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How To Choose The Best Online Bingo Site?

If you are passionate about bingo, you already know that there are thousands of online bingo sites available to play. It’s because this great variety of options that we become indecisive about which to choose in order to bet and win money.

Which has the best cards prices? Which gives the best prizes? Which gives the best welcome bonus? Which is the safest? Which has the best games? Etc.

It’s questions like these that come up when we want to play online bingo and we fin thousands of available bingo sites on the internet.

In this article, we will try to give you some tips to know which characteristics to look for on an online bingo.


  • Search in Google: ‘’Online Bingo’’

Generally, google knows how to identify the quality and valuable sites for users and it ranks them on the first results on every page. That being said, don’t confuse the first results with the ads, everybody can place an add on the top result and it may not be the best result for the user.

You always have to start looking after the ads. The first 3 or 4 results (after the ads) are usually the better ones.

Of course, you should not rely entirely on this criterion to choose the online bingo site, it is just an orientation to know where to start.

  • Validate the reputation of the site.

Search opinions and recommendations in reviews websites. The same way you search for recommendations when you are buying a phone or a computer, do that same thing for the online bingo sites you are comparing.

Something you also have to validate is the legality of the site, making sure that it has an official license. In the case of UK online bingo sites, you are able to know it searching on the licensed operators list, which is published on the “Gambling Commission” site.

  • Cards Prices

The card prices are one of the main reasons that differentiate various bingo sites from one another. As it is logical, the higher the card price, the higher will be the amount of prizes shared. That’s who each player need to decide if he/she prefers to play on a site that is more or less economical.

  • Welcome bonus

When we register on a website for the first time, we usually get a welcome bonus. It’s a gift from the site in order for us to start playing with some more money. The bonus can be a fixed price or a percentage of our first deposit.

As such, the quantity of the welcome bonus can also be a decisive factor when choosing between online bingo sites. You have to read the terms and conditions very carefully on this bonus, because sometimes they make you reinvest the same amount of the welcome bonus several times before making a withdrawal.

  • Periodic promotions

A lot of bingo sites keep coming up with periodic promotions for the players, they can be guaranteed pots, cashback prizes, board discounts, etc.

As such, a good online bingo site will be that which offers new and attractive periodic promotions for new and regular users alike.


  • Payment Methods

Payment methods are something important to keep in mind. Each one of us trusts a method more than another one, and it is important that the site we play on has this method available for us the feel safe.

Currently most bingo sites already have many payment methods available, so in many cases the payment will not be a problem.

  • Free bingo and other available games.


We certainly thank that before we spend money on something they let us try a few rounds free. That way we will see how the game works, how we can buy cards and how numbers are being shouted without the risk of losing money if we don’t understand how it works.

Many bingo sites offer demo versions of the games so we can try them for free before playing, although many other sites do not have this option. You can also play free bingo here.

In addition, some sites also offer other types of games, in case we want to disconnect from bingo and play other types of games like Slots or scratch cards.

  • Customer Support

Customer support is another factor to be aware of, because whenever we play with real money is very important to have the satisfaction of knowing that they will help us if there is a problem, may that be with the payment method, money withdrawals or any doubt about the game.

A good online bingo site has to offer various contact ways in case you need support. Now you are ready to make all the validations needed and find the best online bingo.


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