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Great Support for 2DS/3DS From Nintendo

Nintendo generally always has a good pulse on what the audience thinks about their products, and often will adjust course to meet those high expectations. I strongly feel like that is why we got the Nintendo Switch when we did, and also the reason why Nintendo continues to support the 2DS and 3DS despite the Switch beginning to encroach on that on-the-go Nintendo territory. We know all about the Switch and what support it has, but what about the 3DS. Well, for those fans, things are looking incredibly bright.

The 3DS is one of Nintendo’s most successful experiences ever, and when you factor in all the iterations of the system – including the soon-to-launch New 2DS XL – it’s no wonder that they will continue to support the system even when media wonders when it will die. To be honest, a new system launch this month probably means Nintendo has plans for the system for the next few years. Despite being a business, Nintendo often caters directly to fans, so it’s not surprising that Nintendo would go against the popular media / professional thoughts and continue pushing, marketing, and selling the 3DS family of system and titles.

July alone will see the launch of two new 3DS retail titles. Hey Pikmin! and Miitopia are set to launch later this month, and although the marketing is noticeably less for those titles compared to Splatoon 2, Nintendo will still make sure people know about these games, where to get them, and what to expect when you purchase them. After July launches, we know of plans from Nintendo to continue the 3DS content into the fall and winter. Nintendo is supporting a mega base, and although we could all argue that perhaps they should try to transition that base towards the Nintendo Switch, I think Nintendo knows who their success is owed to: the fans.

So the 3DS family of systems and titles is not dead, and doesn’t appear to be on the chopping block for a long time. As an early adopter of the 3DS system, I’ve gone through the ups and downs that Nintendo has, including many dry spells when it comes to games. But I wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything, because the 3DS is something special to me and my kids. I’m glad to see the support continuing into 2018, and further we hope!


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