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More Thoughts From Me #148: Best Spider-man Game Ever?

One of the games I knew I had to get for the Playstation 4 was Marvel’s Spider-man. I am a huge Spider-man fan: the comics, the movies, and even some of the video games. Marvel’s new PS4 exclusive Spider-man game has looked amazing since day one. I knew I wanted to play it if I ever got a PS4. Spider-man? And developed by Insomniac Games?!! I love Insomniac Games! Ratchet & Clank for the PS3 got me to buy that system. So I had to have their Spider-man game. Now I have it and I’ve played it a bunch. Here’s what I think of it! Warning: there are spoilers in this article!

Marvel’s Spider-man has a really great storyline. I love how it takes from the comics (specifically from Brian Bendis & Dan Slott’s work) and also adds new twists to the mythology. This game doesn’t try to be the comics or the movies. It is a unique universe of its own and introduces some very interesting twists to the Spidey mythology.

For instance, MJ as a reporter is a brilliant twist and it works so well. I wish she was a reporter in the comics now! I like how very invovled MJ is in this game. You even get to play as her…several times!

Not only that, but you get to play as Miles several times and Peter Parker out of costume too. In every Spidey game I’ve played, you are always Spider-man. You barely ever saw Peter Parker in those games. And you never played any other character unless it was an old school beat ’em up like Spider-man Maximium Carnage. Playing as out of costume characters really makes Marvel’s Spider-man more like a movie than a video game.

That said, Spider-man does have really good gameplay. The webslinging especially is sensational. It feels better than any other Spider-man game I’ve played. The fighting system is pretty cool too. Spidey has a lot of cool moves. I do have two nits to pick with this game’s gameplay though!

First of all, Spidey dies way too easily in this game. I think I heard someone say this even before I played Spider-man, but I shrugged the comment off. Its true though!  And I’m not talking about just with superpowered enemies. Normal crooks/thugs can kill Spidey. That shouldn’t happen. Knock him back? Stun him? Maybe. But normal thugs killing Spidey seems strange. This game can be pretty hard at times.

Also: why does this Spidey game have to have stealth missions? You guys remember how bad I am at stealth right?? Boy did I have to repeat the stealth stuff a lot. I’m not saying these sequences weren’t neat, they were kind of neat, but its too bad there weren’t ways to either skip these missions or figure out a way around them.

Still, even with how hard the battles can be and how much I suck at stealth, I’m enjoying Marvel’s Spider-man a lot! Oh and its an amazing looking game too. I swear some of the characters even look like real actors and not CGI (like MJ!). And New York and all the places you visit look spectacular too. I love how the game has a big open world to explore but you also get to go inside to fight.

I’m not done with Marvel’s Spider-man yet. I have no idea how close I am to the end of the game. Plus after that I gotta get the DLC. But for now, I’m having so much fun with this game. And while I haven’t finished it yet, I don’t hesitate to say that this is the best Spider-man game ever!

Have you played Marvel’s Spider-man? What do you think of it? What is your favorite part of the game?

Next week: One of this month’s Playstation Plus free games is OnRush, an arcade racing game. I downloaded it and I’ll have some thoughts next week on the game!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thougths expressed here are mine and mine alone. Previously I would have Shattered Dimensions was the best Spidey game. Love that one!


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