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More Thoughts From Me #144: Just got a Playstation 4

My dad and I were planning to get a Playstation 4 for Christmas. I decided I wouldn’t say anything here. I didn’t want to jinx it. Then, unexpectedly, we got our Playstation 4 early. We also got Dragon Quest 11 for the system! In this More Thoughts From Me, I’ll tell you what I think of the Playstation 4 so far and my early thoughts on Dragon Quest 11.

We have a Playstation 4 Slim! And…wow. Its a beautiful system.

The PS4 Slim is bigger than the Wii U or the Switch, but its much smaller than I thought it would be. This is one of the sleekest, slimmest consoles I’ve ever seen. In my opinion, its the best looking Playstation console so far. I’ve had all of them. I know its early, but this one is my favorite as far as looks anyway.

I was also really impressed by how fast the console updated and I got to play it. I thought I’d have to wait all day to play the PS4 on that first day. It didn’t take long at all to update the system and then load in the Dragon Quest 11 data.

The main menu on the PS4 is very nice looking too. Sony has streamlined the menu, while also giving players plenty of options. We quickly downloaded all our streaming services and they look and play great on the system. I’m glad to finally have all of the apps in one place (one system).

So we have been using the Playstation 4 a lot to stream series and movies. I”ve downloaded some demos and had fun with those (Tetris Effect is the best so far).

And of course, Dragon Quest 11 gets played a lot!

The only game I have for the PS4 at the moment is Dragon Quest 11. I do hope to get Spider-man PS4 for Christmas. There are some other games I’d love to have too (like Kingdom Hearts 3). But Dragon Quest 11 is the main reason we wanted to buy a Playstation 4. We had to play this game and couldn’t wait till whenever (2024?) the Switch verison is coming.

Dragon Quest 11 is living up to the hype! It has beautiful graphics, a fun storyline, wonderful characters, and an excellent battle system.

I’ll go into more detail about what I think of Dragon Quest 11 next week!

I am totally sold on the Playstation 4. I get the hype now. I understand why so many people have been buying this system. I’m glad to own a Nintendo Switch, a Playstation 4, and a 3DS (yes I still play it). Its nice to have options for different games.

Do you have a Playstation 4? Whats your favorite game on the system? What game(s) would you recomend that I play next?

Next week: More Dragon Quest 11 thoughts from me!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Now back to Dragon Quest 11!


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