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Posts By Dionysis Tsirigotis

Surge Deluxe Review

The match 3 puzzle genre has been lacking innovation as of late. Thankfully, Futurlab has an extraordinary habit of changing up the ‘norm’ and Surge Deluxe is certainly no exception!!

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Teslagrad demo impressions – developer Interview

During my trip to the Eurogamer Expo, I had the immense pleasure of meeting the team behind ‘Teslagrad’, a metroidvania style, 2D puzzle-platformer. I was also given the chance to play quite a lengthy demo as well as ask a few questions about the game and its development.

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Pokemon Direct Announcements Round-Up

Iwata-san, Masuda-san and Ishihara-san, the hosts of Nintendo’s second Pokemon Direct broadcast, took some time to shed some light on a couple of new features in Pokemon X and Y.

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Cloudberry Kingdom Review

Imagine a world filled with an adorable, cartoon-like visual style. Suddenly, the level's door opens and out comes this incredibly heroic-looking "Bobâ" figure, cape and all. Now, out of nowhere, this incredibly exhilarating music fades in... and you set your eyes upon the trials that lie before you, from two measly spikes to a fear inducing 2% of unoccupied screen space.

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Stealth Inc A Clone In the Dark Review

Also known as Stealth Bastard, this quirky, charming puzzle/stealth platformer is filled up to the brim with personality. The developers make this incredibly clear through sarcastic, subliminal messages throughout the course of the game... and they don’t go easy on you. This is by no means bad criticism. On the contrary, messages likes ‘You’re not too bright are you?’ and ‘Was I not clear enough?’ spread very cleverly across the game making the player want to ...

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Mario and Luigi Dream Team Review

If you haven’t played any of the Mario & Luigi series, I strongly urge you to do so, as they are some of the most thought out, inspired and creative titles Nintendo has ever developed. From exploring the Beanbean Kingdom in Superstar Saga to Mario & Luigi trying to communicate with baby versions of themselves in Partners in Time, the series stays true to its tried and tested gameplay, with the addition of a few new features in Dream Team.

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Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter Revealed for Injustice

Over the past weekend, at the EVO fighting tournament, an announcement was made that is sure to intrigue, excite and worry current Injustice players. Martian Manhunter, one of the most highly requested DLC characters in recent memory was revealed, alongside a gameplay video that shows off his incredible moveset.

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New Vita Games Confirmed for Early 2014

During a panel at Anime Expo in Los Angeles this past weekend, NIS America announced two new Vita games for 2014. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and Demon Gaze – a game faintly resembling the Persona series – will be coming to Europe and North America in “early” 2014, exclusively for the PS Vita.

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds 3DS

In the wake of the E3 Nintendo Direct presentation, a new trailer for the 3DS’ Link to the Past sequel was uploaded on Nintendo’s official website, leaving us with a curious, new title for the anticipated sequel. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

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Pokemon X & Y Release Date, New Type Revealed

During their E3 Nintendo Direct presentation this morning, Nintendo revealed a new trailer for Pokemon X and Y. In addition to showcasing the newly announced Kalos region, a handful of new Pokemon have also been revealed.

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