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Five Years On: Resident Evil 5 DLC Hits Steam

header It's been nearly six years since the two DLC episodes for Resident Evil 5 were released on console. Now they're finally coming to Steam. Lost in Nightmares and Desperate Escape both got a decent amount of praise when they were released with fans praising the tenser atmosphere Lost in Nightmares above that of even the main game.


SteamWorld Dig coming to Xbox One

steamworld-dig-3dsdl-cover_129x129 If you haven't played SteamWorld Dig and own an Xbox One, the game will be getting a release later this year. This according to Image and Form CEO, in a conversation with a media outlet. We reviewed it a while back when it was ported to Wii U, and gave it a great score. Hopefully, we can review it again!


Nintendo can’t Release a Dedicated amiibo Game

amiiboo_large_518x388 Before you jump all over me for this opinion, hear me out. Nintendo cannot release a dedicated amiibo title without replenishing stock on almost all of their amiibo line up. No one will buy a game - or, they will and inevitably will be disappointed in their experience - if they cannot be guaranteed that content won't be locked behind impossible to find amiibos.


Mass Effect 2 Gets Controller Support

mass effect For some inexplicable reason, the Mass Effect franchise doesn't support controllers on PC. That is about to change, starting with Mass Effect 2.


Truly Next Gen? – Geralt’s Beard Grows as you Play

witcher 3 If you had no interest in buying The Witcher 3, that may just be about to change. Geralt's beard actually grows as you play.


Can Devs Remaster Wrong?

Batman-Arkham-City-Armored-Edition-4_900x479 Accessing awesome games on new hardware will never be a problem, not until you take into account utter redundancy and incredible cost anyway.


Mario Party 10 Event

20150123125028!Mario_Party_10_Small_Official_Boxart_120x129 I got some hands on time with Mario Party 10 at a Nintendo of Canada hosted event in Toronto, Canada. Although I've played the game before, a lot more was open to me within the game and I had more time to enjoy it.


Is Kojima Leaving Konami?

metal-gear-solid_690x387 When Hideo Kojima said the next Metal Gear Solid game would be his last, we presumed it was the usual song and dance he's been repeating since the turn of the century.


RUMOUR: Is Gears of War: Remastered coming to Xbox One?

gears-phil A twitter user has sparked speculation that the Gears of War franchise might be making its way to Xbox One.


Opinion: Gamers Want more “Ori”

ori1 A new wave of developers is taking over the consoles and they are releasing polished and interesting games. Some companies do it from a central office - Image and Form Games is based in Sweden, and are best known for SteamWorld Dig and the upcoming SteamWorld Heist - while others are pulling from the best talent around the planets, such as Moon Studios, the company behind Ori and the Blind Forest.