Corpse of Discovery Review

Alone and helpless, abandoned in space with only one clear mission – return to Earth. This is the mindset we enter controlling the silent protagonist of Phosphor Games’ new title, Corpse of Discovery. Released in late August of this year, this indie exploration game reaches into the stars to present a sentimental story about fear, loneliness, and death. Not the first (or the last) alone-in-space game to reach our screens, Corpse of Discovery works hard to create not just a game but a story that will affect players in a big way. In some ways it succeeds, and ...

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Submerged Review

Occasionally games will take a break from the typical structures of crafting, battling, and leveling, games to present a softer, more idealistic approach to gameplay. Games like this have started to have much, much more of a presence in the gaming world and have started to ping the radar of more players. Indie games offer a player an experience vs. a challenge, and focus more on the ideas and thoughts their characters are experiencing instead of their goals and accomplishments. Submerged, a newly released Indie game, focuses on themes of exploration and ...

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Legends of Eisenwald Review

Eisenwald is a magical medieval world that is filled to the brim with those searching for power and status. Exploring that world through quests driven by motivations of status and money, players of the newly released Legends of Eisenwald are treated to a game offering intricate story and in-depth world exploration. Released in July of 2015, the game was published and developed by the company Aterdux Entertainment. Aterdux had previously only released one other game named Discord Times, which was essentially the blueprint of the structure of game that ...

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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Review

At the very start of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, a message sprawls across the screen informing the player that this game does not hold your hand and that through atmospheric exploration you will discover the truth. This statement could not be more true, and only moments into gameplay it is clear that you are on your own. With nearly open world investigation and a subtle storyline that does not force the player into doing things in any particular order, you are able to fully enjoy the experience of the world created. A beautiful game at heart, it was ...

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Dreamfall Chapters: Book 3 Review

Now roughly halfway through the Dreamfall Chapters book releases, fans are undoubtedly starting to feel a mixture of excitement and, of course, sadness. While the storyline is finally nearing its climax and larger series-arcing plots are starting to be resolved and giving players answers, at the same time we near the end of the Longest Journey tale with each release. The most recent book release, titled Realms, came out June 25th and truly got the ball rolling fast on the end of the tale, but the excitement still overpowers the sadness, as the next two books ...

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The Charnel House Trilogy Review

Death, loss, fear, and hatred are all emotions that surround the dark and unforgiving world portrayed in The Charnel House Trilogy. A 2D point and click adventure with a retro look, Charnel House has the charm of a small developer’s game, but the ambition of something much larger. Very quickly into launching the game, you become enveloped in the world it offers, dying to know more information that then increasingly vague answers given to you. This 3-part story published by indie game company Owl Cave is short, but sweet and wastes no time easing you into ...

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Happy Wars is Now Available for XBOX One

On Friday April 24, Toylogic released the free to play online mutliplayer game, Happy Wars for XBOX One. The large scale cartoon game has been known for the crazy havoc on the XBOX 360 with having up to 20 players per match taking it out on the battlefield.

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Goat Simulator Review

Goat Simulator was first released on the PC last year on April Fool's Day and if you ever played it you know just how fun, how goofy and how bad the game is. It's not any different on XBOX One. The game still has very similar boxy graphics and many glitches but can still be played for hours. If you have never played it, give it a chance and be surprised at how fun it can be.

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Spirits of Xanadu Review

Xanadu is an abandoned space ship littered with blood trails, cryptic audio logs, murderous robots, and intense mystery surrounding the events that have taken place there. Originally a research ship orbiting a strange planet, there has been no contact with the crew for months, and one single operative has been sent in to investigate and hopefully bring them home. Acting as this lone investigator, the player navigates their way through this shadowy and terrifying ship trying to find answers while avoiding the many enemies lurking in the dark hallways. A ...

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Dreamfall Chapters: Book 2 Review

After a short and unexpected delay, the second book of the game Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey was released this March. Book One: Reborn, released back in October of last year was the first release for the series after an 8 year break during which the game’s creator Ragnar Tornquist reached out to Kickstarter to get support in making the third game in the franchise. Due to the huge gap in time, this third game offers much more advanced graphics and the ability for Tornquist to see more of his ideas realized. It is because of Tornquist’s perfectionism ...

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