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Hey Pikmin! Demo Impressions

Yesterday, Nintendo released a demo of Hey Pikmin! on the 3DS eshop. I downloaded the demo and played it. Today I want to give you my impressions. Is the Hey Pikmin! demo any good?

Hey Pikmin! is a different take on the Pikmin franchise. Normally, Pikmin is firmly in the real time strategy genre. Hey Pikmin! changes up the formula.

The demo of Hey Pikmin! (out now) includes three levels for players to check out. These levels place this game in the 2D side scrolling genre. The game is not a platformer though. Instead, Hey Pikmin! is a puzzle/adventure game.

The first level introduces the basic gameplay of this Pikmin game: finding Pikmin and using them to get objects, build bridges, and beat back enemies. The level is pretty straightforward and easy. It is a also a good introduction to the game. The most impressive part of this level? The graphics will blow you away.

Hey Pikmin! has great graphics. I would say, based on the demo and footage I’ve seen of the game, the graphics are some of the most impressive I’ve seen on the 3DS. That’s saying a lot too, because the system has visually impressive games such as Fire Emblem Echoes, Kid Icarus, the Mario games, and more. And the graphics continue to impress with the demo’s other levels.

The second level of Hey Pikmin is still pretty straightforward but starts to introduce some more obstacles and things to do.

Its really the third level of the demo that starts to show off what Hey Pikmin has to offer as far as gameplay. The rock Pikmin are introduced in this level and we see a bit of puzzle solving. There are also hidden passages to be found in the level too.

I should also mention that the game’s controls are pretty easy and responsive. You use the circle pad to walk and the stylus to interact with the touch screen. There is a whistle to call the Pikmin, a jet pack for the main character, and you can switch between Pikmin types (comes in handy with the third level). I think just about anyone could pick up this demo and check it out.

The Hey Pikmin! demo is really good, however its just a hint of what the game has to offer. Based on footage I’ve seen, there will be even more Pikmin to find, massive enemies to encounter, and some pretty exciting places to visit.

If you are a Pikmin fan, please give this game a chance. Its different from the normal Pikmin games, but I think its still going to be really good. And if you’ve never played a Pikmin game before, try out this demo!

Hey Pikmin! comes out on July 28th. That’s the same day that the New 2DS and Miitopia come out. Its a pretty big day for handheld fans.

The Hey Pikmin! demo is currently available on the 3DS eshop.


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