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LEGO Jurassic World 75928 – Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit Review

With the release of the latest Jurassic World movie, LEGO has once again partnered with the franchise to release new sets based on the movie. Thanks to our good friends at The LEGO Group, we were fortunate enough to receive Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit for review. After an hour or so of putting it together, my eight year old son was really thrilled with the final product, and has been playing with it non-stop for days. Let’s take a look at the build!

75928 – Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit

Pieces – 397

Age – 4 to 7

Price – $49.99 CAD

The Build

As 397 pieces, putting together Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit took my eight year old son roughly an hour to complete. Outside of help with a few stickers, he had no problems putting the entire set together himself, which to me indicates that this is a fairly easy set to put together. What’s great about this set, however, is the number of unique pieces that come packaged with the product, including Blue the raptor.

Whenever you get an animal – or in this case a dinosaur – in a LEGO set, it’s a good day as they are not as readily available as other pieces. The great part about all of these LEGO Jurassic World sets is that the dinosaurs from different sets can be taken apart and put together as a hybrid creature, similar to what was being done in the movies themselves.

My biggest concern when my son was putting together this set was how much of a problem he would have putting together the machine gun which attaches to the helicopter. Fortunately, with years of building experience, LEGO has found a great way to make these micro builds within a large build easy to do. Gone are the days of small elastic bands and other small pieces, and instead these are all replaced with standard LEGO bricks that require little to no help to put together. This is a big reason why I’m such a huge fan of LEGO; they are always innovating and working to make things better.

Since this was not a LEGO Juniors set, I was pleasantly surprised how detailed the helicopter was. The only major large fabricated piece was the front window, everything else was built from the ground up. And when it’s all put together, the finished product looks fantastic, and has a number of features that help make it playable.

Play Time is a Good Time

What’s truly phenomenal about these LEGO Jurassic World sets is how many hour kids can get out of one single set. We’ve reviewed many sets in the past, and obviously the ones based on Movie franchises are the easiest to paly with, but even those, when they are a mishmash of different vehicles and environmental locations, aren’t great for playing with. In this set, however, everything seems to work really well together. The helicopter can lift up the cage, and within the cage you can put Blue.

Alternatively, you can ride the 4-wheeler and have Blue run with you, just like the movies. Either way, both my kids were able to play with this set together, and both have something to do, which is truly heartwarming to see as a father. It’s not often that a single set can entertain two kids at once, especially one that comes in under $50, but somehow this one did exactly that. It was fantastic!


Of all the sets The LEGO Group has sent our way, this is by far the best, both in terms of the build itself, and how well it can be played with. While LEGO generally always makes sets with a wide appeal, and a great amount of playability, most sets require additional sets to fully get the best playing experience. With Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit, LEGO has done just that: created a set that, on it’s own, is a great toy for r any kid to own. If you have kids who love dinosaurs, or you see yourself as a kid at heart, picking up this wonderful set is a must!




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