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Nintendo is going Down the DLC on the Disc Road

DLC_image_690x388 Nintendo's move towards DLC has been surprisingly great. Their content is aaggressively priced, generally making it hard not to purchase it when available. I assumed the Mario Kart 8 packs would come in at 12-14$ each, but fortunately that isn't the case. What Nintendo hasn't done - until now that is - is do the number one thing gamers hate about DLC.


More Download Features coming to Nintendo Products

nintendo_logo_by_thedrifterwithin-d5kzl78_690x431 A few weeks ago I wrote an article about Nintendo's new download options. Most interesting was the ability (finally) to download games from a computer and push them to your Wii U. This was great, and frankly overdue. What wasn't announced at that time was a pre-download option for digital title. Apparently Nintendo is ready to deliver that as well.


PS+ Leak – PS3 may be losing its AAA Title

PS-Plus-logo November's PlayStation Plus is getting closer and Sony will be about to announce the firm details of it. Instead of posting about it on the blog, they accidentally released a video which was quickly grabbed by fans. This is for the American version of PS+, but EU users may want to start hoping for something a little meatier.


Star Wars Battlefront is EA’s Big Shooter of 2015

battlefront With a new Star Wars film of the horizon and the Battlefront series well on its way to a revival, it's a good time to be a fan of George Lucas's sci-fi classics. Even better news is that it will be getting full support from publisher EA, who have said that it'll be their big first-person shooter of 2015.


Classic Lucas Films Games Available Now on

lucas_arts_120x129 Today is the start of a new partnership between Disney Interactive and that will bring more than 20 classic Lucas Films games to the digital provider. The new partnership begins today with six classic titles for fans to purchase and play, all DRM free. Available now are Star Wars™: X-Wing Special Edition, Star Wars™: TIE Fighter Special Edition, Sam & Max Hit the Road, The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, Indiana Jones® and the Fate of Atlantis™ and Star Wars™: Knights of ...


Gabe Newell on How he Responds to all those Emails

Newell2 Gabe Newell is the billionaire head of the company behind PC distribution platform Steam, and is likely working hard overseeing projects that will very literally define the future of the gaming industry. He also manages to reply to emails sent to him by fans. It doesn’t take a team of secretaries and it doesn’t mean Half-Life 3 is knocked back for each message sent. In an email, Newell explains how he stays in touch with fans. It usually means I’m…


Nintendo Store Wii Us Sold Out for the First Time

wii-u-eshop-options_129x129 The power of Mario Kart and the upcoming Super Smash Brothers actually does seem to have had an affect on Wii U sales. For the first time since they've started selling refurbished Wii Us on their website, Nintendo have had to post a notice saying they're completely sold out of consoles.


Where Is GTA V’s Casino Content?

gta5_logo When Grand Theft Auto V was first sold to the public, one of the quickest observations to surface broadly online was that there was a casino in Los Santos... but it wasn't open for business. What initially seemed like an obvious hint at future DLC has since become a source of frustration among some GTA V players who were hoping for chances to enter a gambling environment within the game.


Getting the Pokemon Demo is a Good Idea

pokemon-3DS Get the Pokemon demo. Do whatever you have to do, but get the demo. This especially goes for anyone looking for that little extra advantage when the game launches on November 21st. The demo, while short, is packed with unlockables that will transfer over to the new game. I've played through the demo six times, and here is what I think.


Nintendo Embracing Demos with Upcoming Pokemon Titles

pokemon_cover_129x129 Demo's are not something Nintendo has done in the past, but with the Wii U and 3DS, it appears as if almost every AAA title will receive some kind of demo. Yes, the demo's are hampered by one major problem: limits on the number of times you can play. Regardless, it is nice to try something ahead of release. This time around, the demo is for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. There are a number of ways to get codes for this demo, outlined below.