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Exclusive NHL 19 PS4 Bundle Coming to Canada

Canada is the land of hockey, and although our teams are currently sitting a 20+ year drought of having a Stanley Cup in the country, we sleep at night knowing the vast majority of players in the NHL are Canadian, and typically, the vast majority of players on Stanley Cup winning teams, are in fact Canadian. Our country lives and breathes hockey!

It should come at no surprise, therefore, that PlayStation Canada and EA Sports announced today that an exclusive console bundle, packaged with NHL 19, will be available in Canada when the game launches on September 14th! Here is a bit from the PlayStation blog:

This year’s edition of one of Canada’s most popular games will allow players to take hockey back to its roots, in more ways than one. Play on all-new outdoor rinks as you journey from the pond to the pros using the revolutionary new gameplay animation technology, RPM Tech. Compete with and against over 200 of hockey’s greatest Legends, including Wayne Gretzky. Do it all with over 900 new customization options to make your unique character look, feel and play how you want.

The console will be available in Canada for a suggest retail price of 379,99. This bundle is for the PS4 Slim version, not the PS4 Pro! Are you going to pick it up?


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