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The Evolution of Video Slots – How They Started VS. How They Look Today

Most of the games we talk about are either FPSs or MOBAs. Occasionally, we touch on the topic of MMORPGs, but not that frequently. Is there anything else? Are there other kinds of games that are worthy of your attention and of your time?

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It’s perfectly fine if the first image that comes to mind are the commonly known “fruit” slots you see in casinos, or in films at the very least. However, there’s more to them. These have evolved so much they don’t look anything like their “ancestors”.

Why Are They Considered a “Special Kind of Online Games”?

For starters, they are games, and nobody can argue against this. Then again, slots are indeed a special kind of games, mainly because they’re available to individuals that are of age, meaning 18+, or 21+, depending on your location.

The straightforward answer, and the most logical reason is that slots require players to deposit real money in order to unlock the slots’ full potential. You want to play for fun only? No problem, you can do that as well. Nevertheless, playing slots in fun mode is the same as smelling roses with a gas mask, just saying.

Lastly, slots do not require any skills, knowledge or experience. You just need to spin the reels. However, it’s essential to know which games to play, because some are more “generous” than others.

Point of Genesis – Where and When do Slots Come From?

We are taking you back to the year 1887 in San Franciso, California. The simplest, most fundamental, the pioneering slot machine was created by Charles Fey. To be honest, it doesn’t look like today’s modern, cutting edge video slots. Nevertheless, it’s the great-great-great grandfather of all slot machines that are available today. These simple slots will later take the name “one-armed bandits”.

That’s enough “ancient” history for today. Now we go to the year 1975, to witness the creation and the release of the first video slot, called Fortune Coin. However, at this point, players were still hesitant to try the “new technology”, and it took a whole year for the brand new video slot to see significant attention.

Still, the video slots didn’t bring any major novelties in terms of gameplay or bonus features. It was almost 2 decades later when video slots took a form which resembles to what we see today, sort of.

When it Comes to Slots, NEW Usually means BETTER!

If you want to get the best of video slots, playing the latest video slots is a safe call. Most of the bonus features and the overall gameplay is copied, but improved. Slot games like Planet of the Apes and Blood Suckers II dominate the scene, but if you want to go deeper, you can find more new stuff here.

A few video slots stand out from the rest, but not because of their features, or their release date. Players simply like playing them. In our opinion, this has a lot to do with nostalgia, and how these players enjoyed playing them when they were still considered new. It’s pretty much the same with wanting to play Super Mario again, and when you actually get your Nintendo out of the basement, and you start playing it, it just doesn’t feel right.

State of the Art Video Slots – The Best The Online Gaming Industry Has to Offer

The fierce, yet healthy rivalry amongst online slot studios puts them under pressure, requiring continuous improvement and innovation. If it wasn’t for the fierce competition, we’d still be playing the same old simple slots that were released decades ago.

Due to the high competition, online slot producers release new slots on an almost weekly basis. A few of them have taken the lead, dictating the trends, setting the benchmarks, and, you guessed, entertaining the majority of online slot players, like Superman. Regardless of the theme you’re interested, regardless of your preferences regarding game design and gameplay, these guys have them well covered.

Probably the most important question is, what has changed?

  • Bonus Features –  the most distinctive elements of video slots are their bonus features. Classic slots are simple, match 3 or more identical symbols and you get a reward. Video slots come with extra Scatter, Wild and Bonus symbols, each has its special role. These bonus features are usually in line with the general slot theme, be that a slot based on a sport, a movie themed slot or a superhero themed slot. Yes, there are slots that follow the life and the story of a given superhero!
  • Crisp Graphics & Outstanding Animations – Well, this is obvious. Video slots employ the latest generation video engines to bring you memorable experiences. The graphics are so clear they can easily match the visual satisfaction the most popular conventional games have to offer.
  • Matching Audio Effects – Back in the 80s and the 90s the 8-bit audio was pleasing. Nevertheless, today’s video slots come with high quality audio and sound effects that match the setting in which the action takes place. Is that a mystical cave with a hidden treasure? Is that an action packed adventure where the hero meets the villain? The level of detail is amazing! The designers make sure the audio is impeccable and in line with the slot theme.
  • Bigger Prizes – There’s a special kind of video slots called progressive jackpot slots, or commonly referred to as jackpot slots. There are these pooled jackpots that reach gigantic amounts, with the record breaking jackpot being an 8 digit amount. Not only that, but the regular video slots also come with significantly larger top prizes. This is probably the most important difference to note.
  • Accessibility – The best slots are available online. The advent of the Internet and the technology in general paved the way for online and mobile gaming. It’s safe to say, they revolutionized the casino and gaming industry. You can stay at home and enjoy “one-armed bandits” or the latest and the best online video slots.
  • Security & Fairness – Both operators and online slot producers are adamant in keeping their games safe and fair to play. Back in the days, slots enthusiasts couldn’t be sure if the games are safe and fair, but today that’s a thing of the past.

It’s a dynamic industry, probably much more dynamic than the conventional segment of gaming. The reason? Tons of resources! And why the interest in video slots? Because the people in the industry are adapting, improving, getting better at what they do regularly. If they start slacking, they’re left behind. The end result being captivating video slots keeping players coming back for more!


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