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Fan Created Wikis Important to Industry

You’ve heard of ‘pedia type websites before – the most popular being Wikipedia of course – but did you know that encyclopedia style sites are available for almost everything under the sun? In the video game world, there are Mario Wikis, Zelda Wikis, Halo Wikis, and much more, all dedicated to a specific game or franchise.

In fact, there is a wiki for almost everything, including online casino games, with reviews and rankings found on! Why are these websites so insanely popular? I think it’s for two main reasons: one, they are cheap to operate because they rely on fans to keep them up to date and running; and two, they are a great resource for when you are in need of answers for a specific game, or if you are trying to understand the lore or history behind certain franchises and characters.

Wikipedia and Casino wiki sites, are generated and operated by fans, constantly kept up to date, and are always evolving. Wonder what type of wildlife you might find in Assassin’s Creed Origins? There is a wiki detailing all that. Curious to know which Pokémon moves Charizard will learn, and when? There is a wiki for that too. If there is a desire for information, a wiki likely exists to provide that information. If it doesn’t, be sure that someone will create it.

And all these wiki’s take time. Could you imagine playing tons and tons of Casino games so you can accurately represent them in a wiki? These take time and work, and that isn’t always available. When it is, the communities can create fantastic resources!

My favorite wikis, however, are those that provide insane details on some of video games oldest franchises, with my two absolute favorites being the Assassin’s Creed wiki and the Super Mario wiki, both chalked full of useful and interesting information you might not find anywhere else.

The biggest bonuses about these wikis is how much indirect support they can provide when playing your favorite games. While few wikis actually have an entire walkthrough uploaded into them, they will provide helpful information on certain items you might find in game, or things you want to craft. I find these websites particularly helpful when playing through ARK: Survival Evolved. With so many items to craft in ARK, it’s sometimes hard to find exactly what you are looking for, and until you’ve reached a high enough level, the engrams are actually hidden from view, and names are not visible.

Using a wiki guide, I can easily identify when the item I need to craft will be made available to me. This is especially helpful when catching and taming dinosaurs, and wondering how long it will be before a saddle can be researched and built. On top of this, if I see I’m a good number of levels away from unlocking the specific item I want, I can still gather the necessary ingredients to create that item, thanks to the information found on the wiki guides.

Wikis will be around for the foreseeable future, and if you have benefited from them in the past, perhaps it’s time for you to contribute to some, Casino ones might be not the most popular , but defenatly worth to share knowlage on them as well. These are often run for fans, by fans, so if you can add to a wiki of a game you are familiar with, everyone wins!


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