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Top 3 Reasons to get a BlackBerry Motion This Holiday Season

When you mention to people that you are reviewing a BlackBerry device in late 2017, it will likely shock a lot of people. In terms of cellphones, the once dominate brand of BlackBerry doesn’t carry the same weight it use to. Although the last few cellphone releases from this company haven’t been the homerun BlackBerry was hoping for, they’ve really stepped up their game in 2017 with the release of the BlackBerry Motion and the BlackBerry KEYone. Both phones are bringing better than average components at a fairly cheap price, when you compare them to other cell phone manufacturers. We are still working away on our review of the BlackBerry Motion – which will go live sometime in 2018 – but for now, check out our top 3 reasons to pick one up this holiday season!

#1: Battery Life

The battery life on the BlackBerry Motion is phenomenal, with users being able to go multiple days without requiring a charge. For a reference point, I took my BlackBerry off its charger on a Monday, around noon eastern time. Over the next 60 hours, I played fair amounts of Disney’s Magic Kingdom, watched numerous episodes of Brooklyn 99, and spent a lot of time texting friends, making phone calls, and monitoring our numerous social media platforms. All of that, with 60 hours of battery life.

This all sounds impressive, and it really is. On my Apple and Google devices, Disney’s Magic Kingdom free-to-play experience would DRAIN the battery, and on the BlackBerry Motion, I’ve been playing it very frequently. As a reference point for how frequently, the game currently has a holiday event going on for roughly two weeks, and I’m more than on track to complete that event. Screen time, I will assume I put roughly 3 to 3 1/2 hours of screen time here.

I was able to obtain 60 hours of battery life by leaving the screen on 1/3 brightness, but used no other battery saving techniques. Getting frustrated by a lack of a charge is something I’m not familiar with when using my Motion, making it our first reason for why you should get one!

#2: Durable Build

I’ll forgive you if your first instinct when purchasing a new cell phone is to wrap it tightly in plastic, and plop a screen protector on it. Cell phones, in general, are very delicate pieces of equipment, and in reality, despite the claims most companies are making about their screens, they all almost expect their consumers to purchase protectors for the screens. The same doesn’t seem the same for BlackBerry, as their two new models – the KEYone and the Motion – are both chunky, durable phones.

Chunky sounds bad in a cell phone, but when talking about my Motion, I say it with tons of love for the device. It’s not sleek like an Apple product or a Samsung phone, but its durable. If you were to peruse YouTube, in fact, you’ll see a number of drop tests and knife tests to check the durability of these devices. They almost always hold up really well. Should you get a screen protector? Sure, you want to protect your investment from ANYTHING that could happen; that being said, if you are conscious about your device and are careful with it, simple, everyday use won’t result in scratches, dents, or component failures. You’d have to really abuse this phone to ruin it.

3: Android OS with BlackBerry Features

I think we can all agree that the standard BlackBerry operating system was a dumpster fire with a few really great features. Thankfully, BlackBerry knows where their strengths lie, and so they have incorporated their best features into the Android operating system. For long time Android users, this will especially be beneficial, as the applications and games you might have purchased on other devices will easily transfer over to your BlackBerry Motion or KEYone by simply re-downloading them once your profile is set up. The benefits of having the BlackBerry security, however, and the BlackBerry Hub, make this a better purchase – in my opinion – than some of the other leading Android devices.

Business women and men like to have a phone that screams ‘classy’ but that also provides them the security and multi-tasking suppor they need in their fast paced, work environments. The BlackBerry Motion does all of that, providing the best of two companies in one device.


There you have it, our top 3 reasons for why you should pick up a BlackBerry Motion this holiday season. Want something with a keyboard instead? The BlackBerry KEYone is also a fantastic device, and is on sale now at various Canadian retailers! Beginning December 21st until December 24th at 11:59pm EST, Canadians can save $150 and purchase the BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition unlocked for $649.99 at and


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