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Forza Horizon 2: Team Races Club Division Explained

ForzaHorizon2 Imagine that your Forza Horizon 2 Club decides to head into team racing and you come across a team smaller than your own. What happens? Does the game split up your Club despite the fact that you'll all be scoring points towards the same goal? Does the race go ahead unevenly, sacrificing fairness for overall scoring purposes? Thankfully, neither of these options are true, as explained by Ian Webster of Team 10 earlier today.


Will Video Game Stories ever Get Better?

the-last-of-us-remastered-release-date_899x506 One of the biggest topics in gaming over the past few years is the evolution of how video games are becoming more like movies. Some see this as a positive because it shows the evolution and progression of gaming, while others see it as a negative, saying that it represents a culture that is trying to change itself into something it isn't. I think this is wrong. Games aren't becoming more like movies, they're just adapting elements from a successful medium to improve themselves, and there's ...


Disney Infinity 1.0 Free on eShop

Disney-Infinity-Toy-Box-Mode-9_900x506 A few weeks ago, Activision announced that the Wii version of Skylanders Trap Team would have a free download code so that the game could also be played on Wii U. Disney has decided to do something similar, although they are focusing on a game already out, rather than their upcoming release.


Sony DDOS Attacks affect Single Player, Simple Fix Found

metro-redux If you planned on playing a single player game this weekend, something like Metro Redux, you've probably found that you're not able to thanks to the DDOS attacks on Sony. Loading will lead you to a black screen. Thankfully, a simple fix has been found that'll mean you won't have to worry about that bothersome block any longer.


Solid Snake might just be coming back to Smash Bros

solidsnake There's a few familiar Smash Brothers characters that have so far been mysteriously missing from the roster of the 3DS and Wii U outings of the game, but Metal Gear's Solid Snake isn't one of them. While definitely a popular character, the consensus amongst fans has been that he probably won't make a comeback, because why would he? Snake hasn't been in his own game on a Nintendo platform in years, and there's no sign that that's going to change. Don't get rid of all your doubts just yet, ...


The Witcher Film in Development, Oscar-Nominated Animator Involved

witcher 3 Although there's already been a film based on the book, there hasn't been a Witcher film since the video games propelled the IP to international acclaim. That's going to change over the next year or so, with news out of the Polish Film Institute that Oscar nominated animator Tomasz BagiƄski is working on an adaptation.


Phil Fish Disappears off Twitter… Again

fez_690x388 Phil Fish, developer of Fez and angry social media person, has deleted his Twitter account... again. The last time was because of video game journalists apparently not respecting him enough, and this latest is probably linked to the Zoe Quinn incident, of which he placed himself right slap bang in the centre. Whether it's an attempt to deprive us all of access to his greatness, or if he'd just genuinely had enough of being pulled through the wringer, is unknown at this point.


Obsidian Looking for Character Designer on Time Travel MMORPG?

obsidian-entertainment-logo Obsidian have posted an advertisement looking for an experienced character designer for an MMORPG they're working on. Although the job description doesn't give much in the way of information, it does say that the art design is "highly stylized," so expect something a little unusual. There's also potential good news for fans of time travel.


All the Controversy and, still, very few people are playing Depression Quest

DepressionQuest The human race enjoys a good bit of drama, which is why the allegations against Zoe Quinn and the cast of the Usual Suspects is crashing internet forums and causing controversy up and down. The game at the heart of all this, Depression Quest, is still relatively ignored, despite tens of thousands of people obsessing over its creator.


The Good, the Bad, and the Future of Battlefield

battlefield-6_690x345 Battlefield 4 has taken a lot of flak since its release almost a year ago. Although most of it has been justified, I can't help but get frustrated when people say the game is still plagued with the same problems it had at release, when that's simply not true. Now don't misunderstand me, I'll be the first to admit that DICE shouldn't have shipped in the condition that their first new generation outing was in, and that the ensuing support, or rather, the lack of support was inexcusable. ...