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Mobile Games Set To Dominate The Future

For a long time it has been games consoles and PCs that have dominated the gaming market. This has been due to the fact they simply possessed much more power and were much more capable than even the latest mobile phones for a long time. Nowadays though, the lines between console and PC gaming and mobile gaming are starting to become slightly blurred.

Consoles and PCs are still more powerful but smartphones and tablets have caught up rather quickly technology wise and people are now spending a lot more time gaming on the smaller screen. In fact 2016 saw Mobiles overtake Desktops for browsing for the first time ever!

First of all, what’s been very common over recent times is that games available for smartphones have become very addictive for not only a nation but on a global scale. Take Candy Crush and Pokemon Go as examples, people were literally playing these games for hours on end and skiving off work to level up or win made-up accolades. So content wise, you can certainly see why mobile games are likely to continue to gain even more popularity as time goes on.

The technology has also dramatically improved when it comes to smartphones too. Handsets are now capable of producing full UHD graphics on well sized displays that make the visual side of gaming great. Under the hood, there’s plenty of power in the latest smartphone components and these are integral when it comes to not only producing the stunning graphics everyone wants to see; but also running games seamlessly with no lagging or stuttering along the way.

Apple and Samsung, arguably the kings of smartphone creation, are companies who love to embrace the latest technology and with flagship devices such as the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8 out on the market, they know they have devices that can support even the latest trends such as augmented reality and even virtual reality. Phone manufacturers continue to push boundaries to help stay ahead of newcomers like Google (Pixel and Pixel XL) and game developers are more than happy to produce content that incorporates the very latest tech. It’s another reason why mobile games are so dominant as everyone loves to try something new, especially when it comes to technology.

Perhaps the greatest advancements though will come in the form of Casino games, which will be crucial in mobile games dominating the future too, and financing the growth curve. Having spoken to one of the largest reputed providers – mobile casino provider mFortune, we have data backing up an ever increasing number of people playing casino favourites such as poker and blackjack – arguably more embracing now than they ever were at land based premises or on desktop. This is not just because they can play games on the move, but because they can still receive the quality experience that they’d expect to in terms of slot and casino games and, more recently, even live dealer services.

Mobiles have developed over time from phones into mini computers more or less. They’re geared to be able to handle even the most demanding of games these days while incorporating the latest technology. For many people, gaming on their smartphone or tablet is now their most preferred way to game. And while It’s no surprise either with the latest devices well capable of producing a top class gaming experience, wherever the person may be, it’s clear that the future has a lot more to yield for those invested in the mobile gaming industry.


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