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Author Topic: Your favourite god & game mode?
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Post Your favourite god & game mode?
on: December 2, 2017, 16:09

Who's your favourite god and why ?
Conquest, Joust, Assault, Siege, which mode do you preffer ?

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Karol Mroszczyk
Post Re: Your favourite god & game mode?
on: December 3, 2017, 19:25

Hunter - Medusa - used to be my favourite hunter but now i play more Hou yi
Mage - I like to play He Bo or Scylla
Tank - Ares & Sobek
Assassin - When i started i didn't like them, but when you play a lot - you'll find out that this is the best class of god when you want to kill a lot, the key is that you need to get very close to the enemy, so at the beginning this was an instant death but now it works much better - i like playing Ne Zha

Joust - always Joust, especially ranked

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Post Re: Your favourite god & game mode?
on: December 4, 2017, 14:13

Fav assasin- Awilix. She is not easy to manage, but once you know how to connect her skills she is a rock.
As 2nd choice I would go with Arachne-meet here 1/1 in jungle and there is only one way to return base..

Fav hunter- Houi. Very powerful with de-buff, good ult and jump to catch up or esc. Can co-operate with many tanks/warriors/tactics.
As 2nd choice AMC - great in 1/1.

Fav tank- Ares. OP in all modes, can get many kills which is what I like.
As 2nd choice Sobek- if operated well works perfect for team fight. Very uncomfortable opponent in 3/3 mode.

Fav mage- Anubis. In late game, stun and ult = insta kill. Life-steal tactic keep him up for long in the line.
As 2nd choice Kukulkan-very powerful in games like Assult/Clash/Arena.

Fav warrior- Odin. With good set and max cld reduction he is unstoppable.
As 2nd choice Hercules-OP in 3/3 games, can easily start action.

I like to play all modes. Most common type in my queue is now Assault. It force player to learn about each "god" abilities.
Over 1000 matches in that mode discovered a lot of things that I was not aware of.
Knowing your opponent's "god"ability is as important as knowing your own "god" abilities.
That allows for the right choice of items and tactics.

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