Pokemon Remakes A Huge Success

When Nintendo announced 3DS re-releases of the original three Pokemon titles, I was fairly skeptical. After all, how desperately did Nintendo fans want to play a slightly improved – although very true to the original – Pokemon game from the early Gameboy days? Frankly, I was not sure how well these titles would catch on. A complete remake of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow in the style of the new titles? That would have taken off like gangbusters, in my…

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Asdivine Hearts Review

There are not very many turn-based rpgs on the Wii U. Though, it seems like we will continue to get more thanks to Indie developers. The newest turn-based rpg, Asdivine Hearts, came to the system recently. I got a review copy of the game and have been playing it a lot. Is Asdivine Hearts a good game? Here’s my review.

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More Thoughts From Me #16: A Whole Lot of Disney

I’m a Disney fan. I won’t claim that I like everything Disney does, but I like a bunch of what they do. And one of my favorite things they did was with Square Enix. I’m talking about Kingdom Hearts of course. Specifically I’m talking about Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. If you ever want to play a love letter to Disney fans, Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 are for you! Lets take a trip down Disney memory lane. There is…

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New Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Trailer

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE for the Wii U is a crossover title between the Fire Emblem and the Shin Megami Tensei series. The game will be coming out in June. Nintendo recently released a new trailer for the game. Here are my thoughts on Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE! Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE for Wii U is a very strange looking game. I’ve never played the Shin Megami Tensei series before, but I have played several of the Fire Emblem series…

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Asdivine Hearts Preview

Kemco has been bringing a lot of rpgs to the 3DS and Wii U lately. Just awhile back, I did a review for their game Justice Chronicles for the 3DS. Currently, I’m playing Asdivine Hearts for the Wii U. The game came out last week. I will have a review of the game in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, please read my thoughts on Asdivine Hearts so far! I love role playing games. I’m especially a huge fan…

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Bravely Second: End Layer Arrives on the 3DS This Week

Bravely Second: End Layer will be coming to retail and the 3DS eshop this week! What does the game have to offer? A new press release from Nintendo Canada fills us in on the details! Bravely Second: End Layer, an rpg for the 3DS, will be coming on Friday (4/15). The title is the sequel to Bravely Default and both titles are by Square Enix. Today, Nintendo Canada released a press release giving more information about the game. I’ll include…

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Justice Chronicles

Justice Chronicles Review

The Nintendo 3DS has a lot of role playing games coming out this year. Among the big rpg titles coming out, there are also some rpgs coming from Indie developers. One of the Indie rpgs recently released is called Justice Chronicles. How is this 3DS eshop rpg?

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Bravely Second Gets A New Overview Trailer From Nintendo

Bravely Second, Square Enix’s upcoming rpg, is coming this month! Nintendo released a new overview trailer for the game today! Bravely Second is almost here! There is currently a 3DS eshop demo and the game will be released on April 15th. If you want to know about the demo for Bravely Second, check out my preview of it here. I liked the demo, but I still remain unsure about Bravely Second. The demo was a lot like the first game…

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More Thoughts From Me #12: Staying Earthbound

Earthbound is one of my favorite Super Nintendo rpgs, if not my favorite of all time. I liked the game back when I wasn’t a fan of role playing games. I’ve bought Earthbound three times now: SNES, Wii U, and New 3DS. Why do I keep coming back to this game? I didn’t like any of the NES or SNES Final Fantasy games the first time I played them. What can I say? I was young and foolish. I did,…

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Earthbound Has Arrived on the New 3DS eshop Today!

I’ve bought Earthbound three times now! I bought it when it first came out on the SNES, I bought it when it came to the Wii U, and now I’ve bought it on the New 3DS. The game arrived on the New 3DS today! Will you be picking it up? Earthbound came out on the New 3DS eshop today in North America. The game is also available on the Wii U. Nintendo has been giving the Earthbound games a lot…

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