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Games Reviews Holiday Gift Guide: Toys – The LEGO Group

Over the past six months or so, we’ve looked at a number of different LEGO sets courtesy of the LEGO company and the pockets of We’ve obviously never had the opportunity to review absoluetely everything, but you can browse all of what LEGO has to offer by visiting their online Shop! Below are a number of sets we reviewed this year on the website; feel free to click through to our individual reviews. You will notice a heavy focus on LEGO Ninjago, courtesy of this years blockbuster movie and video game from Warner Bros.

LEGO Ninjago – The Lightning Jet

The 876 pieces you get in the Lightning Jet are fairly varied, and overall the value is really great, especially for the price (74.99, under 10 cents per piece)! There are a ton of unique and hard to find pieces included with this. If you reference the picture below, you can see the large ‘wings’ and fins (4 total of each piece), the black wheel that helps spin the lightning propeller, and of course, the two exhaust, flexible pipes that can be useful in many custom building scenarios…

You can purchase this LEGO Ninjago set on the LEGO Shop!

LEGO Ninjago – The Lighthouse Siege

All is well with The Lighthouse Siege, and whether you are a LEGO Ninjago fan or not, it’s still worth picking up for the great pieces included alone. From the vines that cover the outside of the building, to the tools used inside, there is a lot to like for every LEGO fan in this set, regardless of how much you like the Ninjago franchise…

You can purchase this LEGO Ninjago set on the LEGO Shop!

LEGO Brick Headz – Iron Man

The Iron Man figure when completely built isn’t as big as you might think from the various images. When you consider that there are only 96 pieces in the set, you can’t expect much. For a size comparison, the figure is a little larger than the Hulk mini figure included in many LEGO Marvel Superheroes sets. When put together, however, the figure is solid from top to bottom, with nothing that might fall of from a gentle touch. Unfortunately for myself, this set comes with quite a few little pieces – tons of 1×1 bricks and a handful of 1×1 studs! – so putting it together with my fat fingers wasn’t an easy task. The entire build only took about 5 or 6 minutes to complete, and that takes into consideration that I was doing it on camera for YouTube…

You can purchase this LEGO Brick Headz set on the LEGO Shop!

LEGO Brick Headz – The Hulk

With only 93 pieces in the set, you can’t hope for much in way of exclusive or hard-to-find pieces, but after putting this set together I was pleasantly surprised. A number of the printed pieces made specifically for Hulk will only be available through this set, and the 1×1 flat stud used for the eyes are very hard to find and you get three in this set. The other piece that I find difficult to find is the 1x2x2 brick with the studs on the side of the pieces. These are great for use when building things for a LEGO city, if you hope to put banners or posters on a wall. These pieces are not rare per-se, but getting 14 of them in one small set is a huge bonus…

You can purchase this LEGO Brick Headz set on the LEGO Shop!

LEGO Creator – Robo Explorer

For the price (19.99) the LEGO Robo Explorer set is a fantastic purchase for young and old alike. It will look great on a shelf for display purposes, it is a great set for kids to play with – including having multiple build options for more hours of entertainment – and provides a number of unique and hard to find pieces that will be a great addition to any LEGO collector, or those attempting to create custom builds. Head over to and order your own! You won’t be disappointed!…

Image result for lego robo explorer

You can purchase this LEGO Creator set on the LEGO Shop!

LEGO Star Wars – Yoda’s Jedi Starfighter

Fat fingers and LEGO don’t mix well, and this was especially true of this set. Off the top, however, I will say that despite this only being 262 pieces, it was a blast to put together and probably should be for kids closer to the age of 12 than to 8. There are a ton of small pieces to put together, and with a good amount of none-traditional LEGO to work with, even with the instructions, a more accomplished LEGO builder will have a much easier time. All in all, it took me about 20 – 25 minutes to put this together, taking into account I was filming the entire time and I had to do a few on sight edits…

You can purchase this LEGO Creator set on the LEGO Shop!

LEGO Simpsons – Simpson’s House

Whether you love the Simpsons or hate the Simpson’s, there is no denying that the LEGO Group made a wise decision partnering with them to release a series of Simpson’s inspired sets. The set we are looking at today is the Simpson’s House, a costly but satisfying build that is a must for any LEGO fan, regardless of their appreciation for the Simpson’s…

You can purchase this LEGO Simpson’s set on the LEGO Shop!


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