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Mobile Gaming vs PC Gaming. What is more convenient

Mobile gaming is becoming more and more popular among many people. In addition to being more convenient, the experienced has been boosted so that it is catching up with the PCs fast. This explains why many people have embraced mobile gaming in the world today. However, the question still remains, can mobile gaming be better than PC gaming? Both the PCs and mobile devices have upped their game in terms of gaming and they both offer very good bargains. The article will compare the two and help you identify which is best for gaming today.

Mobile gaming vs. PC gaming

There are several aspects that the article will compare in order to determine which of the two is more convenient.

  1. 4K gaming and graphics

It is undeniable that mobile phones have come a long way in ensuring that gaming on mobile phones is not lousy and clumsy any more. The resolution, screen size and even the graphics are much better than they used to be. Mobile phones are being using the DDR4 technology RAM, the exact technology being used by PCs. The PCs on the other hand are advancing their resolution from 1080p to 4K. In addition to this, the PCs have also added features like the latest ADM 32 processors and advanced from 32GB raw power to DDR4 RAM’s. No current advancements in mobile phones can beat this and the PCs therefore get a clear win in this area.

  1. Gaming system and peripherals

The peripherals and gaming systems of both mobile phones and PCs are on the same level at the moment. The controllers on tablets and mobile phones allow you to play all you desire and so do those on PCs that allow you to connect a controller. This way, you are able to have more control of the game you are playing. It is also possible to attach a keyboard and a mouse onto a mobile phone or a tablet today. Irrespective of the platform you are using for your gaming experience, the peripherals available are designed to ensure that you get the most comfort, convenience and you also get high quality experience. Meanwhile, playing casino games Canada is also more convenient on mobile phone, because the player can enjoy the game everywhere and anytime.

  1. VR

Both PCs and mobile devices offer the same quality VR devices. However, in terms of cost, the VR devices for mobile devices are significantly cheaper than those of PCs. In addition to giving you the edge, these devices make it more convenient and cost effective. VR devices are not absolutely necessary for gaming but many gamers have developed a preference for them.


With increasing popularity of mobile gaming, the idea that mobile gaming is superior compared to the PC gaming was developed. This may seem possible due to the much advancement that has been done on mobile phones like increasing the screen size, and better resolution and graphics. According to the aspects of the two gaming platforms that have been reviewed above, PC gaming still takes the lead. However, with the rapidly increasing advancements, it is possible that mobile gaming may catch up with PC gaming. However, in relation to convenience, then mobile gaming is definitely ahead. This is because the VR devices are significantly cheaper, and the mobile devices are easy to carry around.


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