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2018 Toys Gift Guide

With the holidays quickly approaching, GamesReviews is putting together their various gift guides! Below you will find information on our favourite toys from 2018. All of these toys have been used by, and reviewed by, our staff, so you know you are getting honest opinions, and hopefully, enough information to help with your purchasing decisions.



The LEGO City Arctic Scout Truck isn’t the greatest set when you are looking at price-per-piece, but with so many hard to find items – the husky dog and polar bear to name a few – it’s hard to pass up on this fantastic set. Not only does it look great and feature some great pieces, but it’s also a very playable set, for more than one individual.

With access to a big truck, a smaller snow bike, and a handful of mini figures, there is something for everyone in this set. We thuroughly enjoyed putting it together, and hope you will too!

Pokemon Trading Card Game

Everyone has at some point in their life played the Pokemon Trading Card Game, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t realize the product is still being made and released! We love everything Pokemon in the Roffel household, but the last few expansions released throughout 2018 have been phenomenal. While some of these may be hard to find as it’s been a while since they were released, we know that Celestial Storm is still widely available at retail.

If you aren’t into purchasing themed decks, we also highly recommend the Elite Trainer Boxes, which not only come with cards, but sleeves, die, a box to hold everything in, and so much more! If you have a Pokemon fan in your family, don’t look past the trading card game. We’ve had a blast with it throughout 2018, and hope to review more product soon!

PDP Pixel Pals

Although not initially released in 2018, Performance Design Products continues to release more and more Pixel Pals into the wild, thanks to fantastic partnerships with most major studios across the world. Pixel Pals are beautifully created 8-bit pixel toys that you can display on your desk. Each comes with a small battery compartment, and once fired up, can illuminate the room!

Not only do these things make great night lights – which is what my kids use theirs for – but they look fantastic as well. Even characters not originally done in pixel form looks great when done in the retro look! My personal favourite is Halo’s Master Chief! Check out all the great Pixel Pals on the PDP website!


Although not all Harry Potter fans are on board with the newest lineup of movies around Newt, but thankfully for others, LEGO has gotten behind the franchise 100%. Newt’s Case of Magical Creatures is one of the more inventive LEGO sets to date, incorporating all the great magical creatures stashed away in Newt’s case, and…well…creating Newt’s case as well, which opens up into a fully playable area.

The creatures are fantastic, and with tons of rare pieces to add to your LEGO collection, picking this set up is a no brainier! My kids are still playing with it, a few months later, and that is saying a lot as they usually tear down sets by this time!


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