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Disney Cruise Line’s Midship Detective Agency

The newer Disney Cruise Line ships – the Disney Fantasy and the Disney Dream – both have something that the older ships – the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder – do not: the Midship Detective Agency interactive game for kids and adults like. As you roam around these newer ships, you will see interactive, magical pictures in various locations, which all have a purpose outside of appearing enchanted!

Midship Detective Agency

Throughout the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream, guests are immersed in an element of storytelling only Disney could dream up. Through the use of LCD screens and technology that recognizes when a guest is present, Enchanted Art literally brings framed artwork to life by magically transforming still photos into animated scenes as guests marvel at the compelling compositions. Guests can also play an interactive detective adventure game with Enchanted Art, where they can hold a game card in front of select pieces to unveil clues, ultimately determining the villain and saving the day. (Gregg Newton, photographer)

Cruisers can meander up to the 5th floor on the Disney Dream or Disney Fantasy and grab a detective card to begin their own sleuthing adventure. There are currently three different cases that need to be solved, which provides a bit of replayability for those who really enjoy this activity. As well as having fun, this is a great way for new cruisers to explore the ship and learn where everything is located.

With the latest updates to the Disney Dream, the Muppets have been included in the ships Midship Detective Agency; this will be great for Muppets fans as it is really the only Muppets inspired activity onboard.

The only case I have ever played while on board with my kids was the Case of the Missing Puppies, were you will of course track down a few of the missing 101 Dalmatians throughout the ship. When you locate the required enchanted picture on the ship, you will hold up your detective bade to initiate the short video. Each badge carries the information you will need forward, while young and old alike can jot down notes on the included case file you will pick up. The better notes you take, the more successful you will be in completing the case in a timely manner.

Midship Detective Agency

The Muppets star in an interactive adventure game on the Disney Fantasy’s Enchanted Art — artwork that magically comes alive with animation. In “The Case of the Stolen Show,” guests help the Muppets find their missing props, so they can stage a big performance. Guided by a map and using a unique game card that is held up in front of select pieces of Enchanted Art, guests unveil clues to solve the mystery. (Matt Stroshane, photographer)

What’s extra cool about these cases is they are all set on the cruise ship you are sailing on, whether that be the Disney Dream or the Disney Fantasy. Throughout your adventure, you will be ‘looking’ in the Walt Disney Theatre, staterooms, Mickey’s office, and more! My wife and I are likely to take advantage of this fun interactive game while on board for our 4 night cruise in September, and will report back on our experience here!


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