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The Wardrobe for Nintendo Switch

You have died. You wake up as a skeleton living in a wardrobe in your old apartment. And you find out that its moving day. Unfortunately, you got separated from your wardrobe and need to get back into it so that you get moved too. Sounds simple right? Its a bit more complicated then you might think. To get back to the wardrobe, you’ll have to find items, combine items, use items on things, talk to people and things, and navigate in and around the house. Welcome to The Wardrobe for Nintendo Switch. If it sounds like a bizarre game, thats because it is.

The Wardrobe is a really weird game. Just about everything you do in this game will either have you laughing or just shaking your head in disbelief. Nothing about this game is normal…and thats why I like it!

Basically, The Wardrobe is a point and click game. You have a cursor that you use to tell the main character to go places, pick up/use stuff, and talk to things. The player can use the analog and button controls to do this or in portable mode, the touch screen can be used to interact with the game.

I liked using the analog/buttons in this game, however the touch screen interface in this game isn’t bad. The best part is being able to just point to whereever you want your character to go!

Meanwhile, The Wardrobe’s graphics are really great. The game has a very nice animated look to it. There are close ups on your main character that especially rock.

And while The Wardrobe is a strange game, it is also a fun one. You’ll be scratching your head on some of the puzzles, but if you keep going you’ll figure them out (or turn to youtube for help!).

I like this game. If you like point and click games, you may like this one too. Either that or you’ll take one look at the game and run away screaming!

The Wardrobe gets an 8.0 out of 10. Its a really fun, very strange experiance and another excellent adventure game addition to the Nintendo Switch.

Thanks to MixedBags Games for providing a digital code for this review. The Wardrobe is now available on the Nintendo Switch eshop!



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