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How will GTA VI improve on GTA V?

Grand Theft Auto V sold more than 95 million copies. The game’s storylines, gameplay, and graphics made it one of the most popular video games of all-time. It has now been five years since Rockstar Games released GTA V, and fans of the game franchise are clamouring for GTA VI to hit shelves. However, Rockstar is in no rush to release the game. It has been claimed fans of GTA shouldn’t expect No. 6 to drop until at least 2022. There have been some GTA VI rumours circulating as fans get more excited about the game’s future release. With only rumours to really go on, GTA fans wonder how GTA VI will improve on GTA V.

GTA VI setting

There are plenty of rumours doing the rounds that GTA VI will be set in locations across the United States. One idea is GTA VI will allow players to fly airplanes between the U.S. and South America. Players control characters running drugs between the two locations.

Some have speculated that GTA VI will see the franchise return to Vice City. If GTA VI drops in 2022, it will mark the 20th anniversary of the original Vice City release. Therefore, the Vice City return makes plenty of sense.

GTA VI world

GTA VI will be released once Rockstar finally gets Red Dead Redemption 2 out to the public. RDR2 will be released in late October barring another delay. RDR2 had been slated for a summer 2018 launch, but it was delayed.

It has been eight years since the last RDR2 game and in that time, Rockstars’ offices have developed a game that could completely change the world of GTA. According to reports, the way in which characters in RDR2 react to one another and to situations changes based on the character. Everything is far more independent than in the past and the game’s characters have a mind of their own. Interactions between characters will be more lifelike than ever before.

The same artificial intelligence system in RDR2 will most likely go into GTA VI, or at least one that builds up on it. The new AI system should make GTA VI like no other game in the franchise.

GTA VI will be more lifelike

GTA VI will bring more realism to the world of organised video game crime. RDR2 is already showing gamers what to expect from GTA VI. For example, players will be more in control of characters and their lives. The characters won’t stay the same or look the same throughout the game. For example, a character’s hair may grow and need to be cut or perhaps they will need a shave.

It is believed a continuation of time will take place within the new GTA VI world. Things will occur during gameplay according to the residents within the game. GTA VI will have a deep open world and players will find that it is far different than GTA V when they begin playing.

Unfortunately, gamers may still be four years away from GTA VI. The good news is Rockstar Games has plenty of time to make it the best game ever produced.


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