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ARK Additions Have Been Great

If you haven’t played ARK, I strongly recommend you do. Yes, there are a number technical issues and graphical problems, but for a game as expansive as ARK, these can be easily overlooked. ARK is just plain fun, whether you are playing with friends or alone, whether in PvP or PvE. With the announcement of a new survival game on the horizon, I’m sure the developers behind ARK will be working extra hard to maintain their loyal following.


We have received a number of minor enhancements to ARK on an almost monthly basis, but the launch of the Scorched Earth DLC in September was the first major addition to the game in a long time. Sure, it cost a bit of money to upgrade to this version, but with a whole new island to explore, animals to tame, and items to craft, it is really worth it.

What I’ve appreciated most about the Scorched Earth DLC is how different it is from the original title. In fact, I would argue it takes a whole new approach to how you go about doing things if you truly want to be successful. That, coupled with the lack of knowledge of all the new flora and fauna make the experience one you won’t want to miss, especially if you are a long time ARK player who has – essentially, as much as you can – ‘completed’ the previous maps in the game.

ARK has taken a lot of flack for releasing paid DLC while still in early access, but I’m definitely OK with it. Since the initial purchase price is so low – especially for what you get – I think it is better to look at the two packages – ARK and Scorched Earth – as one purchase. When looked at that way, it doesn’t seem so outrageous.

We cannot recommend ARK enough, and really implore you the reader to look back on our previous coverage of the game. Are you enjoying Scorched Earth and all the new things it has to offer?


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