Deathtrap Review

The combination of wit and traps are the only way to stop the flood of monsters that are breaching our world. The job of guarding against these beasts is a rough one, but these defenders are the worlds only hope. Taking on the fiercest of grotesque hell spawn, each warrior must use his or her wit to devise a clever trail of traps that can lessen the evil armies and prevent as many of these creatures from passing through the gates into our world as possible. An unforgiving and gore-filled game, Neocore Games' new release, Deathtrap is swiftly starting to earn ...

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Global Outbreak Doomsday Edition Review

Global Outbreak Doomsday Edition is another mobile port that was free for phones and tablets, but now you can pay real money for the privilege of having it on your PC. At least it’s much better than most mobile games that find their way to Steam.

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Frontline: Road to Moscow Review

Dozens of overpriced mobile ports get released on Steam every month. Frontline: Road to Moscow is no different. The game was originally available on the Appstore in July before being ported to PC. The game is a turn-based strategy title that has you control the German army and, as the title suggests, you have to make your way to Moscow by capturing every town in your way.

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The Letter Review

In the age of DLC, Crowdfunding, and Shovelware there are an abundance of broken promises to gamers that are never fulfilled by developers. That promise is that if you spend a relatively low amount of money for a game or content then you are entitled to at least something that justifies your purchase, right? Well, that’s exactly the promise that The Letter for Wii U breaks.

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Whispering Willows Review

There is no combat to speak of in Whispering Willows; its more the element of avoidance and timing in the presence of enemies. There are few enemies, but they do occasionally turn up and are frankly one of the most frustrating things in the game.

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Shovel Knight Review

At its heart, Shovel Knight is a platformer that echoes the NES classics of Mega Man, Duck Tales, Zelda 2, and Super Mario Bros. 3, then takes everything that works well within those games and throws away the tedium that can become infuriating.

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Z-Run Review

To many people, the Playstation Vita is a system known best for only its Indies and its ports. When I saw the trailer for Vita Indie game Z-Run, I was shocked to find out it wasn't a port from a mobile game. With its poor visuals, simple Temple Run style gameplay and lack of depth, I was sure that Z-Run was a zombie re-skin of some dime-a-dozen endless runner, build for mobile technology and quickly ported to the Vita. In this case, it's probably best to judge the book by its cover.

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Monochroma Review

I think it’s very important to start off this review of the new indie puzzle game Monochroma by highlighting that the entirety of the game is only about two hours long at most. The reason I begin with this statement is so that Monochroma is judged and reviewed for what it is: a simple, short game. This is no massive open world, this is no advanced fighting system, and there is no leveling. Monochroma is exactly what it presumes to be, a quaint and monochromatic game. Now don’t misunderstand this statement to mean that this is not a decent title, because it ...

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Transistor Review

With the release of Bastion in 2011, Supergiant games burst onto the gaming landscape. Bastion was critically acclaimed and was on several Game of the Year lists as well. Transistor is Supergiant's latest game, which has been three years in the making - and it was well worth the wait.

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Race the Sun Review

In Race The Sun players control a fast-moving hovercaft that speeds through an endless landscape of abstract geometric objects. Enormous cubes, cones, and walls fill the world as the player hurtles ever forwards towards a setting sun. The ship is unable to stop, only steer from side to side until the player makes an inevitable mistake and crashes in a shower of flaming pixels.

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