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What you need to know about 4K consol gaming

4K gaming is one of the top gaming trends this year. A lot of gamers may not have realized the benefits of upgrading to 4k gaming. 4K resolution is packed with enhanced display technologies including HDR (High Dynamic Range) that can change your gaming experience.

If you want the very best in gaming then the 4K resolution is worth trying even though some gamers say changes aren’t noticeable. But its honestly noticeable than 720p to 1080p and imagine how upgrading to 4000 pixels will be. However it depends on the screen size as well that you’re using, the bigger the screen the better. Even online gambling is give a more real-life experience especial when you play Deutsche Online Casino.

Sony and Microsoft were the first companies to release video game consoles PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One S that support 4K gaming and streaming. Xbox One S has an Ultra HD Blue-ray disc drive.

4K on Xbox One S

The Xbox One S introduced UHD support only for streaming videos in 2016. When you set your Xbox One S resolution to 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition), everything from apps, home and will display at 4K. Once it is set, the console can automatically switch to 4K when a game or apps want 4K resolution. If you want to upscale everything to 4K just press the Xbox button, go to Settings, select All Settings, choose Display & sound, Video output, and 4K UHD.

4K on Sony PS4 Pro

Sony also released its console with support for 4K in 2016. Sony PS4 Pro support 4k streaming from Netflix and others. It also offers support for new PS4 games with 4K and HDR features. The new games with 4K come with enhancements however they will come with different resolution or play casino games at and win big. Game developers are developing 4K games for example Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Infinite Warfare.


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