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Buying a PS4 or Xbox One Now is better than at Christmas

xbox-one-thumbnail With Christmas fast approaching, you'd be forgiven for saving your money. Before you lock up your wallet for the next three months though, just take a look at some of the deals on consoles available right now - you might save cash by buying earlier.


Different Levels of Caring: Xbox and Sony vs Nintendo

Nintendo-Wii-U-vs-PS4-vs-XB1 The current generation is made up of three consoles, with each console doing its best to steal sales and finish number one month after month. Different levels of 'trying' are required. Sony and the PS4 are getting sales regardless of what they do; many of Sony's new following have been swayed by statements (not always necessarily true) made about its number one competitor, Microsoft's Xbox One. Microsoft has more work to do than Sony, although almost completely abandoning Kinect has done ...


Japan Sales Show Nintendo Has a Mega Hit in Super Smash on 3DS

Super-Smash-Bros-3DS Super Smash Bros is a huge franchise, and one that Nintendo has returned to generation after generation. It can be perceived as a guaranteed money maker. However, I was skeptical when the 3DS version was announced, and even more skeptical as gameplay footage began to be released. After all, this was a first for this franchise on handheld. Nintendo has managed to sell over a a million copies of the game in Japan - both at retail and digitally on the eShop - making my skepticism incredibly ...


SteamWorld Heist Blasting Onto Devices in Spring 2015

steamworld heist A few weeks back, I reviewed SteamWorld Dig on the Wii U. The game was so fantastic, I've now owned it on multiple different platforms including my Wii U for at home and 3DS for on the road. The game is that good. If you haven't picked it up, stop reading this useless announcement, grab the game and play it, and come back to read this at your convenience. After all, the release date for their next title isn't until Spring 2015.


Halo: Reach Now Available Free for Gold Members

Halo Reach With the Master Chief Collection on the horizon, Microsoft decided to make one of the few games not in the remaster set, Halo: Reach, available for free through Games with Gold. It was announced last month and is now available to download at no extra cost, so long as you're a Gold subscriber.


Microsoft Buys Mojang and Minecraft for Estimated 2.5 Billions

modloader-for-minecraft-02-700x406 It is official. Mojang posted on their own website that, "Yes, the deal is real. Mojang is being bought by Microsoft." This is probably great news for Microsoft as purchasing a giant such as Minecraft is bound to make them a lot more than they spent. One thing Microsoft isn't getting, however, is the brilliant mind of Minecraft creator, Notch.


Super Smash 3DS Demo and Club Nintendo Fights Back

Super-Smash-Bros-3DS Next week, on September 19th, a Super Smash 3DS demo will go live. Like all demos on the eShop, players will be limited to 30 plays. 30 plays isn't a lot, which means gamers may want to use them sparingly as there will be still three weeks until the game officially launches. Nintendo has lots to prove with this title as it is the first on handheld in the franchises history. This demo will make or break this game at retail in early October.


Gears of War: Tactics Kinect Game Footage Leaks

gears-of-war-judgment_690x388 Kinect was supposed to be a hardcore experience, something Microsoft kept repeating while it was unveiled Milo and Kinectimals. Sure, they were trying to attract a small slice of the Wii crowd, but they wanted everybody to invest in one of the devices as well. Unfortunately, it never quite worked out the way they'd hoped, and any possible 'proper' titles got cancelled. One of those games was Gears of War: Tactics, and footage has leaked showing exactly what we're missing out on.


Nintendo 3DS Family Getting 3 New Models

3DSXL_NES_BundleBox Releasing special edition 3DS consoles is nothing new for Nintendo, And therefore, their latest announcement shouldn't really be a shock. Nintendo plans to role out three new special edition 3DS XL units.


Portable Ops added to Official Metal Gear Canon

portableops Portable Ops has always been the black sheep of the Metal Gear Solid world. It never got the official spin-off status like Ac!D and Ghost Babel, but it was never officially included in any timelines either. This was partly because Hideo Kojima was never included, but considering it includes a chunk of time between Metal Gear Solid 3 and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Whatever the reason, this has now changed, with Konami recognising Portable Ops as an official part of the timeline.