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Disney Infinity 2.0 Coming in August

Disney-Infinity-2.0 Disney Infinity did well and took a reasonable market share from Activision's Skylanders. Recognisable characters and included toys meant it was the must-have game amongst a certain demographic. Not to rest on their laurels, Mickey Mouse and friends accidentally announced Disney Infinity 2.0 today - with Marvel heroes joining the fray to boot.


PlayStation 4 Update 1.7 Coming Soon, adds SHAREfactory

ps4-hrdware-large19_900x470 Sony announced their next major PlayStation 4 update a few weeks ago, and although that already feels like a lifetime, a little more patience will be required. It's not quite ready to go, but the House of Kratos has revealed a bit more about what you can expect in the next big set of firmware, including a little more information on the new video editing suite.


Parental Advice Columnist Compares Games to Meth

kidCoD_690x381 Video games are good for you, or at least that's what the current consensus is. Not like a juicy orange or a jog through the park, but they can definitely be used to help deal with depression in teenagers, jog the old mind or increase reaction times. Still, there are plenty of people of a certain self-perceived social standing who feel none of this can possibly be true, because they don't believe it. They believe that gaming creates a violent, anti-social community like the one their ...


Snoop Dogg Announces your Kills in new Call of Duty DLC

Xbox360_SnoopDogg Have you ever felt that Call of Duty could do with a little more street cred? Perhaps all those fat little suburban teenagers need balancing out, and Activision has just the solution. Very soon they'll be releasing a brand new piece of DLC that allows you to alter your announcer's voice so that it sounds less soldier and more Snoop.


Sackboy’s First PS4 Appearance is in The Playroom

sackboy-Playroom The Playroom, for those of us who invested in the new PlayStation Camera, is a collection of bonus games that are fun to play in short bursts with friends and family. It's forced onto the console, so you can never delete it, but it's all but useless if you don't have the peripheral needed, and so a lot of people have managed not to see the moderate but very real fun offered. With that said, they've supported it well, with three free DLC packs now released. The latest update includes a very ...


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Available on PS4

RealmReborn3_690x388 If you've been waiting to play an MMO on the PlayStation 4 and you're not too keen on waiting for The Elder Scrolls Online to make the jump across, you might be happy to learn that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has been released. After trailers, screenshots, beta access and more, you'll finally be able to take your character out for a spin on Sony's latest platform.


Rollercoaster Tycoon on IOS Disappoints

roller-coaster-tycoon_690x419 RollerCoaster Tycoon for IOS has finally launched, and weeks of anticipation was destroyed by a horrendous pricing plan. While the game play is still reminiscent of the original tycoon classic, the unfortunate micro transactions makes it incredibly hard to have this game take up valuable space on the iPad.


David Attenborough Working on Oculus Rift Documentary

Sir-David-Attenborough Respected documentarian and TV legend David Attenborough will be bringing a brand new documentary exclusively to Oculus Rift. The new film will be entitled Conquest of the Skies and will be shot in 360 degrees to allow for head movement. It's one of the first VR documentaries to be made, and will likely be the first to grab proper mainstream attention.


Google Revealed Cross-Platform Game Support for Android and iOS – Could It Be the Next Big Thing?

google-play-store_129x129 If you’re a hardcore mobile phone gamer chances are you already know how frustrating it is to not be able to compete against of your friends just because they own an iPhone. While universal coding that will work on multiple platforms is still far from being a real thing, Google has made some serious efforts into trying to close the gap between platforms, their latest step in this matter being the release of a cross-platform game support between Android and iOS.


Rock Band, Dance Central to Return in the Future

Rock-Band-3_690x388 While Guitar Hero went out tired and overstretched, Rock Band leapt like Townshend into wherever awesome music games go. The final piece of DLC, American Pie by Don McLean, successfully summed up the feelings of thousands of fans desperate for the party to continue. It turns out that it might just happen, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.