Nintendo’s Release Schedule Revealed

Nintendo put out a release schedule for their upcoming games. However, it should be noted that this list may not be complete. The only games included on the list are games that Nintendo previously has announced. Nintendo could easily announce more games in an upcoming Nintendo Direct. As of now, the games listed below are the ones that we know are coming. I’ll post the lists and my thoughts on some of the games. The schedule that Nintendo released covers…

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MX vs ATV Supercross Encore Review

MX vs ATV Supercross originally launched back in 2014 on the Xbox 360 and PS3 and received mixed reviews. The game was popular enough, however, for Nordic Games to rerelease it on PS4 and Xbox One under the new title, MX vs ATV Supercross Encore edition. We've had the game for a little over a week now and are ready to share our thoughts.

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Ambition of the Slimes Will Take Over Your 3DS Next Month

I love strategy rpgs. One of my favorites in recent years was the download only Mercenaries Saga 2 for 3DS. That game was published by Circle Entertainment. And the publisher has another strategy rpg on the way soon! This time, the game is all about slimes and their ambition! The game will be coming next month. Ambition of the Slimes, an upcoming 3DS eshop game, will be coming on August 11th. The game is a strategy rpg from publisher Circle…

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Steamworld Dig and Steamworld Heist Will Be Coming to Retail Stores

I’m a huge fan of Image & Form’s Steamworld Dig and Steamworld Heist games. Both games are a lot of fun. That said, I’ve only played them both on the 3DS. I never did play them on the Wii U, where the graphics are in HD. I’m sure there are some people who haven’t gotten to play these games at all. If you were waiting for a retail copy of these two games, then you’re in luck! Image & Form…

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RIVE Delayed For Wii U

During E3 2015 a bunch of Indie demos were released on the Wii U for people to try out. One of the games people could play was called RIVE. Two Tribes, the developer of Toki Tori, are the ones creating Rive. I played the demo and thought that the game was neat. Now, Two Tribes has announced they are delaying the Wii U version of the game and might not bring the game to the system at all. I have…

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Lego Dimensions Introduces the (Lego) A-Team in New Video

More characters are being announced for Lego Dimensions all the time. Some of them are unsurprising, like the Fantastic Beasts characters, and some of them have come out of where, like the A-Team. Thats right! The A-Team is going to be added to the long list of lego characters you’ll find in and out of Lego Dimensions. A new video was put out today that shows this addition to the game! I use to watch some reruns of the A-Team.…

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Sega Announced Two New Sonic Games And One of Them Will Be On the NX

Over the weekend, Sega had a 25th anniversary celebration for Sonic. The party was streamed online and Sega made two major Sonic announcements there. We have trailers for the games and my impressions of them below! Over the weekend, Sega celebrated Sonic 25th anniversary and streamed it online. You can also find more pictures of the event on Sega’s twitter account! There was some big news at the event too. Sega announced two new Sonic games! Check out the trailers…

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Nintendo Shows Off New Metroid Prime Federation Force Gameplay

Have you played the Metroid Prime Blast Ball demo yet? If you have a 3DS, what are you waiting for?! Its free! I highly recommend the demo. But if you are wondering what the Federation Force part of the new Metroid Prime is like, then you’ll want to check out the video we have below. Get ready for a Metroid Prime Federation Force Mission Briefing! Nintendo of America released a video today that talks all about Metroid Prime Federation Force.…

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Nintendo Introduces the NES Classic Edition In A New Video

When Nintendo announced the NES Classic Edition, I freaked out! Ok, you already know that because of my recent More Thoughts From Me Special Edition! But I just have to say again how much I’m looking forward to this thing. And Nintendo is fueling that need even more with a new video about the system. We have the video below, plus my thoughts on it. The NES Classic Edition system is coming this November for $59.99. The system will have…

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Metroid Prime: Federation Force – Blast Ball Demo First Impressions

Metroid Prime Federation Force is a game that has had a lot of naysayers since it was announced. It seems like almost nobody wants this game. With the game coming in August, Nintendo is trying everything they can to get people interested in it. Everything includes releasing a demo of the Blast Ball section of the game, which they did today! I tried out the Blast Ball demo some and now have my first impressions of it. Is Blast Ball…

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