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Say Goodbye to the Blob. Welcome Google’s New Emoji

The Blob designed by Google is no more. The weird looking blobs have been retired in favour of more conventional looking ones. Introduced in the spring of 2013, the blobs remained an integral part of the operating system conveying a sea of emotions. The blobs adorned the keyboards of Hangouts and Android devices for long amassing both loyal aides and haters. The blobs are no more with Google deciding to replace them with symmetrical circles that resemble human-like figures. This update marks a massive change made to the emoji by Google in years.

Blobs transformed as Emoji’s now

Emoji’s hit the floor on the World Emoji Day, Rachel has Been from Google explained the changes in a blog post. She stated that the company spent a long time in ensuring that the emojis maintained emotional consistency. The main aim of redesigning was to avoid any miscommunication or confusion across the communication platforms. The company wants the message to be clearly conveyed whether they are being used on Windows, iOS or any other platform.

Indulge in the fun filled Emoji’s Planet

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Emoji Planet from Monster Casino features five rows and six reels that feature emojis that let you win big. The animated, funny emojis randomly appear on the slots while techno beat music is played in the background. The laughing out loud and other emojis in addition to exciting features let you win 10,000 times your wager. Online slots such as Emoji Planet dedicated to emojis are a nice way for blob fans to reminisce blobs.

Rachel Been and her team wanted to develop emojis on a simple grid. This permitted them to swap reusable parts such as mouth styles and eyes. The new emojis are not austere but are more symmetrical. These though are little squishy if not a perfect circle. Emojis consume a very little space yet convey a powerful message. Google has decided to retain the flatness of blobs as opposed to Apple emojis that have turned more realistic with time.

Although this move by Google to do away with blobs has not made everyone happy, the new designs promise a lot to those who are found of clear communication and never loved the squishy blobs. Android users can update their devices to access the new emojis rather than installing the new version on their operating system. Not all Android devices would be impacted by this move as a number of manufacturers such as LG and Samsung implement their own emojis by replacing the ones offered by Google. Such Android devices may not suffer any change.


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