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Cosmic Star Heroine Gets A Release Date For Nintendo Switch

I love Chrono Trigger. For a long time, it was my all-time favorite rpg (its still up there). And so whenever a new game comes out that even looks a little bit like Chrono Trigger, well, I’m interested. I had never heard of Cosmic Star Heroine till recently. This game is coming to the Nintendo Switch next month! It looks a bit like Chrono Trigger too. We have the release date and my thoughts on the game below.

Cosmic Star Heroine will be coming to the Nintendo Switch eshop on August 14th. The game is now available for pre-order on the eshop. It even has a 10% pre-order discount!

I just love the look of this game. Its very retro in many ways. It could have been a SNES or Playstation 1 game. Though, like all indies that go for the retro look, Cosmic Star Heroine does look better than any of those old games.

I also really like its battle system. It is very Chrono Trigger-like. This game should be really fun.

What do you think of Cosmic Star Heroine? Will you be downloading it for Nintendo Switch next month?



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