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E3 2018 – Beyond Good and Evil Shown Early – Ubisoft Press Conference

While we knew it was coming, most people thought Ubisoft would end their show by showing off Beyond Good and Evil 2. Instead, we got an early look at this prequel to the outstanding original title, Beyond Good and Evil. While most details are still hidden in mystery, one major detail was announced today that looks fantastic: using community art, music, and stories within the game itself, thanks to Hit Record, a company owned by Joseph Gordon Levitt.

Whether you are creative or not, Ubisoft is giving you the opportunity to have your art, your music, and perhaps even your stories, incorporated into Beyond Good and Evil 2. During the E3 presentation, the team behind Beyond Good and Evil gave a brief look at one of the cities you will be able to explore in this action adventure role playing game. Throughout the city, you can see billboards, companies, and products, and hear plenty of music on the radio. Some of that content could be yours.

Ubisoft has partnered with Levitt’s newly founded company, Hit Record, to allow creators around the world the opportunity to have their stuff featured in the game. Think you have a good fake brand idea? Pitch it, and maybe it will show up. Are you great at creating graffiti that would work in the world of Beyond Good and Evil 2? Submit it, and maybe you will see it plastered to the walls within the game.

This move by Ubisoft to allow their fans to create within the game is fantastic, and I cannot wait to see what people submit. Kudos to you Ubisoft, you’ve done something truly unique by partnering with Mr. Levitt!

Beyond Good and Evil is going to be a fantastic title when it officially releases, and the announcement of the game being an action RPG experience is only increasing the hype for it. Are you ready for Beyond Good and Evil 2?


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