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Division 2 Preorder

Want a Free Game? The Division 2 Pre-order Can Help!

As if there wasn't enough hype around the release of The Division 2 with its focus on replayability and endgame content and the Private Beta they offered for anyone who pre-ordered the game before Feb 7th, Ubisoft has now announced that anyone who puchases a standard edition of The Division 2 Pre-order digitally will receive another Ubisoft blockbuster, absolutely FREE. That's right, you heard me. No trade-in required, no special edition purchase needed.

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E3 2018 – Skull and Bones Getting Some Hype – Ubisoft Press Conference

When Justin Farren walked out on stage to show off some of the gameplay you can expect in Skull and Bone, people were understandably blown away. Although cautious optimism swept the theatre and those watching online, the feeling that this could be something special is still quite high!

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Sea of Thieves PSA: Don’t Be That Guy Without a Microphone, plus more!

Yesterday afternoon, Xbox Canada unlocked Sea of Thieves for reviewers, and I quickly jumped in for a few hours to see all the exciting content that wasn't public during the alpha and beta phase of the game. Right from the get-go, Rare did not disappoint, with much more content ready and waiting for me the second I walked out of the tavern and down to my ship. Whether it was looking for chests, taking on undead pirates for loot via a washed up Message in a Bottle, or wrangling a few animals, my first few hours in Sea of Thieves have been pretty fun. that ...

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Next Sea of Thieves BETA Will Allow You to Travel Between Xbox One and PC

According to a post on the Sea of Thieves website, players in the next BETA will be able to travel between the Xbox One and the PC, picking up right from where they left off. In an early beta release of the game, the Xbox Play Anywhere feature was activated for Sea of Thieves, as well as cross play, allowing those on Xbox One to play with people on PC, and vice versa. With this new announcement today, those with an affinity for both the Xbox One and the PC will be able to play their Sea of Thieves game on either platform, without losing any progress. Check ...

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PUBG Isn’t the Prettiest, But It Is Fun – Impressions

Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) has been a huge hit on the PC, and console fans had been waiting a long time for that experience to make its way over to the Xbox One. In late 2017, Microsoft announced the game would be launching on the Xbox One X, and the company even gave away copies of the game for those purchasing an Xbox One system over the holidays. The player count in PUBG has been phenomenal from day one, and getting into matches has been a cinch! What do we think of the experience as a whole? Find out more below!

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ARK Aberration – Why ARK: Survival Evolved Was My Most Played Game on Xbox in 2017

According to my stats from Xbox Canada, I played a lot of games on my Xbox One in 2017, some on the original Xbox One, some on the Xbox One S, and a TON on the Xbox One X! One of those games that got an uptick in play time near the end of the year was ARK: Survival Evolved. This was for two reasons: first, ARK developers released a 4K update for the game which I wanted to see for myself on the Xbox One X; second, the latest expansion for ARK was recently released. Titled Aberration, this new DLC pits you against the radioactive world, deep under ground. Think ...

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The term - or perhaps genre - titled Proof-of-Concept Video Games is not something most average video game enthusiasts would understand, but these titles do get released frequently, and they aren't often from developers you've heard of on the front lines. Instead, these games are produced by companies often contracted to do some type of work on a video game. In the case of Cloudgine - who has done work on the upcoming Xbox One title Crackdown 3 - there latest title They Came from Space will show off a whole new cloud physics engine.

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Press Release: Conan Exiles Available Now on Xbox One – Includes Frozen North Expansion

Conan Exiles has hit the Xbox One finally after being in PC early access for over 6 months. With all that knowledge gained from the first six months on PC, as well as the bug fixes and content tupdates that have already come, Xbox One players will enjoy a more structured experience than those who adopted very early on PC. While we still expect a number of bugs to be present in the game - it is early access after all - we are also confident that the developers at Fancom have been working hard to bring a better-than-expected experience to the console marketplace.

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Step into the gigantic Battle Arena with Motiga and Perfect World Entertainment’s 3D Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) hit Gigantic. Currently Gigantic is in its open public beta stage for everyone to enjoy. The game has had very positive feedback in terms of game play and graphics, and we had to try it out. Gigantic is free to play with many in game purchases if they catch your eye. As with all free to play games, some of the standard purchases are in game tokens or currency and items to help you improve your characters or the world you are playing in.

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OPINION: Ark Scorched Earth is Terrible for Gamers

Let me preface this by saying I am indifferent about Ark: Survival Evolved. When I first played the game, I sat down with some friends to see what it was all about. I saw the appeal, but it never really hooked me like many other games have. That being said, I definitely don’t hate the game. I’m of the opinion that while I personally wouldn’t sink time into the game, I definitely see why others could. I also respect the…

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