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Will we see more online weed games ?

As marijuana becomes legal recreationally in more and more countries around the world, the culture around weed will begin to change as well. What was once seens a Class-1 drug in most countries, alongside heavier addictive substances like heroin or cocaine, is now being declassified and made readily available for consumers of a certain age.

In fact, the Province of Ontario within Canada is selling marijuana products online to residents of the Province. Yes, you heard that correctly: the Ontario Government has an online store to sell marijuana products to its citizens. But it’s not just hte products and accessories themselves that will become more mainstream and ‘normal’ but instances of marijuana in video games will also increase, and become ‘normal.’

Below are a few games already on the market that people can play, with more likely in development now for release in the near future. We have farming simulation games for the farming industry, a YouTube simulator for that crowd, so why not a marijuana game for those who like to partake?

Crop Defender

Have you ever played 3 kings weed? If not, then you should try this one of the best and most wonderful smoking weed games. This online marijuana game allows to you know about the varying forms and varieties of marijuana, and gain knowledge about thieves, cops, insects, drought, deer and fungus. If you get to know about all these things, then it will be easy for you to grow the cannabis variety of desire and this will let you achieve success as a businessman. You can learn all of these things if you play crop defender. Just go to the internet, download this video game, and start playing it right.

Haze Invasion

It is one of the bong smoking games that are worth to play and to get amazed with. Aliens have long been a subject of discussion, and if you are looking to know more about their forms while growing marijuana plants of your desire, then this video game is worth playing. It has come in single player mode and allows you to set the mode as per your desires and expectations. Some of the special weapons that you may have to choose from are speed power and rifle, in order to get rid of the asteroid strikes that are here to destroy your planet. In simple words, we can say that in this environment, you will learn how to fight with aliens and how to keep your marijuana plants safe from them.

Mighty Mites

Are you looking for a packman game? Have you ever tried some pot games free? In 2015, this video game was brought to light, and it was able to wow a large number of people across the globe. The gameplay is very simple and straightforward. By playing Mighty Mites, you will get to know about different varieties of marijuana crops and can come up with quality products for yourself. It is specially designed for eradicating the harmful marijuana crops all over the world and should be given a try at any cost. You may also get to know more about how to grow marijuana indoor and outdoor by playing this exciting and fun-filled video game.

Stoned Pacman

Are you interested in some sell weed games? Have you tried Mario weed? If no, team at Best Pot thinks that this is the right kind of game for you. It can be easily downloaded from any online, and once you download it, you will get to know more about its story, graphics quality, and characters. One of the core features of this video game is that it will allow you to have access to online prizes and other exciting things that could make your day unforgettable and amazing. In addition, you will get to know how to eat tons of pot leaves in order to grab your prizes instantly, without any major health complication or serious issue. In short, this is the best weed planting game out there. It is suitable for iPhone and Android users.


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