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Disney Magic Kingdoms: Was Big Hero Six a Fair Event?

Disney Magic Kingdoms latest event surrounding the locations and characters of Big Hero Six is almost complete, and with less than 1 day to go until the event concludes, the developers behind the smash mobile hit are already teasing the next update to the game, during a Facebook live stream tomorrow. We do know that new land will open up, but don't know exactly what that means yet. Check out the facebook page tomorrow for more details!

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Maleficent Has Invaded Disney Magic Kingdoms!

If you missed out on the live stream from last week, Gameloft and the developers behind Disney Magic Kingdoms unveiled and showed up Maleficent, and the evil she was getting up to in Disney Magic Kingdoms. This new event which launches right after the Bambi update - remember the Bambi content is not an event, but an extension of the story - so there is tons of new content to keep players busy! Ready to see how to tackle Maleficent? Let's dig deeper!

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Lucky Larrys Lobstermania 2 Review

It’s not often you will find depth in an online casino game, but as the online marketplace for casino games gets more saturated, more and more companies will look to add a little something extra to their online casino websites. Enter IGT’s Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania 2, the game with multiple winning options, and more depth than your average online slot machine game. Whether you play for free or for real money, Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania is a must play title for…

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Robocop Slot Game Review

The summer of 2017 turned out to be quite exciting for science fiction loving slots enthusiast who were treated with a proper gem of a game brewed by the world’s leading omni-channel online gaming software provider Playtech.

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Blackjack! Review

Casino games on mobile are becoming increasingly more popular as younger people are looking for a cheaper - no real money is won or lost here, although there are micro transactions - alternative to the casino. As people are constantly on the go now a days, having a casino game they can take with them is incredibly important. Finding the best application, however, can be difficult, so it is important to know where to look to grab your next casino.

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Rivers Casino App Preview

It's difficult to pick a casino app to gamble on. People who use these things want the very best, because they're going to use them a lot, and because they'll want something that emulates the true casino experience as best as possible.

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Fallout Shelter Review

Fallout Shelter is… wait a minute, I just need to collect these resources. There we go. As I was saying, this free-to-play game is… hang on, I need to deal with these raiders. Phew. Right, let me turn my phone off or I’ll never get anything done.

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Solar 2 Review

Solar 2 is an indie game by Jay Watts where the you control a celestial body through the massive void of space, colliding and absorbing other smaller objects in order to get bigger. Simple enough, right? The game is like Flow meets Spore meets basic physics. Your key objective is to make it through the life cycle of a planet/star while avoiding larger objects or black holes.

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888 Casino App Review

Although not quite as well designed as it should be, 888 Casino offers a range of games within a low-weight app, all of which offer free and paid options. For those looking for a new Casino app this one is defiantly worth a try.

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It's difficult to stand out on when it comes to gambling online. There are so many companies that choosing who to trust you money to can be a gamble in itself. When it comes from though, you know that you're dealing with a company that has been around quite a while, and has things like 24/7 support to put your mind at rest. In this case, it comes down to design and ease of use of the app, both things that Casino get just right.

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