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Loot Crate July 2016 Review – Futuristic

IMG_7901 Futuristic sounds like it should be awesome, so by naming it that, Loot Crate began hyping up July's Loot Crate. So many great franchises come to mind when you think of futuristic, and over the month until my box arrived, I wondered which of the many they would include. Although I was off on many of my predictions, I was still right with a lot of them. Check out our full review with photos below the unboxing video, and see if Loot Crate is something you should continue to subscribe too!


More Thoughts From Me #27: I Still Miss Nintendo Power

NintendoPowerlogo Before the internet, we had these things called magazines. They were like books, but a lot slimmer and they contained articles not novels. Yes, you could have your own portable website to hold in your hands. Of course now, people just go on the internet and magazines, well, they are still out there but I’d guess that most people only read them in a doctor’s waiting room. I still think about magazines a lot though. And I still have many…


Lootaku July 2016 Review – Dragon Ball Z

IMG_7897 Lootaku is continuing its trend of doing boxes themed around a specific universe, and this month is no different with the Dragon Ball Z box. Even though I'm nut a huge Dragon Ball Z fan, I really do enjoy getting figures; although I was sceptical of this months box, I was much better than I imaged. Again, Lootaku is definitely one of the more expensive boxes out there, but when you see what's inside, you can definitely see why! Check out our full review with pictures below the video.


Geek Fuel July 2016

IMG_7909 It's another month and another Geek Fuel subscription box review! This month, the main items were themed around Ghostbusters, due to the launch of the new Ghostbusters movie I have yet to see. Overall, I thought this month was not one of the strongest Geek Fuel boxes, but none-the-less, I still enjoyed many of the items I got. Most of them are ultimately give away items - as in I will give them to people who will really enjoy them - and although that means less for me to put on display, it ...


Nintendo Introduces the NES Classic Edition In A New Video

NESClassic When Nintendo announced the NES Classic Edition, I freaked out! Ok, you already know that because of my recent More Thoughts From Me Special Edition! But I just have to say again how much I’m looking forward to this thing. And Nintendo is fueling that need even more with a new video about the system. We have the video below, plus my thoughts on it. The NES Classic Edition system is coming this November for $59.99. The system will have…


Hitman Role Out Should be Admired

hitmane284a2_20160321001836_679x388 The way that Hitman was rolled out to the public might seem extreme to some, and downright ludicrous to others. Many argued that they were being given a game that wasn't finished, but would take your money up front anyways. While this might be true, I still like how the title rolled out for various reasons.


Rock Band Rivals Available for Preorder Now

rock-band-2_690x454 Rock Band has been weekly staple in my home ever since Harmonix sent over my review unit a few weeks ahead of launch. My family and I have had a great time playing the many songs, and the loads of DLC we have since purchased. It's always nice to get something new, however, which is why we are looking forward to Rock Band Rivals and the new PDP guitars!


More Thoughts From Me #26: Catching The Denpa Men

DenpaMen Recently, a certain cellphone game that everyone won’t stop talking about got thinking about one of the coolest AR games I have ever played. The game is called The Denpa Men. In the game, you catch the Denpa Man via altered reality (AR) and then use them in video game battles. There are three Denpa Men games on North American 3DS systems. Let me tell you about the series! The Denpa Men is a game that uses AR and “radio…


Nintendo Canada: 10 Things About Pokémon

Pokemon3 Pokémon GO has launched on Android and ios devices in Canada, and Nintendo of Canada was nice enough to give us 10 facts about the Pokémon company that we may or may not know. We have listed all 10 below! Thanks to Nintendo for sending these over.


More Thoughts From Me Special Edition #3: Nintendo Likes to Surprise

NESClassic Sometimes, I forget that Nintendo likes their surprises. It’ll just seem like an average day and all of sudden, Nintendo of America will make some surprising announcement out of nowhere. Today, we get a big surprise from them. Nintendo announced that they are going to re-release the NES system as the NES Classic Edition. It is a small NES that comes with 30 games built into the system! I was stunned by this news and I can’t stop thinking about…