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Top League of Legends Teams in 2018 and Their Earnings

NBA fans know who the best team in the world is. Golden State’s dominance is undeniable. And soon here, the NFL will be kicking off into the preseason, Football fans already have a good idea of who the top teams will be. But what about Esports? We are starting Week 2 of  LoL play; who is leading the way in 2018 and what kind of loot are these guys bringing in?

Team Liquid & Echo Fox

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that Team Liquid is at the top of the North American region for League of Legends. As of now in 2018, Team Liquid has earned a little over 20.4 million dollars in total prize money from their 1229 tournament appearances. Although the bulk of their winnings comes from Dota 2 ($15,500,000+), they are no slouches in the LoL battle arena. Team Liquid stands at 3-1 in tournament play this season.

Echo Fox is also 3-1 in League of Legends’ North American region. LoL only accounts for roughly 3% of Echo Fox’s $944,101.00 in earnings. But that is something they are trying to rectify this season.

Counter Logic Gaming felt the power of Team Liquid as we kicked off Week 2. If you could call any Team Liquid mishaps in Week 1 mistakes, they definitely learned from them and adjusted their drafting strategies. Everything that Counter Logic Gaming tried was anticipated and thwarted. If this class of playing continues, Liquid will liquify the entire North American region.

Misfits & G2 Esports

Both of these teams are 4-0 in Europe and are currently at the top of the regional standings. Misfits recently took down Splyce in dominating fashion. G2 took out Schalke 04 but, the domination was more from the poor play and a bad day on the Schalke side than excellent play and strategy by G2. They have to be careful, because the #4 all-time highest earning team, Fnatic is riding their heels at 3-1.

Misfits haven’t played in as many tournaments as teams like liquid—about 90% less. But that doesn’t keep them from encroaching on the million dollar milestone. Misfits have garnered a total of $723,792.00 from 141 tournaments. And league of Legends is their money-maker, accounting for 40% of their winnings.

G2 is coming up on three million in winnings from 297 tournaments. CS:GO is their cash-cow at nearly 50%, but LoL is number two. G2 has already taken $944,825.00 in LoL prize money.


Griffin has been looking unstoppable in the South Korea region. They currently stand on top of the leaderboards at 5-0. In their most recent outing, they pounded SKT utilizing funnel strategy.

Speaking of SKT. When we check the top online betting sites, we find that Griffin are massive underdogs to Kingzone Dragons and KT Rolster is the overwhelming favorite in Tuesday’s match against SK Telecom. Can KTR move up the ranks in South Korea and will Griffin fall?

Invictus Gaming & Rogue Warriors

Invictus leads China East at 3-0. But Royal Never Give up is just behind at 3-1. Invictus has a total prize-take of $7,448,000 with $846,416 coming from League of Legends. On the other side of China, Rogue Warriors are 4-0 and lead in the West.

Taiwan is Tight

There is a 4-way tie after with play starting in Taiwan. J Team, Hong Kong Attitude, Flash Wolves, and Mad Team are all 1-0 with 2-0 game records. It will be interesting to see how this plays out through Week 2.


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