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9.0 Fallout Shelter

Read Review Fallout Shelter Review

Fallout Shelter is… wait a minute, I just need to collect these resources. There we go. As I was saying, this free-to-play game is… hang on, I need to deal with these raiders. Phew. Right, let me turn my phone off ...


7.5 Solar 2

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Solar 2 is an indie game by Jay Watts where the you control a celestial body through the massive void of space, colliding and absorbing other smaller objects in order to get bigger. Simple enough, right? The game ...


7.5 888 Casino App

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Although not quite as well designed as it should be, 888 Casino offers a range of games within a low-weight app, all of which offer free and paid options. For those looking for a new Casino app this one is defiantly ...


7.5 Mobile App

Read Review Mobile App Review

It's difficult to stand out on when it comes to gambling online. There are so many companies that choosing who to trust you money to can be a gamble in itself. When it comes from though, you know that ...



Asphalt 8 Airborne

Release Date: 22/08/2013
Publisher: Gameloft
Developer: Gameloft
PEGI: 4+
Our Rating

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Release Date: 20/06/2013
Publisher: 2K Games
Developer: Firaxis Games
PEGI: 17+
Our Rating

Mikey Hooks

Release Date: 08/08/2013
Publisher: BeaverTap Games
Developer: BeaverTap Games
PEGI: 4+
Our Rating

iOOTP Baseball 2013

Release Date: 04/04/2013
Publisher: Out Of The Park Developments
Developer: Out Of The Park Developments
Our Rating

Star Command

Release Date: 02/05/2013
Publisher: Star Command LLC
Developer: Star Command LLC
PEGI: 9+
Our Rating

Latest iOS Gaming News

More Thoughts From Me Fire Emblem Edition: Echoes of the Past and Future

When Nintendo announced that there would be a Direct this week for Fire Emblem, I tried not to set my hopes too high. It was very likely that only Fire Emblem ...

Fire Emblem Direct Tomorrow

Last week, we found out that Nintendo would be holding a Fire Emblem Direct. It was thought then that Nintendo would only be showing off the upcoming Fire ...

Telltale Games Announced A Guardians of the Galaxy Game Last Night

I’m a huge fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. I have thought for awhile now that there should be a video game of the franchise. And now, finally, ...


Pokemon Go’s Halloween Event Starts This Wednesday

Pokemon Go will have a Halloween event starting this Wednesday. We have a trailer and press release for the event below. ” POKÉMON GO CELEBRATES ...

The Elder Scrolls: Legends Available Now for iPad in Limited Release in Canada

Elder Scrolls: Legends is now available on the iPad in Canada. We have the details below. Elder Scrolls: Legends came to the iPad today in Canada. In an e-mail ...

Skylanders Imaginators Levels Up Character Creation in October

October is going to be a big month for Skylanders Imaginators! We have all the details below. Get ready: this press release is packed with content! Skylanders ...


Introducing Pokemon to

Over the past few months, you might have realized that has been expanding outside of video games to cover other geek/nerd related content. We ...

Agricola games on iOS

There really is only one thing I love more than video games when it comes to the plethora of entertainment options, and that would be board games. I generally ...

Nintendo on iOS

Although the obvious big Nintendo news of the day was the announcement of Super Mario Run for iOS devices this December, a second little bit of information ...


Pokemon Lives in Various Forms

Whether you love or hate it, collecting pocket monsters has never been so much fun. It’s amazing to see the evolution of the franchise as it moved from ...

Chicken Wiggle – A Platformer With Level Creation – Was Revealed Today

Renegade Kid is no more. The developer, who created Mutant Mudds and Moon Chronicles for 3DS, closed up shop this week. The two heads of the company have formed ...

What Pokémon Go Has Taught Us About Mobile Gaming

The gaming industry is one of the world’s largest and most powerful. And it has grown in stature over the past ten years. And we have seen many different forms ...