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More Thoughts From Me #89: Once Upon A Golf Story

When I heard that an upcoming indie would mix Golf and the rpg genre together, I was intrigued. I’m not really a sports fan but I tend to like unrealistic golf games. And of course I’m a huge rpg fan. Then I saw previews for Golf Story for Nintendo Switch and became very intrigued! The game looked really good. Well, I’ve finally got my hands on Golf Story and here are my impressions of the game so far.

Golf Story is an rpg and a golf game. There is a huge amount of focus on golfing, but there are some interesting rpg elements to this game too. You will talk to a lot of people, there are quests and side quests, and you do level up. That said, if you are not a golf fan at all, you may not like this game.

There is no battle system in Golf Story. Instead, you will golf. You will golf a lot. The game is called “Golf” Story afterall. If you are not a golf fan or a fan of golf video games, it’s doubtful that Golf Story will change that. Personally, I like unrealistic golf games such as Mario Golf and Hot Shots Golf and Golf Story definitly has a lot in common with those games.

Golf Story isn’t about realism. The golf mechanic in this game is very good but you do have fantasy elements in it like balls bouncing off of turtles and some pretty unique golf courses. Basically, imagine if you mixed a golf game with say….hmm….Earthbound or any other rpg from the SNES era. Golf Story presents a golf game that has a nice sense of humor.

You’ll want to talk to everyone in Golf Story. The dialogue is this game is very good so far. Its pretty funny. Golf Story never takes itself too seriously. The game is a lot of fun, although it does have some challenge to it too.

Golf Story isn’t an easy game. Some of the golf challenges are pretty hard. I’ve already found myself struggling to get through some of them. I hope I can get further into the game but its not guaranteed. Thankfully, I can always just play a round of golf if I want to and leave it at that.

There is a seperate quick play option for the game. This mode lets you just go play a round of golf seperate from the main story. This is fun and it’ll also help you practice  a little. I’m glad this mode was included.

Overall, Golf Story is a very good game and an excellent addition to the Nintendo Switch. I can see why people have gone crazy for this game. Golf Story has sold really well on the Switch! Hopefully that’ll mean we’ll see a sequel down the road.

What do you think of Golf Story? Please let us know in the comments!

Next week: Super Mario Odyssey is coming out this month!! For my 90th (what?!) column, I’ll talk about the footage I’ve seen so far for this game and why I’m excited for it. See ya next weeeeek!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Time to go back to golfing!


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