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Game Devs Must Revive Demos: Enough Paying for Bugs and Shortcomings

Online gaming has grown to be an exceptionally big industry nowadays, and many people are constantly on the search for fun gambling games to engage in during their free time. There are thousands of games spread across the internet released by many different developers who are trying to beat each other and dominate the market. This existence of a wide array of titles is indeed confusing if you do not specifically know which one best suits your personality and preferences. And this is why game demos are very vital. They serve to give you an idea of the game’s qualities before you eventually make up your mind.

Unfortunately, a lot of developers do not offer demos while those who used to have demos but stopped, leaving many players confused and guessing on what really suits them. While all hope is still not lost thanks to sites like games4free where you can find as many demos as you want, we’d like to see providers put much more effort intending to player needs through demos. As such, throughout today’s post, we seek to outline the importance of demos and why it is about time the many game developers take heed of calls to revive demos. Spare the next few minutes to understand the importance of demos.

Demos Familiarize the Gamer to the Game

If you are new to a gambling, which often tends to be the case because there are thousands of online games spread across the internet, you need to be guided. A lot of online game developers seem not to be aware of this and end up just giving you a comprehensive list of the games without any demos or previews.  Those that have free trial versions will allow you to understand the game well enough and you will know how you can navigate through it with ease. A game without a demo, on the other hand, means you’ll be in the dark from the word go as you spend your hard-earned cash.

The Presence of Demos Significantly Increase your Winning Chances

What we always look for is the thrill of playing coupled with the urge to win something. A lot of casinos and online gaming sites have adequately provided the required bonuses for you. What many developers get wrong, is that providing the bonuses is not simply enough for the gamers. They have to take an extra step to show the players how these bonuses are won through demos.

Demos Give You Good Value for Your Money

Let’s face it, we all do get pretty annoyed when we invest funds in a game, only for it to turn out to be a rather boring title that we simply cannot relate to. The software developers must take note of this. When it comes to money, people expect a lot, and no one enjoys paying for disappointment. Such letdowns are prevented by demos because after all, we all have different tastes, and so a boring game to you could be a jewel of excitement to someone else. Through demos, you can actually see what is in the games and decide whether it is good enough for you to deposit some funds.

The Problem with Software Bugs

A software bug is the worst thing any online gamer can experience especially when you are playing for real money. Bugs can be anything from the game’s adaptability to different browsers, user profile authentications, the game layout on various screen sizes, communication errors between the game software and the end user, or even button clicks that make the game crash.

While such bugs may not be common, it will be quite annoying for you to invest your time and money in persistent glitches that could even mean you lose money. Demos may help with this problem as you can report the issues to the developers and once it’s solved, then happily spend your real cash. In fact, such cases are a win-win for both the players and the developers since reporting of bugs leads to improvements that will show the players that they are being given an ear.

The Aspect of Fun Brought by Demos

Consider a real-life scenario, where you have moved to a new place where you do not know anyone. It is usually very hard to get by until you find someone to guide you and to show you around. You will not be comfortable and start enjoying your new place until you are shown around, and you understand the positives and negatives of the environment. Now, we can relate this to the experience of online gamers. Many players will not have fun on a new game until they have spent enough time playing it. With the use of demos, you may spare yourself the ultimate boredom that comes with the unfamiliarity of a new title, and you can start having fun straight away when you are ready to spend your cash!

Game developers simply need to up their productions when it comes to demos. They are very vital to both the players and software developing company itself. Up and coming game providers should follow the footsteps of popular gaming developers like Net Entertainment and give players a chance to try out the titles before spending their real cash.

And since the gaming industry is very dynamic and competitive, it is a surprise that not many developers have utilised this window of opportunity to attract more players to gain an advantage over their competitors. Your graphics may be the best out there, with plenty of in-game bonuses, and you may be producing a large number of games. However, without demos, all these good qualities may end up going to waste. Players are usually attracted to developers who take notice of their interests first. Thus it would do any game developer good to take note of today’s discussion!


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