Nintendo Eshop Update 2/11/16: Abe Escapes Onto The Wii U and Nindies Love You

Every Thursday, Nintendo and Indies release new games, sales, and more onto the Wii U and 3DS eshops. Here’s a look at what was released today: February 11th! Its Thursday again and that means its Nintendo eshop release date. Nintendo and Indies have released a bunch of new goodies today. Lets take a look at Nintendo’s press release for today, along with a hand full of pictures and my thoughts on some of the games! One of the most notable…

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Follow Oddworld’s Abe to the the Wii U Eshop Next Week

Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee was one of the most unique games on the PS1.  Now, Oddworld Inhabitants has updated the game for multiple systems and one of those systems is the Wii U. Oddworld New N’Tasty will be on the Wii U soon.   Oddworld New ‘N’ Tasty will be coming to the Wii U on February 11th. The game will receive a 25% discount at launch! It will be $14.99 and go back to $19.99 later. New ‘N’ Tasty is…

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Level 22 Review

You’re name is Gary and you’re very late for work. You could make up some excuse for being late or tell the truth, but instead, you decide to sneak into work. You can’t let anyone see you! Thankfully, your best pal and former employee of this company is on the phone and will help you sneak by all your co-workers and boss. Will you make it to Level 22? This is the concept of Level 22: Gary’s Misadventures for the…

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Solve a Puzzle Or Two: Word Puzzles By POWGI Will Arrive Soon on 3DS

My father and I love word puzzle games. One of the best developers of word games on the 3DS (and Wii U) is Lightwood Games. I’ve enjoyed their other games for the systems and they have another one coming soon. The new game is called Word Puzzles By POWGI. Let me tell you about it.   Word Puzzles by POWGI will be coming to the 3DS (and Wii U) eshops on February 11th in North America. The game is already…

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More Thoughts From Me #3: A Mighty Disappointment

Mighty No. 9 is a much talked about Indie game thats coming out...sooner or later. Honestly, I don't care when its coming out. I think the game looks like a generic Mega Man game. So why am I writing about the game? Well, I have to have my say too! This is the internet!

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Zombie Vikings Review

A perfect game to play with a group of friends, the newly released Zombie Vikings is a visual treat that offers an exciting setting in which to beat the crap out of enemies (and your friends!). The protagonists of Zombie Vikings are Norse legendary warriors who have been brought back as brain-eating zombies to help an senile old wizard retrieve his last good eye which as been stolen by the trickster God, Loki. Meeting eccentric allies along the way and developing new powers and weapons to fight even the toughest of foes, the vikings will stop at nothing to ...

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Corpse of Discovery Review

Alone and helpless, abandoned in space with only one clear mission – return to Earth. This is the mindset we enter controlling the silent protagonist of Phosphor Games’ new title, Corpse of Discovery. Released in late August of this year, this indie exploration game reaches into the stars to present a sentimental story about fear, loneliness, and death. Not the first (or the last) alone-in-space game to reach our screens, Corpse of Discovery works hard to create not just a game but a story that will affect players in a big way. In some ways it succeeds, and ...

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Submerged Review

Occasionally games will take a break from the typical structures of crafting, battling, and leveling, games to present a softer, more idealistic approach to gameplay. Games like this have started to have much, much more of a presence in the gaming world and have started to ping the radar of more players. Indie games offer a player an experience vs. a challenge, and focus more on the ideas and thoughts their characters are experiencing instead of their goals and accomplishments. Submerged, a newly released Indie game, focuses on themes of exploration and ...

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Legends of Eisenwald Review

Eisenwald is a magical medieval world that is filled to the brim with those searching for power and status. Exploring that world through quests driven by motivations of status and money, players of the newly released Legends of Eisenwald are treated to a game offering intricate story and in-depth world exploration. Released in July of 2015, the game was published and developed by the company Aterdux Entertainment. Aterdux had previously only released one other game named Discord Times, which was essentially the blueprint of the structure of game that ...

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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Review

At the very start of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, a message sprawls across the screen informing the player that this game does not hold your hand and that through atmospheric exploration you will discover the truth. This statement could not be more true, and only moments into gameplay it is clear that you are on your own. With nearly open world investigation and a subtle storyline that does not force the player into doing things in any particular order, you are able to fully enjoy the experience of the world created. A beautiful game at heart, it was ...

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