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Posts By Michael McLaughlin

GDC Study Reveals State of the Industry

Just prior to this year’s Game Developers Conference, researchers for the event polled more than 2,500 North American game developers in order to get an idea of just how the industry is doing. Their results have revealed interesting trends with regards to what platforms are getting the most attention. The most interesting data collected by GDC researchers has to do with what platforms are being worked on. Dedicated handhelds are getting minimal support, with ...

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Faster Than Light Review

Roguelikes can be an acquired taste. The randomness, the perma-death, and the genre’s notorious difficulty can leave a bitter taste in the mouths of some gamers. Well-crafted titles like FTL, however, can embrace these conventions and come up with a demanding but truly rewarding gameplay experience. FTL is a highly addictive blend of action and strategy that, for $10, you simply cannot afford to miss.

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Skyrim Review

Any fantasy-RPG fan knows that if you’re looking for a broad, open-world experience with unprecedented attention to detail and more lore than you can shake an enchanted mace at, then you should look no further than the Elder Scrolls series. The fantasy realm of Tamriel is home to multiple races, factions, guilds, ghosts, and monsters. In The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, players are brought to the titular province to explore the northern wilds, mountains, caves, ...

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