It’ll Only Take A Second (Or More): Bravely Second Thoughts

I don’t like Bravely Default. I started out liking the game, but later, I felt like the game was too padded and not satisfying at all. And yet, I can’t help being interested in Bravely Second. Its very rare for Square Enix to do a turn-based rpg anymore. Here are my thoughts on Bravely Second and some recently released footage for the game.   I want to be excited for Bravely Second. The recent footage looks great, especially the job…

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7th Dragon III: Code: VFD Is Coming to the 3DS This Summer

This is the new of the 3DS rpg. Every time you turn around, someone is announcing or showing off an upcoming rpg for the system. The latest to announce an rpg is Sega. 7th Dragon III: Code: VFD has been announced for this summer. 7th Dragon: III Code: VFD will be coming to the 3DS this summer. The game will take place in multiple time periods and let you create your own character to play as. There are 32 different…

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Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Review

Paper Mario games are great, although have been trending downwards since the release of The Thousand Year Door on the GameCube. The last release, Sticker Star, was lackluster to say the least, borrowing heavily from the 2D Super Mario games heavily by removing the ‘open world’ and replacing it with Worlds and Levels, i.e. World 1-Level 1. On the other hand, Mario and Luigi games have always been strong titles, and even Dream Team – despite its various faults and pacing issues – was still an excellent release. I have to assume that Paper Mario fans were ...

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Xenoblade Chronicles X Review

It has been a long while since Nintendo fans can boast that their system has a game that the majority of JRPG and western RPG fans will actually want. In fact, it is the first time in a long while - Mario Kart 8? - that Nintendo fans can boast about anything coming out on the Wii U. Xenoblade Chronicles X is not "the game" to save the Wii U, but it does have the potential to move a few units this holiday season.

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Fallout 4 Review

I have done a number of shorter articles for Games Reviews on Fallout, and those will be combined here for a full scored review of the game. Fallout fans will find more to love with Fallout 4. It is not a huge advancement over Fallout 3, and the graphics are not what you would expect from a highly touted RPG. That being said, we still had lots of fun with Fallout here in our offices, and could easily recommend it to any RPG fan.

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Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Review

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon will not be a game that every 3DS or Pokemon fan will like, but that doesn't mean it does not have some redeeming qualities. Individuals who have been turned off by previous Mystery Dungeon titles will not be won over with this latest installment. The core game play mechanics have not been overhauled much from previous titles, but the inclusion of 20 Pokemon to select as a starter, and the ability to interact with all 720 Pokemon - including legionaries - should make fans of the franchise ready to tackle and more mystery dungeons.

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Fallout 4 Review in Progres: My First Few Hours

The first few hours of Fallout 4 have exhilarated me, frustrated me, and made me go, "What?" That is what you are in for if you decide you want to play Fallout 4. Although our review isn't live yet - and won't be for a while! - I can safely say that if open world RPG's are your thing, you probably don't want to pass up on this, even if you've never played a Fallout game in the past. Consider this the beginning of our Review-in-Progress.

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Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Review

If you are not willing to put a lot of time into Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition you should probably stop reading now. Don't bother with this title. It will be your loss, but I also won't fool anyone. If you don't have the desire to slog through over 100 hours of content to fully appreciate this masterpiece, I feel sorry for you.

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Yo-Kai Watch Review

If you have never heard of Yo-Kai before, I would not be surprised. Although the franchise is already a huge hit in Japan - two games, a TV show, and lots of merchandise - the franchise in North America is just getting off the ground. The TV show hit North America earlier this fall, and the first Yo-Kai game in North America launches this Friday. The real question is: Is Yo-Kai Watch on the 3DS worth your time? We think so!

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Disney Infinity 3.0 after 60 Minutes

For the longest time, I often would determine my level of interest in a game after sixty minutes. Growing up, I rented a lot of video games, all of which had to pass the sixty minute test before I would buy it from the store. As a reviewer, I technically can't have a sixty minute barometer - I must review the entire game. However, I often still use my sixty minute rule, even if I plan to play the whole game. With the release of Disney Infinity, the the almost impossible ability to adequately review everything in one 'review,' I've decided to share my thoughts ...

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