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Press Release: Pokémon Trading Card Game: Dragon Majesty expansion out now!

September 7, 2018Starting today, fans of the Pokémon Trading Card Game will be able to pick up the latest special expansion, Dragon Majesty. Plus, from September 17 on, Trainers will be able to add Shiny Poipole to their team in Pokémon Ultra Sun or Pokémon Ultra Moon.

True to its name, the Dragon Majesty expansion features a host of draconic Pokémon, including Reshiram-GX, Salamence-GX, Dragonite-GX, and of course, Charizard!

The special Dragon Majesty expansion will feature:

  • Over 70 cards, including:
    • 6 Pokémon-GX
    • 4 full-art Pokémon-GX
    • 4 rare Rainbow Pokémon-GX
    • 2 Prism Star cards
    • 2 full-art Supporter cards

Each booster pack contains 10 cards from the expansion, including two guaranteed foil cards, plus a basic Energy card. Cards will vary by pack.

Booster packs from the Dragon Majesty expansion will only be available via select Pokémon Trading Card Game products, including Pokémon-GX boxes and more.

For more information about Pokémon TCG: Dragon Majesty, please visit

In other news, from September 17 until October 7 2018, Trainers who visit their participating GameStop locations can pick up a code to add a Shiny Poipole to their Pokémon Ultra Sun or Pokémon Ultra Moon game. A Poison-type Ultra Beast, Poipole evolves into the dual Poison- and Dragon-type Naganadel when levelled up knowing Dragon Pulse.

For more information on how to receive Shiny Poipole, please visit


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