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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker – Super Mario Odyssey Levels

If you’ve owned a Nintendo Switch for some time, you’ve likely played a fair bit of Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo return to 3D Mario platform gaming. And the wait was definitely worth it, as Super Mario Odyssey was one of the best Mario games ever released. Captain Toad on Nintendo Switch really wanted to take advantage of that, so instead of having 4 levels from Super Mario 3D World – like on the Wii U – the Switch Captain Toad release has given us 4 Super Mario Odyssey levels instead, from the Cascade Kingdom, Metro Kingdom, Luncheon Kingdom, and Sand Kingdom.

If you have the Super Mario Odyssey amiibo – wedding Mario, wedding Peach, or wedding Bowser – you can scan them in using the amiibo functionality and unlock the levels right away. If you don’t have those amiibo, these extra levels get unlocked when the bonus content is unlocked after the post game.

The Sand Kingdom

The Sand Kingdom level is really great, allowing you to walk around a miniaturized version of the actual levels from Super Mario Odyssey. The details within this level are fantastic, and I really enjoy all the subtle touches and Easter eggs from the main game. The level is fairly vertical, gtting you up on the moving platforms that you’ll remember from Odyssey, while also sending you deep underground. The best part? Changing the level from day to night, just like in the Sand Kingdom!

The Cascade Kingdom

Minecart levels in Captain Toad are some of the most fun in the entire game, and the developers made sure to provide a great minecart level themed around the cascade kingdom. The visuals in this level are stunning, and the cascading waterfalls only add to the overall appeal of this bonus experience. Unfortunately, there is no sight of the T-Rex, which is incredibly disappointing seeing as how much Nintendo hyped that character when showing off Super Mario Odyssey for the first time.

The Metro Kingdom

If you’ve ever wanted to roam around a miniaturized New Donk City, you now have your opportunity with Captain Toad. The miniaturization of this level is really well done, and you will even have to activate the power plant to get parts of the level moving so you can earn all the diamonds, find the bonus objective, and complete the level!

The Luncheon Kingdom

It wouldn’t be great if we spoiled every level, so hop in yourself and find out all about this, or watch Abdallah’s video above if you want to know now! Are you excited to play the Super Mario Odyssey levels?


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