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Pokémon Power Action Pikachu

It’s Pokémon month here at Not only do we have a review of Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu, but we are also looking at a number of great new toys from the great people at Wicked Cool Toys, who sent over the latest Pokémon toys that will be hitting store shelves in time for the holiday season. While we plan to look at the Pokémon Battle Packs next week, right now we are looking at the cuddly and enjoyable Power Action Pikachu toy! Let’s dive in!

My kids have always been big fans of the Pokémon franchise, and are huge fans of stuffed animals as a whole. The more ‘things’ their stuffies do, the better. So like most middle class families, we have our fair share of dogs that bark, cats that walk, and even red bear like objects that enjoy being tickled (we see you ELMO)! What we didn’t have, at least not until last week, as a talking, moving, giggling Pikachu.

And now we do.

With my kids, you never really know how they will react to toys. Sometimes they are a flash in the pan, quickly forgotten and stuffed in the corners of their closets. And sometimes, they are overplayed with and broken because of ‘too much love.’ With stuffed animals, they enter the house so frequently that often one gets discarded for another, creating a viscous cycle that ultimately drains my bank account.

It’s only been a week and a bit with the Power Action Pikachu, but both boys have been loving it day after day, taking turns bringing it to bed at night. And part of the reason why it receives so much love is the fantastic design that buries the battery pack and extenuates the cuddly nature which is a staple for a good stuffie. So often, stuffies with battery packs are obviously not items you’d want to cuddle with, regardless of what a commercial might say. It’s actually something you can say about Power Action Pikachu!

And it’s a great toy as well. Squeeze Pikachu’s left hand and his tail and cheeks light up. Squeeze his left hand to elicit the famous “Pika” and “PIKACHU” calls that longtime fans will be familiar with. Shake your Power Action Pikachu to charge him, and toss him to a friend while he unleashes a more intense Pikachu yell, as if reacting from Ash’s commands in the anime!

Power Action Pikachu is ultimately motion activated, and has over 15 responses to your touch, shakes, and more. If you have a Pokemon fan on your Christmas wish list this year, look no further than this toy! If they released other Pokemon, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase!


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