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Nintendo Wins Several Games Critics E3 Awards

Nintendo had a great E3 this year. From Super Mario Odyssey to Metroid: Samus Returns, Nintendo was showing off a lot of cool titles for the 3DS and Nintendo Switch. And the Game Critics Awards thought Nintendo had some great titles too. Nintendo has been given several awards for what they showed at E3.

The Game Critics Awards really liked what Nintendo showed at E3. Several awards were given to Nintendo.

Super Mario Odyssey won “Best of Show”, “Best Console Game” and “Best Action/Adventure Game”.

Mario + Rabbids won “Best Original Game” and “Best Strategy Game”.

And finally Metroid: Samus Returns won “Best Handheld Game”.

I thought all of these games looked great! I’m especially looking forward to Super Mario Odyssey, but I admit I’d love to play the other two games also.

What did you think of these E3 games?

Source: Nintendo Everything


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