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LEGO Dimensions: Powerpuff Girls Team Pack

I’ll be the first to admit that Powerpuff Girls isn’t really up my alley, but when Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment sent over the Powerpuff Girls Team Pack, I was interested enough to put it together and check it out. While I wasn’t thrilled about the LEGO builds themselves, the in game content was pretty strong all around, making the Powerpuff Girls Team Pack a good addition to any LEGO Dimensions collection.

Powerpuff Girls

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The Build

Once again, the unique nature of these franchises heading to LEGO Dimensions means LEGO collectors get to access a wide variety of interesting minifigures to add to their collections. The Powerpuff Girls minifigures are ONLY available through the LEGO Dimensions sets, which will be a real selling point for fans of that franchise.

The Powerpuff Girls have oversized heads, which have been used in collections such as the Simpsons. The quality and detail on both the heads and bodies of these characters are phenomenal. While I’m not really familiar with the source material, my 7 year old son did quip, “Wow, those look just like in the cartoons!” So, I’m going to assume LEGO did a great job with these! If you ever wanted LEGO characters for Blossom or Bubbles, now’s your chance!

Powerpuff Girls

The ‘vehicle’ builds, in my opinion, were pretty dull in this Team Pack, although younger fans of the franchise will likely disagree, because again, as my son quipped, “Those look amazing!” So, for take my opinion for what it is worth. The builds are not enjoyable to put together, and there is nothing I find aesthetically please about them. That being said, you will get a number of unique pieces out of this set, so despite the builds themselves being unappealing to me, I think the pieces included are phenomenal. You will get a set of eye bricks with the Octi character, as well as with PPG Smartphone. The purple pieces on Octi are also not that common, unless you’ve invested heavily in the new LEGO Friends franchise.

Powerpuff Girls

I will say, the way you can rebuild PPG Smartphone into PPG Hotline (telephone) and Powerpuff Mag-net is really great. It is the one time I prefer a secondary or tertiary build over the original!

The Game

I love having characters that can fly in LEGO Dimensions as it makes getting around the various worlds so much easier. Both Blossom and Bubbles can fly, and pull of a number of amazing moves while in flight. Besides having the ability to fly, both characters also have these additional abilities: Mini Access, LEGO Construct, Laser, Dive, Super Strength, and Energy Shield.

Powerpuff Girls

The characters also have their own separate abilities. Bubbles, for example, has the Sonar Smash ability, as well as the ability to interact with Rainbox LEGO objects, as well as use the Harry Potter ability of Parseltongue. Blossom can use her Freeze Breath of turn objects into icicles, and can use her Intelligence and X-Ray vision to complete puzzles around the various worlds.

As you might expect, the world for Powerpuff Girls in LEGO Dimensions is beautifully animated, and very bright and vibrant throughout. You will be able to visit some of your favorite locations from the franchise, and go hunting for those elusive Gold bricks! The world is heavily reminiscent of the Adventure Time pack from Wave 8, using and almost identical art style that will resonate with all ages.


With great minifigures and a vibrant and fun world to explore, the Powerpuff Girls Team Pack for LEGO Dimensions comes with a great endorsement from us at GamesReviews. Although the vehicle builds are a bit boring in my opinion, it doesn’t take away from the overall enjoyment I had with this Team Pack. After all, the focus of this should be on the gameplay itself, rather than the toys. Those, in my opinion, are purely a bonus!




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