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Should You Assemble Your Own Gaming PC?

Once you have spent a few years gaming and have become comfortable with various systems and rigs, you may start wondering if it is time to build your own gaming computer. Perhaps you aren’t entirely satisfied with the computers you have been playing on recently or maybe, you are just looking for a challenge. Either way, it is important to know that this option is available for you.

In fact, you will find that many gamers are now choosing to build their own rigs. This is partly because there are so many easy-to-read manuals available – like this Computer Realm’s article. As a result, you will have guidance every step of the way and not have to stumble around blindly.

Still, the guides alone may not be enough to convince you that you’re making the right decision. So, to get a clearer picture of what is in store, take a look at both sides of the argument. Here you will find both pros and cons for building your very own gaming PC:

Pro: The Luxury of Customized Specs

Let’s be honest, the main reason anyone goes through the trouble of building their own PC is because of the specs. See, with pre-built options you have no choice but to take what you get. This means that from the options available to you, you have to select the model that is as close to your requirements as possible. With a custom built rig, though, there is no need to settle. You can select the chassis, RAM, GPU, motherboard, hard drive (or SSD), and virtually every other component. As long as the parts are compatible with one another, you are free to pick and choose as you please. As a result, you will get exactly the gaming experience you are hoping for.

Con: No Overall Warranty

Of course, since you will independently pick out each component, they are going to come from different manufacturers. Therefore, you won’t get to enjoy a complete warranty as with pre-built machines. This means that you will have to zone in on the specific part or parts that are playing up and contact the manufacturers separately. This can be quite time-consuming, especially when compared to simply calling up one company and having the problem dealt with. That being said, the warranties of pre-built computers are only as good as the brand and their commitment to their components. It is possible that you could face just as many barriers and issues with these companies too.

Pro: You Aware of the Exact Quality of Each Component

With a pre-built rig, it can be difficult to know the exact components used. Sure, you may be able to get the brand and a few details but beyond that, you may be in the dark. When constructing your own machine, however, you will be handpicking each component. This allows you to do plenty of research and choose a component that is of the highest possible quality. In turn, you can be reassured about the kind of performance and durability you can expect from that part.

Con: Greater Effort Required

It is pretty obvious from all of the points above that building a customized rig isn’t for the faint of heart. It involves a bit of work, although you will be helped along by guides, and tutorials. You can even find expert advice online. Still, you will have to invest a lot of time to research the different components. Then, you have to carefully put all the pieces together. With a pre-built computer, the process is a lot simpler and it will only take you a few hours to find a machine you are willing to play on.

Pro: Can Easily Upgrade a Customized PC

The great thing about building a PC by yourself is that it gives you the freedom to update the machine as you see fit. Why is this so important? Well, for one thing, as online gaming becomes more advanced, the games have higher demands for rigs. Therefore, you may discover within a short period of time that your PC has become outdated.

With a customized gaming rig, you will simply be able to swap out the necessary parts, as long as they are still compatible with one another. Also, since you constructed the machine, you will find that all of the components are more easily accessible as well. The same can’t be said for pre-built machines, however. Sure, while they can be updated to a certain extent, after a while, you will have no choice but to buy a new computer, at a higher cost. Not to mention, if you do try to update certain elements of the computer, you may actually end up voiding the warranty.

Pro: You Will Not Have to Deal with Bloatware

It should come as no surprise to find that most computer companies are in constant competition with one another. They are will often try to prove to consumers that their model is the best. In order to live up to their claims, the manufacturers have to “show” a greater number of features. Unfortunately, what happens is that these PCs are burdened with bloatware. This is unnecessary software that could actually cause the computer to perform at a less optimal level.

As you can imagine, this isn’t an issue you will have to deal with customized rigs. Since you have carefully chosen each component, they all serve a purpose. There is no chance of your machine being bogged down with software or features it doesn’t need.

A Point of Contention: The Price

Now, once upon a time, it could be said that customized rigs cost less to build than buying pre-built machines. In the last few years, though, the cost of the individual components has been on the rise. This has led to many users claiming that it makes more sense to buy pre-built models.

This might seem reasonable until you take value into consideration. Sure, the pre-built rigs may be a bit cheaper but how much value are you getting for them in return? The answer to that would be, not much. On the other hand, you can confidently say that your customized machine is worth every penny.

You now have a better idea of both the advantages and disadvantages of a customized rig. It is up to you then, to choose what is best for you based on the information we have provided.


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