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Early Impressions: Creative T4’s and T50’s

Over the weekend I unboxed a large shipment from Creative which included two speaker setups: the Creative T50’s and the Creative T4 Wireless 2.1’s. Out of the box, both products are impressive to look at – you can see them both in the unboxing below, and reviews should be up soon. Here are our first impressions of the quality.

Creative T4 Wireless 2.1 System

The Creative T4 box is incredibly large and pretty heavy, thanks to the included SLAM sub woofer. Once it is all unboxed, however, you begin to realize how small of a footprint it actually has, whether you plan to use them on your desk or in your living room.


A lot of confusion swirls around this item as it is billed as Wireless in the title, when in fact, almost everything is wired. This is perhaps just an unfortunate naming issue. The system is wireless in that it can connect seamlessly via NFC or Blue Tooth. Outside of that, everything is wired.

The system has a very classy look to it, and while I think I’d prefer using this in my smaller living room over my office, it is very obvious that it is built to have universal appeal.

Creative T50’s

The Creative T50s are definitly a computer speaker first and foremost, although representatives from Creative have said people use them in all situations. These quickly went from the box to the office where they majestically – they are beautiful to look at! – flank my computer monitor.

These speakers are much larger than I anticipated when looking at them online at, and I was suprised not only by their size, but also by their weight. To me, cheap computer speakers feel cheap, and are often very light. The two speakers included in this setup have some nice weight to them.


The construction of the speakers themselves is very nice; I especially appreciate that no screen was placed over the speakers themselves. When I really think about these speakers, I think they make an ideal purchasing option for those living in an apartment because of the Blue Tooth functionality. Through a few sound tests, they can easily fill a few rooms in my home on my main floor – this won’t cover your house in most cases – and the added Blue Tooth functionality – uncommon in computer speakers – makes them more versatile as well.

We will have reviews of both speakers within a few weeks. While initial impressions have been written about both products – tested during movies, playing music, and playing video games – but we will get over the ‘honeymoon’ phase of reviewing before posting our final thoughts. For more on these, and more Creative products, stay with!


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