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June 1 Up Box Review – Survival

IMG_7847 My June 1 Up Box unfortunately came damaged this month, but outside of a small tear on my Funko Pop figure, everything else seemed to be in tact. It was a great box this month, featuring heavily from the Jurassic Park and Walking Dead franchises. Even though those aren't really high on my list of favorite entertainment franchises, I still felt the box as a whole was fairly well done. Below the unboxing video we will have a full breakdown of all the items in this months box!


Geek Fuel June 2016 Review

IMG_7854 I was really looking forward to June 2016's Geek Fuel box because it was promising items from Super Mario, Sherlock, Pokémon, and TMNT. While I would have really enjoyed a plush from either Pokémon or Super Mario, the items we did get were still really great; this month reiterated why Geek Fuel is one of my favorite boxes. While I know some comments online really went at Geek Fuel for the contents of this months box, I can't say I felt the same way. Outside of the filler items, everything ...


Batman: Return to Arkham HD Pushed Back

batman-return-to-arkham-boxart-leak-182000_686x398 Apparently getting everything top notch for an HD remake of the Batman Arkham titles was going to be a lot more work than the studio thought, so today they announced they were pushing the project back indefinitely, with no new release date announced


Super Geek Box June 2016 – Villians Review

IMG_7824 This month I received my very first Super Geek Box, and I am super impressed with the quality of the contents versus the price of the box. The value in this box exceeded the 20-25 dollars it costs (in the United States) to have this shipped to your door. Check out our unboxing video directly below, and look past the break for a complete breakdown of each item with pictures!


Early Impressions: Creative T4’s and T50’s

2014-06-06-product-3_597x398 Over the weekend I unboxed a large shipment from Creative which included two speaker setups: the Creative T50's and the Creative T4 Wireless 2.1's. Out of the box, both products are impressive to look at - you can see them both in the unboxing below, and reviews should be up soon. Here are our first impressions of the quality.


Opinionated Logan: Kirby Planet Robobot

kirbyplanetrobobot_200x199 There has been one title on the 3DS that my son Logan has played religiously since it came out. He has played it in car rides to Florida, flights, at Disney World while waiting for rides, and on cruises when falling asleep. This particular game has traveled more miles with us than anything else. That title would be Kirby Triple Deluxe. He has beaten the title numerous times, played through all the mini games, and for whatever reason, things never seem to get old. When Kirby Planet Robobot ...


The Pros and Cons of Mighty No. 9 Open Beta Version

2856351-mightyno9_129x129 If you’re a Megaman fan, whether it’s the original, X, Battle Network or so, you might be looking at its successor. Since it’s birth way back in 1987, the Megaman series has been very successful. The blue pixel guy has been attracting several players around the world due to his amazing adventures


June 2016 Loot Crate Review – Dystopia

IMG_4295 Loot Crate for June 2016 arrived this week and I must say I'm pretty happy with almost all the items that came in this months box. With the exception of one item that I won't ever use, this box was full of great collectibles and useful gifts. Read on past the unboxing video for photos of each item and a brief review!


Rival 300 Mouse Review

steelseries-rival-300-white-box.png For most people, a mouse is a mouse is a mouse. Whether you are using a fancy mouse with tons of bells and whistles, or just a cheap wireless mouse, most people don't understand the difference. Then there is that small segment of society that actually does care what features their mouse has, how many clicks it can withstand, and other seemingly uninteresting questions like that.


Elder Scrolls Online: Dark Brotherhood DLC

8385c26fe83f842b691e834be8051948_690x431 Just a few weeks ago, the Elder Scrolls Online got another great update, this time adding the Dark Brotherhood to the game. The cost of the DLC is 2000 Crowns. With this pack, players will get a lot of new places to explore and quests to complete. The question becomes, however: is the Dark Brotherhood DLC worth the money, and how much does it add to the ESO experience.