LEGO Jurassic World Review

LEGO Jurassic World combines everything I liked about LEGO video games and largely removes the only thing I really hated: the combat. With the focus on combat gone, Travelers Tales has given more time to environmental destruction, helpful hints for those young LEGO fans, and more puzzles to complete. Oh yes, and dinosaurs.

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Payday 2: Crimewave Edition Xbox One Review

Over the last two weeks my experiences with Payday 2: Crimewave Edition has been loaded with wait times, frustration and a little bit of fun. There were about twenty heists, maybe more that I was never able to connect to due to server issues on Crime Net. I was still able to complete heists but not as many as I would have liked. This version of Payday 2 comes complete with the original version and all the available DLC which was great to have all in one package. There is also confirmation on the official Twitter account of Payday 2 that there will be a patch ...

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The Evil Within: The Executioner Review

Controlling (now in first-person, for the first time in the series so far) an unnamed man who appears to be (at least in physical appearance) one of the main antagonists from The Evil Within – The Keeper. Nicknamed ‘safe head’ by fans and developers, the lumbering butcher’s face is entirely hidden by a safe-like helmet filled to the brim with pulsing flesh and blood. Carrying a huge meat tenderizer hammer covered in spikes and a bag filled with the brains of his victims, The Keeper is a force to be reckoned with. In this third DLC installment, the player now ...

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BADLAND: Game of the Year Edition Xbox One Review

BADLAND: Game of the Year Edition brings a mobile game to our living rooms with its latest release on Xbox One. If you have ever played the infamous Flappy Bird then you will already be familiar with the basis of BADLAND. It’s a side scrolling physics based game with obstacles in your way. Pressing the A button will bring your clone upwards and letting go will allow gravity to do its thing and bring your clone down to the bottom. In Flappy Bird, it’s just you, one bird trying to avoid your surroundings. BADLAND is a lot more forgiving, allowing your clone to ...

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The Swapper Xbox One Review

The Swapper is a one of a kind platformer that gives the user control of a cloning device to create clones of themselves and progress through the story.

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Halo 3 ODST now Available on Xbox One

Many Xbox One users woke up this morning to find a download code being given by Microsoft Xbox through a direct Xbox Live message. If you are currently an owner of the Halo Master Chief Collection and did play the game in the first month or so while we experienced a slew of issues in the online matchmaking you are now lucky to receive Halo 3:ODST ahead of other users and for free.

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Splatoon Review

Splatoon is the latest and greatest title by Nintendo to grace the Wii U and boy does it deliver! As we begin our Splatoon campaign we select our character. You select either the boy or girl avatar and then begin the tutorial. Nintendo has had an excellent track record on making its mark with any game genre and this is no different as it takes the concept of a shooter subtracts your typical bullets and guns and adds colorful ink and a splatter blaster to paint the town red, or whatever color you can.

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Disney Infinity 3.0 Figures and Power Discs Update

When Disney Infinity 3.0 launches officially in the fall we will be exposed to the world of Star Wars in addition to the world of Marvel and Disney. As reported earlier this month Disney Infinity 3.0 will be entirely based on Star Wars with each movie trilogy getting it's own play set and each Star Wars figure being able to play in each of the play sets. Disney Infinity 3.0 will also release Tron Figures, Mickey, Minnie, Olaf, Mulan, and all of the Inside Out characters under the Disney label. We will also see Iron Man's HulkBuster and Ultron released under ...

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Lifeless Planet Review

Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition hit Xbox One on May 13, 2015, following the successful Kickstarter funding by independent developer Stage 2 Studios. The game first released on PC in June of 2014 and a few weeks later was released on Mac. Almost a year later we see it on Xbox One with a number of the original bugs being fixed, additional audio and text logs to collect and numerous visual upgrades throughout the landscapes.

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Rogue Legacy Xbox One Review

Welcome to Rogue Legacy, a game far from your normal platformer and quite unlike any other game you have played. Your whole purpose in this game is to battle, collect Gold, die, upgrade yourself and your families manor, avenge your ancestor's death, and repeat.

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