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What Is Your Favorite So Far in 2017?

When you take a look at the best titles in 2017 so far, you realize that it’s shaping to be one of the best years for video games. If you didn’t have a favorite so far, this is the moment to choose one. If you still don’t like what we’ve chosen, you might as well leave true video gaming to true games and start playing something like blackjack online.

Horizon Zero Dawn or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild?

In 10 years people will be looking at these two games and realize they’ve been part of a big chapter in history of video gaming. The factor of gorgeousness, especially in Horizon Zero Dawn, are off the scale and there is no doubt that people will still be admiring how funny and smart the game was at the same time.

When a gamer enjoys a game to the fullest, he usually experiences emotions such as fear, frustration, satisfaction and accomplishment. That list of emotions grows bigger and bigger with each hour spent on Horizon Zero Dawn. The main character called Aloy will especially make you happy regarding the story and will make you want to succeed.

The magic of Breath of the Wild on the other hand is a bit different and more unique to the entire Legend of Zelda franchise. If you haven’t played any Zelda title, then you haven’t experienced the magic of having to learn the game through trial and error in an absolutely non-repetitive way. Each encounter with an enemy is like a valuable lesson towards the finish of the game. It’s supposed to make you smarter!

But, unlike Horizon Zero Dawn which is available on PlayStation 4, Breath of the Wild is only available for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Wii U.

For Those with PCs…

If you are a video gamer purist and enjoy playing only PC games, then you should take a look at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or short PUBG. It’s one of the most competitive games you will try in 2017. In Battlegrounds you drop with a parachute unarmed to a deserted island with 100 other players, and the player that remains alive is the winner. It sounds like something out of a B-side action/adventure movie from the 1990s, right?

But it’s much better than that. You land on the island with absolutely nothing, and you try to find shelter and supplies immediately. The thing that makes this game one of the favorites in 2017 is the panic-inducing moment as you rush to find useful things while encountering other players with the same goal.

The fun part begins when you land with another player around the same time and near each other and you both rush towards the nearest building to shelter. But, what if the building of the other player has a weapon lying somewhere around, while yours doesn’t? Well, tough luck. You carry on and try to survive. Oh, and the graphics are outstanding!


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