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Nintendo Direct (9/13/18)

We had our Nintendo Direct today and…well, the Direct is below and I have some thoughts on it too!

The Nintendo Direct today was amazing. Let me repeat that. It was amazing. I will have a More Thoughts From Me next week about it, but I just want to give you some thoughts on a few of my favorite things from the Direct.


Yes, caps were neccessary. I love Animal Crossing. I am playing three towns at the moment (Wild World and two New leaf towns). So I am a huge Animal Crossing fan. I can’t wait to play this game. Is it 2019 yet?

Also, I will go into more detail in a separate article, but some Final Fantasy games are coming to the Switch! As an FF fan, I am ultra excited for all those games.

And Luigi’s Mansion 3 was announced for the Switch and we saw more revelations about the Nintendo Switch online (which I’ll go into detail about another article) There was so much in this Direct. I will make sure to post more about the revelations. I am just in shock right now. That was an amazing Nintendo Direct!

What did you think of the Direct? What was your favorite announcement?


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