested. Sales are still high - and rightfully so, it's unlike anything else on the market - but when faced with a choice between Call of Duty and Star Wars Battlefront, who is going to win?


EA Sports Confirms NFL Madden 16 Cover Athlete

Madden-16 EA Sports has revealed the cover athlete to be Odell Beckham Jr. on an ESPN SportCenter show this week. The final vote came in between the New York Giant Odell Beckham Jr. and the New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski.


Bill Trinen IS STILL with Nintendo. We have been #Trintroll ‘d

Nintendo-Logo-2-512_129x129 According to his Twitter account, Bill Trinen is no longer an employee of Nintendo of America. In his profile, Tirnen has writte, “Used to work at Nintendo.” Although there has been no official word from Trinen or Nintendo in the form of a press release, all we have to go on for now is Trinen’s own social media comments. His latest Tweet? “I guess nothing can last forever.”   I guess nothing can last for ever. — Bill Trinen (@trintran) May…


Keep Calm and see if Assassins Creed Delivers

ACVisin_120x129 Assassins Creed Syndicate is set to launch in October of 2015, and I assume we will get more details and videos at E3 in the next couple of weeks. What we do know, however, is that the new assassins are...wait, did I just make assassin plural? I did. Meet Jacob and Evie Frye, twin protagonists in this new adventure. Yes ladies and gentleman, Ubisoft has figured out how to create a female playable character.