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LEGO Worlds is the Perfect Fit on Nintendo Switch

When LEGO Worlds came out earlier this year on the PS4 and Xbox One, we jumped at an opportunity to review the title, and thanks to Warner Bros. in Canada, we had that opportunity. You can read our (mostly positive) thoughts here! When doing that review, the one thing I constantly said to friends, my PR representative, and almost everyone else was: “I cannot wait for this game on Nintendo Switch.” That time is here, and I was so right with that initial observation: the portability of LEGO Worlds on Nintendo Switch legitimately put my 50+ lbs of LEGO bricks that I won in my hands, anywhere I wanted them.

LEGO Worlds

The biggest reason for wanting LEGO Worlds on Nintendo Switch was for my kids, for on long trips. While I’m not an overly strict parent, I do tend to limit the time my kids can play video games, actively encouraging them to instead play outside, or play with our giant buckets of LEGO bricks! My opinion on LEGO Worlds as a traditional video game is a bit different, thanks to the recently added sandbox mode which removes all the grinding necessary to unlock items and sets, and puts everything in your hands.

When playing LEGO Worlds, my kids actually get to play on the Nintendo Switch a bit longer than they normally would, using the sandbox mode and all the blocks included to create and use their imaginations. The things they have been building are nothing short of amazing, and these custom sets are probably not something we could create using the LEGO we own at home.

In a few weeks, we will be heading down to Florida to do some media work with Disney at Walt Disney World and on Disney Cruise Line. To help with our costs – and to facilitate getting around the area – we’ve elected to drive from Ontario down to Florida, an 18 hour trip on a good day. Thankfully, LEGO Worlds is loaded on our Nintendo Switch(s) and both kids will be able to dream, imagine, and build to their hearts content, all in a neat, 2 GB package!

We will have more on LEGO Worlds for Nintendo Switch soon, as well as an updated review with our Nintendo Switch impressions. Stay tuned to GamesReviews for that, and much more!


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