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Two of 2018’s Best Marketing Campaigns

Promoting your product can be fairly difficult in 2018, because of two main reasons. It’s hard to know where people are getting all their content on, and who has the largest market share, making advertising decisions very difficult; second, there is always someone in China that can make it cheaper. Crappier perhaps, but cheaper. Enter Video Game companies, who have for years, been running fantastic marketing campaigns for their big titles, in an effort to get the hype building.

Promotional content isn’t just for the wealthiest of companies either. Whether it’s a large corporation, or perhaps an online game sites such as the ones currently offering a heart bingo promo code, promotional materials is big, and can be the difference between a successful game, and one that is downright trash at retail. We take a look at a few of our most recent favourites!

Sea of Thieves – Golden Bana Hunt

Microsoft and Rare teamed up earlier this year to launch a contents to promote their flagship title, Sea of Thieves. By solving riddles, a few Golden Bananas were up for grabs for those who could make it to the end. Here is a bit of details on the contest.

“London’s famous Smith & Harris Goldsmiths has created four golden bananas, crafted to replicate the health source in Sea of Thieves. The bananas are valued at £80,000* – a loot worthy of even the most discerning of treasure hunters.”

That is a lot of gold to be won, and it was all online as well!

Beyond Good and Evil 2

When more details about Beyond Good and Evil 2 were shown off during the Ubisoft press conference at E3 in 2018, the company had a big announcement that would not only aid the development of the title and help aspiring artists, but would also be a huge marketing campaign. It was thanks to Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his company, Hit Record.

“Ubisoft has partnered with Levitt’s newly founded company, Hit Record, to allow creators around the world the opportunity to have their stuff featured in the game. Think you have a good fake brand idea? Pitch it, and maybe it will show up. Are you great at creating graffiti that would work in the world of Beyond Good and Evil 2? Submit it, and maybe you will see it plastered to the walls within the game.”

One of these titles has already launched to much fanfare, and the other, while still in development, has been hyped up yet again, beyond our wildest dreams. There is a lot to get excited about in 2019, and these types of campaigns only add to that excitement!


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