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New Free Slots for Football Fans

The World Cup is back bigger and better. This means developers are battling to bring you the ultimate FIFA themed casino slots in the market. If you are a football fan or just a spectator getting into the FIFA fever, there are some new advancements in the casino gaming industry.

This has seen the development of football-themed free slots that are geared towards the ongoing World Cup 2018.

Previous slots have been dull lacking great aesthetics for a thrilling gameplay. Modern video slots, however, have incorporated exciting features which give pleasure to both eyes and ears while still managing to stimulate the brain.

This article will cover some of the top free slots to look for during the current FIFA World Cup frenzy. This means you can take part in the thrill digitally by playing the games from the comfort of your couch. Below are some of the slots you should give a try while enjoying the World Cup season.

The Champions Slots

These slots were created for champions. Even the developer, Pragmatic Play, acknowledges that is was developed for champions. This game is simple: players choose their team and take part in the championship battle. Your golden coins are your ticket to the World Cup. It features 5 reels with 5 fixed paylines and also includes some other football themed symbols within the game. The game’s background is that of a stadium.


The wild symbol is the title cup. Scatter symbols are also present, and they come with great news. Having 3 scatters will land you a penalty bonus of 5 bringing you head to head with the goalkeeper. This can raise your coins by up to 100x. There is also an interesting special feature of a yellow target that you can move freely. If you are able to get the right aim, your next spins come with a 2 x multiplier for 10 rounds. Those lucky to get the target once more will be entitled to 20 times the maximum. All you need to shout is “goal”!

Football Star Slots

Football Star by Microgaming is another popular themed slot machine. The graphics are not the best for this one as it has a vintage touch to it. The developer has, however, ensured it is up to date like other slot games keeping the players entertained. The wild of this game is extremely wild.

The entire 2nd to 4th reels are turned while when the referees whistle blows. Also, one can enjoy free spins which go until 25 due to the help of 3 scatter symbols or more. Your winning chances do not end there, and these free spins are able to trigger more winning combinations. Once these combinations occur, they explode at random unleashing more winning opportunities. Football star will have you earning as much as Messi does within an hour.

Champions Cup Football Slot

There is little to distinguish this game from the previous ‘The Champions.’ This game was developed by NetEnt. Instead of giving similarities, we will give the pointers that make it stand out. During the penalty shootout bonus, players have the ability to either act as player or goalkeeper.
This means they can either score goals or save them.

Every time a player is able to shield a goal from the opposing team, you increase your win multiplier. Free spins in this slot are triggered by the gold cup which is a scatter symbol. Think of 100,000 free coins! This can be achieved through the gold cup wild. If you think you have what it takes to be the next football champions winner, this Champions Cup Football Slot is for you.

Benchwarmer Football Girls

Get to choose your favourite girl team and take the spin. The game features 30 paylines with 5 reels. The football slot may not be the most thrilling but has some beautiful graphics that make it more exciting to play. Triggers are possible with the benchwarmer symbols that are around the game. Once this happens, 10 free spins are triggered.

Football Fans

Football fans is an interactive slots game that represents all the characters that are gracing Russia during this FIFA season. The added advantage of the game is the ability to change the game’s layout theme to suit that of your preference. There are various country flag colours that have been incorporated. You may choose from Argentina, Brazil, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain or England by toggling a change colour icon. Aside from the usual scatter and wild symbols, there is a “grab a beer” feature that triples your bet. All you need to do is to place a circle over the beer.

In addition to the abovementioned games, players can enjoy other free slots online from the UK top casino sites. Others worth having a look at are Mundial fever, Shoot!, Hotshots, Soccer Safari and many more. There are other FIFA themed games such as football-themed roulette, football-themed poker and many more. Keep an eye out for more exclusive promotions and releases in regards to the world cup as casino developers move with this FIFA wave!


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